July 18, 2005


I bought a glass of Horlicks in the cafeteria (if you do not know what is ‘Horlicks’, well… keep up the good work) and headed to the cashier for payout

Cashier : “Apa tu ?”

Me : “Horlicks”

Cashier : “Ho-late ya ?”

Me : “Err… Horlicks”

Cashier : “Ho-late ?”

Me : “Horrrrrrlickssssss”

Cashier : “Itu Ho-late kan ?”

Me : “Ok ok … Ho-late… Ho-late…”

Cashier : “Lapan puluh sen.”

The cashier was a young Malay lady.

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20 Comments to “ho-late”

  1. izzy says:

    tah ape2 tah cashier tu..sian michael i kan?

  2. andycjw says:

    maybe she was just trying to warn you… hor-late is not exactly horlicks… it’s horlicks with extra ‘stuff’ in it….. if you know what i mean…

  3. Jason says:

    80 sen for a cup of horlicks is really really cheap!

  4. michaelooi says:

    etttt teeee sennn onlehhhhhhh …

  5. fat404 says:

    Ho-late ya?

  6. Early Stage Beef Stew says:

    I think her tongue is short.

  7. Primrose says:

    I thought holik is for kids (you know, white-ish and milk-ish). I looooove holik too (you’re lucky she pronounced the ‘t’)! Holik kosong kau. Hmm, how can kosong be kau? Haha! If holik no more, I order mailok (but mailok more for adults). *grin*

  8. setengah orang mmg tak reti sebut sesetengah perkataan kut…

    briefcase = briskes
    7-up = seven op

  9. zbjernak says:

    hehehehehhe…aiyah…people have pronounciation problem kot…

    ultraman = aw-tah-man

    carrefour = kar-for, carry-for

    macam macam…ada…janji faham

  10. oliviasy says:

    miluk = milo


  11. michaelooi says:

    beef stew – Could be… but i ain’t gonna find out.

    primrose – If horlicks are for kids, then I must be one hell of a big kid. hehehh…

    apomputeh – I’ve heard someone who pronounced ‘church’ as ‘cheers’…

    zb – Carrefour is pronounced as car-foo… right ? Damn those French…

    olivia – My grandma pronounced it as “MaiLuk”.

  12. surfnux says:

    Lucky she didn’t pronounce as Whore-Lick. kih kih kih

  13. MutantTomato says:

    Once when I was visiting a friend in Malacca, we went down to the pasar malam to get some grub. We saw this old, crusty Chinese lady selling some food stuff. Problem is, we didn’t know what it was she was selling. So we asked her…

    Us : auntie, jual apa?
    her: loyya’
    us : hah?!
    her: loyya’
    us : HAH?!?
    her: Haiiiiya!! Loyya’!! itu buah mia! makan sama
    us :OHHHHHH!!!! ROJAK!!!!

    So, armed with a new way of annoying the bejezus out of people, we decided to test our new speech out. We go to a coffee shop to buy some ciggies.

    Lady: apa mau?
    us : Lung hieww…
    Lady: hah?!
    us : Lung hieww…
    lady: Apa ituuu?! Apa u cakap?! cakap betul betul
    us : Haiiiiyarr! lung hiewww!! merahhh kotak mia!
    Lady: DUNHILL ah?
    us : Ya loh….

    Needless to say, the technique worked like a dream…

    Hope you enjoy tormenting others as much as I do… :))

  14. Vad3r says:

    hmm..Hoe-Latte..wow i wanna taste ;)

  15. blueky says:

    MutantTomato: ahhahahahahahaaaaa

  16. spanker says:

    i think that young malay lady is from kelantan.

  17. singth says:

    She doesn’t know how to pronounce “lick” ? sad, her sex life must be sucked !

  18. gud_guy says:

    didn’t it occur to you that it might be you that heard her differently? maybe it’s the extra work / long-time-no-service ears?

  19. Reta says:

    aiyor I enjoyed the Lung Hieww one more than Hor-Late =P

  20. boon says:

    there’s a bar in Krystal Point where the lady server pronounces Guinness as “G-nees”. Similar situation…
    Me: I’ll have a pint of Guinness (pronounced Ghee-nees), please?
    LS: “G”-Nees?
    Me: No, Guinness.
    LS: You don’t want “G”-ness anymore?
    Me: No, I’ll have a pint of GUInness.
    LS: (almost shouting already) Yeahlah! “G”-Ness lah!!!
    Me: Ok… ok… 1 pint of “G”-ness…

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