June 30, 2005

the need for speed

I was driving at a reasonable pace inside Carrefour carpark, when I noticed another black car behind me. Driven by a petite Indian chick, she seemed to be in a rush. Her car was like 2 inches away from my rear bumper.

Maybe it was an emergency – I thought, and I helped out by slowing down my car to almost a total stop. That kinda made her blood pressure shot up a bit and she took a wheelspin shortcut across the carpark through the lots, zig zagging to avoid hitting the pillars. Must be one hell of a cheap sale in Carrefour.

Totally disregarding her, I took my sweet time to look for a place to park, and finally found one which was right at the end of the carpark. I even took my time to spring the security lock, told a few jokes and sauntered towards Carrefour entrance like we’re having a lazy Sunday tea break.

Just as I was halfway through my journey, I saw that very quick Indian chick again. Guess what was she doing ?

She was still parking her car. From what I saw, she must be already like halfway completing it. But even that, it took her another 4 – 5 reverse cycles just to get her car aligned properly into the slot.


Let this be a heads up to all of you here… stay away from chicks behind wheels. (housewives pose a totally different level of threat so, let’s not mix them up together…)

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8 Comments to “the need for speed”

  1. zbjernak says:


    pathetic driver…wanna be fast…but couldnt park…kakakakakaka

    perhaps new license only teach driving but not parking…hohohohohoho

  2. jennhuiwen says:

    haha…i dun agreed with ur conclusion..although what u mentioned was interesting

  3. michaelooi says:

    zb – I don’t know, perhaps some of you people can tell me here… what do they teach nowadays at driving school ..

    jenn – ok. I can understand that.

    xman – Great minds think alike.

  4. moo_t says:

    Than you must notice what car she is driving. Spare her if she drive a potong. Other than that, she should be send back to driving school.

  5. michaelooi says:

    moo_t – Eh, she really drives a Proton lar…

    So, driving Proton gives one all the right to behave like a consummate bitch meh ?

  6. jennhuiwen says:

    hmm….i agreed what zb said…they din teach much in parking skill..which is so terrible..the drieing school nowadays wants money..so thats y..low quality aredi..

  7. jessi says:

    stay away from chicks behind wheels

    That comment is uncalled for. :P
    Anyway it just proves that such people bought their bloody driving licenses. Anyway I have seen guys do worse. Eg: going up the curb, banging into the post not once but twice and giving up in the end. ;P

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