July 3, 2005

2nd anniversary

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of my blog. *shakes head*. It’s really hard to believe that I’ve been doing this for 2 years.

Believe it or not, I wasn’t that serious about starting a blog back then. I did it because I just wanted to frolic around, was thinking if I can use it to replace my then online 3D art portfolio hosted at tripod (that came with tonnes of annoying ad banners…). And never had I thought that it would turn into what it is today…

the making :
It started out as a blogspot account (recommended by my then usenet friend – DrLiew) and my first few posts were basically crap. I had nothing to blog about but my less than mundane slave life at my workplace. My site had no counter nor any commenting system… and I wasn’t thinking of committing to keep an online journal or anything that resembled like it.

But then, as I was blogging my mind away, it gradually developed into a passion. Or an addiction. Can’t really differentiate. My blog soon became an online sanctuary for me to escape my monotonous corporate work life… and slowly, I began to discover that I’m less stressed than before. I started to look for topics to blog and that made me face my problems with full optimism, that it’s gonna be an awesome material for my blog later. That explains about the dark contents of my blog. It has always been like this … and very well will be like this for a long time.

the influence :
There have been allegations from some flamers that I was heavily influenced by Maddox… that my mind was corrupted by him … and our writing styles are very sarcastically similar bla bla bla. Well, that’s because those people think that they’ve read Maddox’s stuff, they’ve read everything.
(However, I’m honored to be likened as such… considering the fact that Maddox is actually a very influential & intelligent writer…)

The truth is, Maddox is just part of it. Before this blog or even reading Maddox, I’ve already had a small time writing habit at my Tripod homepage… preaching stupid people about arts and the concept of Yin & Yang (yeah it’s lame I know fuck you). And my articles were already full of ‘beautiful’ expletives back then.

I was actually influenced by many greater writers than Maddox himself… from Dave Barry to the anonymous masters in Ubersite (touted as the guild of greatest writers in the world).

the experience :
It is an undeniable fact that I now have my very own league of readers that contributed to the few hundreds of unique visits per day. But I also acknowledge that out of every 10 of those readers, there will be another 5 who think I’m a jerk or something like that.

Some would just plainly ignore my existence (which is good), but some were such pain in the ass. I’ve received countless of malicious comments, emails and even blog-post dedications before. I do not know why but, somehow, they must have thought that they’re doing themselves some justice by telling me that I’m an asshole (for blogging the way they think I shouldn’t.) *shrugs*

Can’t please everybody, can you ?

But it was hell of an experience. I’ve met many friends through blogging. Some online and some which I’ve met personally. Some even became my real world buddies…

And it all started with you beautiful people seeding interest in reading my blog. A word of thanks to all of you. Especially to DrLiew who introduced me to the world of blogosphere.

It has been a pleasure of mine to have blogged for 2 years, and I hope you guys have enjoyed them as much as I’ve wrote them.

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21 Comments to “2nd anniversary”

  1. JxT2J says:

    Congratulations, Mike.

  2. Silencers says:

    Congrats, man! Your writings always remind me that studying engineering doesn’t always make you a dope.

  3. crn says:

    uh…so sweet. congrats! u are among the most popular blogger in penang, that why i am here. well, me first refered to ur blog was thru Dr liew.net, then someone told me that, if u want to know the popular blog in penang, then u shud visit this michealooi.Then i came to ur blog, duh.. this was the one i visit quite often last time,so…

    anyway…kongxi kongxi.

  4. loonatik says:

    Heavenly has been entertaining and makes for great read. Blog on!

  5. Zer0 says:

    Congratz. Your blog is just fresh with different topics that’s funny and at the same time stating the rude naked truth. (Well, that’s my view). Those who don’t like the blog, why can’t they just simply stop reading?. They just gotta find trouble.

  6. tiuniasing says:

    Thanx dude. Reading your blog is the moment of greatest pleasure and excitement, something like achieving orgasm!! So good…

  7. Primrose says:

    Hmm…started off with blogspot and tripod, eh? Maybe I can have my own domain one day too. :) Keep the blogs coming, oh yeah!

  8. kimberlycun says:

    aku peminat kerasdalaman

  9. Neng says:

    plain orgasmic…
    thanks for blogging…

  10. michaelooi says:

    silencer – Hahhh, you cracked me up with that one. You should actually say – Not only dopes study engineering…

    crn – I’m not popular, ok ? I’m just hard to resist.

    Zer0 – Yessss… nekkid truth. and girls.

    tiuniasing/Neng – You guys scare me ler dey. You can masturbate with anything you want but, don’t tell me … XD

    kimberly – HARDCORE ! Hahhh

    primrose – Why not ? *wink*

    loonatik/jason – Thanks for the support guys.

  11. m@ri says:

    Keep up the good work~ Ur comments are just plain honest and straight to the point. I think you don’t care about those pain in the ass comments as they are irrelevant people. What’s important is the league of friends here who wish you well… ;)

  12. vandice says:

    Yupz. This is abt the most caustic Penang blog I’ve come across. But I link you ‘cos you bring something different to the blogsphere. Like through your rage and rants one sees the world in different colored lenses. Keep it up Michael. Write for yourself, primarily.

  13. suanie says:

    happy birthday heavenly’s blog!

  14. einazani says:

    been reading ur blog more than 1 n half years..
    still like ur blog..
    u make me laugh.
    anyway, keep up the good work, dude..

  15. viewtru says:

    You are not getting sentimental on us as you grow older are you? Mellowing izzit?

  16. michaelooi says:

    m@ri – I’m always an honest person…

    vandice – “caustic”… you made me sound like a housewife lar brader …

    viewtru – I’m always a sentimental person…

    einazani/suanie – thanks, appreciated that…

  17. doc says:

    Wah! Two years old liao! Keep them coming marn…

    Still remember one of the reason why we blog, back then, was to spread our disease. Vincent and several others caught it and now it’s spreading by itself, hehehe.

  18. michaelooi says:

    yeah, how can I not remember the disease. It’s an epidemic now … we’ll blog like nobody could. Cheers dude !

  19. summer says:

    Hey Michael, congratulations!! (I’m late…) I juz love reading your blog…. keep it up!!

  20. fish fish says:

    “I’ve met many friends through blogging. Some online and some which I’ve met personally. Some even became my real world buddies…”

    Indeed Mikey, the blosphere is a world full of “surprise”. Glad I know this blog too, thanks to doc. His was the 1st non-food blog I addicted to which led to this end blog that I attracted too. Too sayang… you already got scored liao. *sob sob*


    Happy birdday Heavenly’s… *muak*

  21. tEo says:

    Opps…I’m late.
    Happy belated birthday, Heavenly’s blog!!!

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