June 21, 2005


I got a star !! I got a star !! I got a fucking star for my Mandarin exam !! Wooooo !!! This is so rewarding. More than words can say. More than money can pay. More than ass can sway. WOoooo !!

I think I’ll have a very bright future with that star.


The lecturer jotted a couple of Chinese characters beside the star. I don’t frigging know what’s that supposed to mean. My best guesses are:

1) freaking awesome !
2) you rawk !
3) fucking good !
4) damn impressive !
5) absolutely amazing !

Guess I’ll just ask Emily later.

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31 Comments to “star”

  1. ashotiwoth says:

    fuah… star…

    can u make soup out of it ar?? ;)

  2. kimberlycun says:

    kung xi kung xi

  3. Amber says:

    hahaha! Congrats!

  4. Crazy says:

    wah.. so pandai ar? ;)

  5. Jason says:

    That means “Very good”. Congratulations. At least you are learning something what chinese should learn. ;)

    But whats with the number besides those questions?

  6. pikey says:

    whoaaaaa… gong xi gong xi

  7. khang says:

    the correct answer is A.
    WOW! that’s freaking awesome for a guy like you!!!

  8. phangan says:

    it means something like number 3… :P

    good for you!

  9. suanie says:

    or maybe the lecturer put the star there because s/he knows that you can’t really read chinese, hence the visual. hehehe but congrats :P

  10. tEo says:

    Wow…100% plus a star!

  11. water_junk says:

    it means ‘you-look-cool-with-that-rock-solid-dick-can-i-come-over-tonight’

    we chinese damn efficient in expressing 1 sentence in very few words.


  12. michaelooi says:

    Tiiuuuu … I asked Emily, it’s VERY GOOD lar. You guys dunno Chinese, don’t simply taruh, ok ? You’re confusing a very bright scholar here …


  13. Kevin says:

    hahahahah Congrats man :)

  14. zbjernak says:

    a star for you…
    your teacher gave you…a grown up adult a star??

    anyway….100% for wht test? speaking? comprehension? or everything?
    congratulation yah

  15. m@ri says:

    Very good Banana man! Still showing off as usual I see. Anyway, congratulation!

  16. h.liew says:

    What a PORN star!!!

  17. singth says:

    the mandarin words says “hen hao”, means you are acting too horny all the while in the mandarin class. cheers.

  18. honey says:

    hen hao!!!…well done!…i’m jealous…never got a star for my chinese :P

  19. michaelooi says:

    Strange. I know I’m a little bit humsup, but never ‘hao’.

  20. boon says:

    does this mean that you are going to start blogging in Mandarin?

  21. michaelooi says:

    boon – beginner level lah…brader. i can’t even fucking cuss in Mandarin yet (which is a prerequisite for this blog…) …

  22. water_junk says:

    hokkien is the mother of all cussin words… used even by mandarin speaking dudes hehe. if u’re comfortable wif that, u passed

  23. moo_t says:

    The chinese word “Hao” (Good) is a combinition of 2 character, if you separates them apart, it means “girl”.

    And the combition of chinese character “male-female-male”, means : “overjealous”.

  24. summer says:

    Congrats Michael!! Good for ya…

  25. megabigblur says:

    The class is for spoken only never teach you read one ah? *baffled*

  26. michaelooi says:

    megabigblur – Hanyu Pinyin. Speak, read and fuck.

  27. EF says:

    Dude, seems like you are going to do well with the greetings :D good evening, mr and mrs :D gagagagagagaga

  28. Anon says:

    You got 100% for your mandarin examination and yet can’t read the words your examiner wrote beside the star?. Who’s your examiner? A 7 year old Student?

  29. michaelooi says:

    anon – Hmmmm, that’s very ‘smart’ of you to conclude that someone is able to READ Chinese characters after attending a few SPOKEN Mandarin classes…

  30. Anon says:

    Yeah well, your lecturer is a dumbass. If he knew you couldn’t read chinese, why bother writing that?

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