June 22, 2005

the pwn

Teaching has always been a fun thing for me.

Me : “Know what does the term ‘write abort’ means dude ?”

New engineer : “Errmm, not really”

Me : “Basically, it means that your hard drive has a fake bad sector.”

New engineer : [nods]

Me : “It happens when the power is abruptly cut off during a write operation, resulting an incomplete sector, which the stupid hard drive will mistaken it as fucked, and proceed to mark it as a bad sector.”

New engineer : [nods repeatedly]

Me : “Now, how often could that be happening ? Who in their right mind would power off their computer during a write operation ?”

New engineer : “Errrr, no idea”

Me : “Ok, let’s throw in an example. Some kid surfing porn inside his room, and his mom barges into the room without knocking. What’s his first reaction ? Power off the goddamn computer. It’s a hardcoded reflex of any male surfer in this world.”

New engineer : “Ouh …”

Me : “And because he’s downloading porn, his hard drive would definitely be performing a write operation. When he powers his computer off, his hard drive will get a write abort. Now, does that seem like a possible scenario to you ?”

New engineer : [nods repeatedly]

Me : “That is why, we are seeing so many write abort rejects from our customers. Porn corrupts not only the soul, but our hardware as well…”

Then, all out of a sudden, my technician Milkboy chipped into our mentor-apprentice privileged discussion …

Milkboy : “The fella could just switch off the monitor, right?”

Me : “You stupid fuck, what if it arouses your mom’s suspicion and she turns on the monitor herself ?? You’re gonna get free publicity from her. Fucking up a hard drive is definitely a better choice than getting all the bad publicity…”

Milkboy : [nods]

Me : “Remember, never ever let your parents catch you surfing porn red handedly. They might have already known about it but, getting caught is an entirely different thing… got it ?”

Both : [nod]

I think I rawked harder than any of their college lecturer. Their future will never be dim in my pair of good hands…

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8 Comments to “the pwn”

  1. Cyrene says:

    was that one thing u did when u were younger?
    switching off the comp on ur mum’s sudden visit to ur room when u were surfing porn sites?

  2. moo_T says:

    Good example, porn :p

    Occasionally I need to power off the PC because the some drivers lock up the whole OS. But using apps lockup as example is BORING.

    In futures, geeky mum just need to sniff the packet though the unprotect WIFI routers. :p

  3. ppp says:


  4. belacans says:

    hahahahaha! MO, the mentor! man, they got so much to learn from you ;)

  5. michaelooi says:

    cyrene – I’m smart. I always lock the door.

    moo_t – Porn always will be a very good example. It’s interesting and applicable for all kinds of concept.

    ppp – okokokokokokokok

    belacans – Yeah, and I’ve got so much to teach them.

  6. megabigblur says:

    My dad would FEEL the computer to see if it was hot when he came home. (No, I wasn’t DLing porn, i was playing StarCraft.)

  7. surfnux says:

    hohoho Great tutor there. :p

  8. michaelooi says:

    megabigblur – You dad FEELS the computer ? ? WOw… he’s damn easy to please, isn’t he ?

    surfnux – I know…

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