July 15, 2005

my umpteenth hate mail

I’ve never published any of my hate mails before… let this be the first (and my reply with it…)

From: Khaled Mohammed [mailto:demonsweep@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, July 15, 2005 3:19 AM
To: michaelooi[dot]net@gmail.com
Subject: Yo Bitch!!

Hey Buddy, seems like u have experiences with sewer pipes. I don’t care about that, but don’t you EVER TALK ABOUT BANGLA LIKE U DID AT UR STINKIN BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!! If u do, i’ll consider u as a godddamed motherfucken cocksucken bitch-ass pervert. Or are you already….?

My reply to the Defender of Bangla

From: michael ooi [mailto:michaelooi[dot]net@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, July 15, 2005 10:24 PM
To: ‘Khaled Mohammed’
Subject: RE: Yo Bitch!!

Banglas suck dicks. They rank like a motherfucking rotten pig carcass. Sue me.

If you have so much time to kill, go take a bath or something. Or shop for something called ‘deodorant’. You guys have the motherfuckest body odor from hell.

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17 Comments to “my umpteenth hate mail”

  1. Amber says:

    Ouch, racism. You could be charged under the sedition Act, dude.

  2. fat404 says:

    Oh my god, you’re going to get more (hatemail) after this. XD

  3. andycjw says:

    don’t you just glad email don’t yet transmit smells at time like this? maybe it will in the future, and you need to install ‘bangla filter’ when the times come. LOL

  4. michaelooi says:

    amber – Like, describing some facts about certain type of people… and they’re not happy about it … is called ‘racism’ ? Hmmmm….

    fat404 – Frankly speaking, it’s better to receive hatemails than spams …

    andy – Yeah, fortunately… else I’m gonna reply that sewer rat’s hate mail with an attachment of my fart …

  5. Red Lab says:

    Yah, they do stink man, it happen all the time in my Uni where the whole computer will smells like shit!!! I’m deadly serious here man and those Aussies hate them so much that they immediately leave the computer lab to search for other “FreeZoneBangla” lab. I really have no idea why they can’t make an effort in applying ‘deodorant’. Ok, maybe they are to poor to spend money here due to the currency, but at least put some handwash from the wash room which is free under their armpit . Besides that, I really hate those Bangla who talks loud and set the Mobile tone to the highest volume despite only using a cheap, out of Date, huge like brick Mobile phone. Fuck them all man!!!!

  6. killershik says:


  7. MutantTomato says:

    Mike man, although I have been reading your posts for some time now, I never did bother to leave a comment. Well here’s my first one…


    Smelly, theiving, con man, lansi dickheads! And while I’m at it,


    Stupid pariahs! Should round them all up, break their knees and elbows, put them in a container, punch holes in it, install a web cam in it, throw the container into the sea, pop a nice big bowl of popcorn and watch them die slowly! Ahhh, the pleasure!!!

    One more possibility; get hold of a minigun, like the one used in Predator, set it up at the illegal drop zones, wait for them to come in range and let loose a volley of bullets!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sick and morbid aren’t I???

  8. michaelooi says:

    redlab/tomato – I don’t have issues with them being dark… nor do I have issues with them being so tacky in fashion. And I don’t mind them so fucking effeminate touching all over each other in public either.

    But I have one big fucking problem with them. Their odour.

    Somehow, if there’s any people out there think that by voicing my opinion about those Bangla’s body odour in my own blog is racist… then would that somebody pleassssssssse… go to your nearest Bangla and take a deep whiff of their armpit… and let me know your opinion again…

  9. doc says:

    How can you fish for more hatemail like this??? It’s not fair! From now on the number of total hatemail you receive should be divided by 10 when challenging mine!!!

  10. eina says:

    and dont forget, their hair also smelly..

  11. MutantTomato says:

    Mike man, I get you. Now let me explain myself. I totally agree with you about voicing your opinion. Its getting especially hard these days to do so, with all the politically correctness going around. Sometimes however, it is quite hard to get a point across without being crude or rude. So here’s my justification…

    I am a xenophobe. No it has nothing to do with the alien species in Alien and Aliens (thats a xenomorph!). I view foreigners suspiciously and sometimes in a biased manner. Nevertheless, I am willing to accommodate any and all people. However, what PISSES ME OFF is when some dickhead decides to come here from some half assed country and starts robbing/ raping/ mugging/ conning/ harrassing/ etc, OUR PEOPLE i.e. MALAYSIANS! If you want to come here to work and earn an honest living, do so. Otherwise, FUCK OFF!!!

    And yes, banglas have TERRIBLE body odour! Their odour hits you like a bloody wall! I had one near death experience; went to Carrefour to get a fan. One Babul/Zahanghir/Bangla come to help me. Fella reaches up to get the fan off the shelf. At that precise moment when his armpit is at full exposure, one of the demo fans blows his odour right in my face!

    I unfortunately left a small puddle of vomit as I relived my MSSWP sprinting days and ran towards the exit…

  12. michaelooi says:

    doc – Hahah… you’re just jealous doc…

    eina – They stink all over them…

    tomato – Omfg… that’s totally a bone off… my sympathies to you buddy…

  13. zbjernak says:

    touching all over places….
    yeh yeh…

    i always wondering…is it a culture back there in their hometown?
    since touching girls all over places is forbidden..guess they resulted to touch their own kind…

    however….i repsected their culture…and their odour…..

  14. Vad3r says:

    LOL ~ Do u hate niggas as much as I do ?


  15. michaelooi says:

    zb – I think it’s a culture thing. Just like the whites who loved to peck as greeting. Over here in Asia, if you were to peck a local Malay girl, you’re gonna get greeted back with a law suit for outraging her modesty…

    vad3r – Never really hated them… In fact, I actually hated some of the older whites more. I was once called an “asian moron” in a titty bar… and I can’t thrash him up because I was outnumbered and under the watchful eyes of some badass bouncers…
    It appears that the older generations of American seems to think that everyone with yellow skin are their enemies … and they despised us. Little did they know that their real enemies are actually shit brown in colour… don diapers on their heads… and had long goatees that resembled pubic hairs …(and they’re specialized in blowing themselves up…)

  16. minishorts says:


  17. m@ri says:

    ‘However, what PISSES ME OFF is when some dickhead decides to come here from some half assed country and starts robbing/ raping/ mugging/ conning/ harrassing/ etc, OUR PEOPLE’- My sentiment exactly. Nowadays you don’t feel safe anywhere you go. Sob sob!

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