June 30, 2005

it’s gonna hike again

A little bird told me that there will be an increase in petrol and diesel price tomorrow…

Alright, alright, that wasn’t any little bird. The news was sourced from the scores of emails that have been hitting my mailbox since this morning (even some rumored days ago). According to my “little avian friend”, petrol price will be hiked 5 cents per liter and diesel at 10 cents.

Whoopin’ big deal. But what can we do ? For me, to just swallow it. But not for many people. For some reason, they think that rushing to the petrol station to get a full tank seems to be a wise idea. Yeah, if the fuel is readily available for you to fill.

But we all know that usually isn’t the case when such news were to circulate around the cyberspace, sms and your mother-in-law’s ring of underground triads. Most likely, you’ll experience a happening party going on at basically every petrol station around the country … and each trip to the petrol station will literally cost you a minimum of 20 – 30 minutes worth of wait.

Well, what’s the point of rushing to the station then ? Saving yourself some bucks ? Ok, let’s do some math then …

Firstly, let’s calculate how much money can you save by that one final refill :
Let’s assume you have a 60 liters capacity tank. Each liter, you save 5 cents. That makes it 3 ringgit for the entire tank. But because we know that it’s not possible to drive there with a completely dry tank, I’d say 50 liters would be a more realistic number. So, the final number should work out to be RM 2.50.

You fucking save RM 2.50 for one full tank. That’s excluding the time and amount of fuel you wasted for the wait.

On top of that, not everyone drives there with an empty tank. That’s because our petrol do not usually dry up spontaneously to make way for us to refill in the event of a price hike. And not mentioning those cars with a relatively smaller fuel tank – like the SLKs (small little kancil/kelisa/kenari’s).

When I passed by a petrol station a couple hours ago, I saw an armada of SLK’s queuing up for their turn to greedily fill themselves some petrol. Probably some housewives storming out from their home in nightgowns for a last full tank refill. It boggles my mind to think, why bother ?

How much are they gonna save ? 1 ringgit ? 2 ringgit ? It doesn’t make sense. (well, unless your junk has a big tank like my buddy’s truck of RM100 refill – which is enough to save him a small pack of cigarette)

Those wee tad of saving can’t even get you a pack of condoms. So, what difference is it going to make ? Why don’t you people stay at home and spend that precious 30 minutes with your family members ? That way, you’d spare us don’t-give-a-fuck people some leeway to move around the city with less traffic congestion…

(and I’m gonna get me some petrol when you people are gone…)

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11 Comments to “it’s gonna hike again”

  1. Zer0 says:

    That’s exactly the point!. The same as the last round. But hey, it’s getting crazy. How long ago was the last price change?. Prices of things are going to go up again.

  2. vandice says:

    Now that’s a rational voice in the sea of madness. Lesson: Don’t always follow your herd instinct…

  3. Alphonso says:

    Really kiasu lah them.

  4. Primrose says:

    I was sooo fed-up with the number of sms-es telling me about the 20cents increase. Yeah, so what? I don’t give a damn. 20cents only ma (chewah, ackshen only). If you’ve gotta fill a tank, you’ve gotta fill a tank. Period.

  5. michaelooi says:

    Zer0 – Soon, our petrol’s gonna be so expensive, that all of us are gonna ride on motorcycles… no shit.

    vandice – I’m always rational. Check out my new disclaimer.

    alphonso – So, you’ve changed to Mr.Kiasi…

    primrose – Wah, rich girl.

  6. ahmog says:

    Hey Michael, long time no comment.

    You’ve hit the spot. You know what we should do instead? Buy 2 “kapchai” (motorcycles) and weld them together to a steel chasis = 4 seater fuel efficient (250cc) city-car??

    Sorta like those junkyard war dudes as seen on Astro. ;)

    Anyway .. look for Toyota Prius a promising Gas-Electric car! :)

  7. m@ri says:

    Guilty as charged. My dad call me in the afternoon to refill but I need to refuel anyway as it’s in the red already. Hehehe… >.Guilty as charged. My dad call me in the afternoon to refill but I need to refuel anyway as it’s in the red already. Hehehe… >.

  8. crn says:

    guys, time to :
    1. Kongsi kereta
    2. find part time job
    3. sell your car
    4. company’s allowance should increase
    5. jimat
    6. think bout the issue who should be the driver for every gathering or saturday nite.

    maybe more to go…hmm, one thing for sure, i will pokai lah, although its not that much, but for sure my pocket berlubang lah, its the matter of my money keep going out and when only it come in?? wa bo dui liao loh.. anyone pls help!! perhap i am kiasu and kiasi.

  9. michaelooi says:

    ahmog – eh, that weld 2 kapchai is very familiar lah. I think i’ve originally mentioned it somewhere in my old blogspot before … or was it verbal ? A classic example of great minds think alike…

    m@ri – And you saved a bowl of noodles …

    crn – I think it’s time for government to work on improving the public transport service…

  10. killershik says:

    fuck u guys.

    forget abt driving or commuting. pure environmental screwing.

    put on ur sneakers and singles as its time to jog to the office and get a free bath there before the office starts. screw all of u drivers de. screw the boss too

  11. goldnugget says:

    hhaha michael, thats your plot, very tricky, advising everyone to have quality time at home, so you can fuel up hungry monster at you own sweet time :)

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