June 24, 2005


Following was overheard from behind my desk this morning…

Milkboy : “Damn, the whole city is covered in thick haze today”

Elliot : “Yeah hor … I wonder who is burning so much garbage out there…”


That gives you an idea how hazy Elliot’s brain is … and oh, have I told you people that I once caught him trying to pour his glass of “teh tarik” into his plate of fried noodle when someone claimed that it was too salty?

When I asked him about it, he told me that he thought that glass of “teh tarik” could probably neutralize the salt content of that fried noodle…


I’m gonna be attending a wedding dinner tonight with the BODs. Gonna be plenty of drinking. And I’m still traumatized by my last round of alcohol intoxication

Charles said that taking spirulina tablets prior a drinking event helps to stiffen your immune against getting zonked. Not sure if it really works.

If it doesn’t, then it’s gonna be a real boner. That’s because my puke’s gonna be green in color and people might mistaken me as pulling a Linda Blair stuff on them. And they’re gonna whack me stupid thinking that I’m being possessed by an ancient ghost or something…


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8 Comments to “tidbits”

  1. ppp says:

    Eh, try a spoon of butter (if you cant eat butter just like that, put lotsa butter with bread) before you consume alcohol. You’ll tahan longer.

    That’s what I heard anyway. Haven’t tried it myself. Tell me if it works after that. ;)

  2. strawroot says:

    his brain must be clouded by the dark side

  3. ShaolinTiger says:

    Best in my experience is bread and a glass of 2 of milk, helps line your stomach.

    Eating properly in general helps a lot, and when you get back, drink a litre of water take 2 panadols and crash.

    No hangover.

  4. tsewei says:

    what i heard is that drinking milk before that helps. And never do lots of wine THEN lots of beer. definitely puke-inducing. :s

  5. michaelooi says:

    ppp – yeah, I’ve heard that. But it’s ridiculous, isn’t it ? I mean, that’s pure fat… it’s not really healthy.

    strawroot – Undeveloped. Mutated.

    Shaolintiger – Eating full eh ? Well, anything but tomyam. I’ve puked tomyam before, and it wasn’t a bit pleasant.

    tsewei – Yeah. Beer then wine, you’ll be fine. Wine then beer, you’ll feel queer. I know that rule.

  6. Legoman says:

    Dont forget half boiled eggs. That would be so cool. Yumm!

  7. pazuzu says:

    Pazuzu is coming for you. >:D

  8. jessi says:

    Vit B helps. lots of it. Before going for the drinking session – 2 tablets. top up every 2 hrs or so. That what my friend who is needs to drink tells me. Hv nv tried it before tho.

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