June 23, 2005

comments from “rambo”

Some American dude posted this in my “Rambo” post a while ago :

Dude you suck. Rambo kicks ass. No shit it wasn’t real, that’s why it was a fucking movie. Oh and by the way they do exist. Stop fucking with the childhood dreams of millions of Americans. I’m US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES you little Bitch.
SFC Dick Johnson

And here’s my reply to him.

hey dick. fuck you. not only rambo sucks big time, but you and your spastic childhood dreams as well.

You should be looking for missing children than productively reading blogs here, you androgynous loafer.


Welcome to Asia, Dick.

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17 Comments to “comments from “rambo””

  1. Kenjiro says:

    Show him you will …

  2. moo_t says:


    BTW, the Russian gunship in Rambo is a Mi-24 Hind, not apache.

  3. GAMBs says:

    HAHA he even has a dick in his name…sad case..wad a diq

  4. Zer0 says:

    Lol, i didn’t know “special forces” read blogs. Aren’t they bz doing “Secret ops” or sum shit?. GUess this one is a reject.

  5. summer says:

    Michael, you never fail to make me laugh!!

  6. michaelooi says:

    kenjiro – For a moment there, I thought I understood what you meant but, I don’t…

    moo_t – Ohhh, is it ? Thanks. But that still makes Rambo suck, isn’t it ? No one takes down a helicopter with explosive laden arrow. It defies the science of flight.

    GAMB – Dick… that’s a name equivalent to our local version of “luncheow”… heeheee

    ZerO – Precisely. They should be spelunking some caves looking for Saddam rather than surfing blogs. Surfing blogs is some luxury that we awesome people get to enjoy… not them war mongering motherfuckers…

    summer – No I didn’t. It’s the US Army…

  7. megabigblur says:

    I’m not even certain that’s real one esp because he gave a US Army email address…what kind of dumbo uses a government email address for commenting on blog wan?

    besides…’dick’ and ‘johnson’ can BOTH refer to the same thing. really think it’s a fake name.

  8. moo_t says:

    You are right, Gunship mirror is make up of thick enforced glass. Explosive laden arrow won’t even give it a scratch. Even RPG can’t destroy Mi-24 hind in 2 shots. Yes, Rambo sucks.

  9. shanks says:

    i’ve came across a few US rambo-wannabe bloggers too, usually detailing how painful it is to be in the war and watching their friends die.

  10. mikki says:

    I almost choke when i read this.I was like,what the heck?! Who in their right mind care about rambo when there’re actually ppl dying almost everyday in iraq. This clearly indicate that ‘certain ppl'(esp. ppl associate with ‘special forces’) are truly ignorant balls and have lots of time surfing the web *chuckles*

  11. michaelooi says:

    megabigblur – Aiyaa, of course lah I know that guy’s not for real. That’s why I said – US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES MY ASS. heehheh…

    moo_t – No, I’m referring to the projectile arrow itself. Explosive laden arrowhead of that size won’t fly through the air like normal arrows… but in Rambo, it’s otherwise.

    shanks – Oh they can choose not to go to war…. duh …

    mikki – Some wacko on the net who admits that he’s from US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES and idolized Rambo more than his own father ? Spot on !

  12. I swear it wasn’t me. Honest.

  13. michaelooi says:

    macek – Dude, frankly speaking… I trust you. Hahahhhh !

  14. Willwolf says:

    No wonder some Americans are screw ups la. If becoming Rambo is American’s childhood dream, then they should not look further. They already have Bush.

  15. Kenjiro says:

    michael, frankly speaking, I have no idea too …

  16. eric says:

    Always be aware that people are not what they project themselves to be in the net. You’re right, special forces my ass, probably he’s a stunted 13-year old nerd in thick glasses playing hooky from school.

  17. dinghy says:

    oh, the hypocrisy.

    nothing personal against you, michaelooi. but i find your fanboys hilarious. they flame some guy they don’t even know for talking e-smack… when they’re doing the exact same thing, heh.

    it’s my first time here btw, cool write-ups. they have a very ‘cartman’ feel to them. ;)

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