June 19, 2005

proton savvy

I was loitering around Carrefour during my office lunchtime on Friday… seeking for the meaning of life when I saw something at a corner of the alfresco section of the complex. It was a Proton Savvy – the latest model released by our infamous national carmaker which I have yet to check out. Apparently, there was somekind of promotion/exhibition shit going right there and I could see an asylum of annoying people flocking around that automobile; knocking and copping a feel on it despite the fact that they have absolutely no intention of purchasing it. Bunch of inconsiderate bums.

And because I still had plenty of time left, I decided to walk over to check out the car; knocking and copping a feel on it despite the fact that I have absolutely no intention of purchasing it.

What can I say … it’s disappointing. The first thing that dumbfucked me was the engine compartment (or whatever you call that under the hood). I couldn’t help but notice that the finishing of the engine cover and the aircon unit next to it, was very dull and crude. It looked like the work of some kindergarten kids with cans of low quality aerosol paints. Well, maybe the rest of the car could be better, I then thought, and so I moved on to the next part of the car – the interior.

At the first glance, the interior reminded me a lot of Proton Saga. Cheap plastics everywhere. But at a closer inspection, I realized that I was wrong. It’s actually much worse than that. The plastics reminded me of those low quality pirated DVD cover that has an awful smell. And that big hole above the glove compartment wasn’t at all impressive. It’s really hard to explain but, it’s unbelievable that this piece of crap is being sold for over RM40 grands ! What a rip off !

A little stroll towards the back portion of the vehicle reaped no good impression either.

– The space at the rear passenger seat was like of a plane’s economy class – you’ll pretty much get more frustration than a round of good sex if you ever decided to get adventurous inside this car.

– The trunk was unbelievably small. You can’t even store half of your mother-in-law in it. Well, unless your mother-in-law’s a midget, you’ll probably have to strap her on top of your vehicle roof if there ever is a need for you to discard your MIL’s body after killing her.

Savvy ? An illusion perhaps. To me, this is just another addition to the collection of junks under Proton’s brand. If you were to ask me, I’d say spend that RM40,000 on a used Japanese car. Or a really nice brand new bike.

*I know nothing technical under that hood. This review was made based on my gutfeel as a driver (and owner) of a Japanese car for more than 10 years. Certainly, a little tinge of quality know-hows helped a lot to differentiate what is a junk and what is not.

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81 Comments to “proton savvy”

  1. max says:

    l know the designer of waja and savvy the same moron…you look at waja in front , the V and the square lights. the moron designer just put the front of waja to the back of savvy. did he but the back of waja to the front of savvy?

  2. Anon says:

    The reviewer has certainly done a bad job in evaluating the Proton Savvy Car.

    Firstly, the reviewer draws on popular connotations about other proton cars.(Quote: “…To me, this is just another addition to the collection of junks under Proton’s brand….”)

    Secondly, the reviewer only dwelled on the aesthetic aspects of the car. And in certain cases irrelevant. (Air-con and engine looks dull and crude? Who’s gonna stare at your engine all day?).

    Other notes: Trunk too small? Savvy wasn’t engineered to be a pickup truck.
    Cheap Plastics? Plastics ARE cheap. That’s why it is widely used everywhere.

    Maybe this is just a simple rant and rave review of the Proton Savvy Car. But it is certainly important that you give an objective opinion about what you are reviewing about. If you fail to do so, your opinions are as good as “bullshit”.

  3. michaelooi says:

    anon – well, if you’re expecting some professional review about Savvy, you shouldn’t be reading blogs about it, Einstein.

  4. ur shit says:

    Savvy the space…..damn so small…..i think proton must drop the savvy price to RM 10000 or TeN Ringgit HHHAhahahahha…….

  5. Lulululu says:

    michaelooi what`s wrong with u haaaaaaa ur always kutuk Savvy Why maaaaaaaaaaa………if u dont like savvy try make ur own car and give da name as ah michael Looi yong tau fuuu @#$! hahahahahhahah………

  6. michaelooi says:

    ur shit & lulululu is the same person. (IP address:

    hi moron, you stupid or what ? posting 2 posts to contradict yourself ? Do you even know that your mom’s a woman ?

  7. Anon says:

    Blogs are actually a good way of getting reviews about products. This is because the blogs are less bogged down by a sponsor company. So there is no need to butter up :-). While I respect your views on the Proton Savvy, I think you should make your review more presentable and relevant. There is no need to make it look ‘professional’. (The word is overrated anyway, there are pirated VCDs which claim to be professionally mastered)

  8. NaughtyJames says:

    The best car to own are TOYOTA…. it’s the after service u know… and the system…. toyota cars save fuel… which means $$$$…. compare myvi and savvy… they burn like hell… not even nissan is comparable to toyota… my x-trail now will drink up 100 ringgit worth of petrol in 400KM…. well.. for my old toyota camry… 100 ringgit can bring you at least 700 KM…. imagine that…. i dunno what local cars are made of….. but all i can say is… “EVERY PROTON CAR ARE UNIQUE”…. each has the problem of it own.. some aircond cong la.. some stering sot la… some even… cannot sell.. eheheh…. like savvy….

  9. michaelooi says:

    anon – You did bring up a valid point actually, but you’ve forgotten about an important item – another man’s meat is another’s poison. I may have reviewed it just good enough for me, and you might not like it. Can’t please everyone… can i ? Cheers.

    NaughtyJames – I have no qualms about Toyota cars in Malaysia except it’s design and services. The designs are very chintzy (old man) and UMW has serious issues. Everyone knows it. But under that hood, is one hell of an economic engine – no doubt about that.

  10. Gregenz says:

    Honestly, not sure about others but I’ve been enjoying this blog, i’ve got a fucking boring job, and this site just helps. Thx Mike.

    Anyway, i couldn’t resist after reading all the comments about proton especially comparing between the myvi and the savvy, but seems to me, proton has been telling versions of stories about the savvy everywhere. Here’s a link of a short interview/review of the proton savvy from the uk. http://www.shocksharp.com/savvy.wmv

    Somehow, they claimed in the uk, the savvy would be your (the brits) first “lotus”/”proton”. the quality of the clip suck, but..you’ll get the message.


  11. ipohguy says:

    you people that drive SOHC cars out there suckksssssssss and ought to get a life!!!!!!!

  12. Gavin says:

    helo…michaelooi.i wana buy a car but don’t know which one is better if compare KENARI and MYVVI..any suggestion?the price between both only rm5k++..thanks a lots

  13. michaelooi says:

    gavin – go make some appointments with various sales office. do some test drives and consider those that you like most. when you wanna buy a car, you don’t just make your ass static in front of a PC and expect to get a good buy. It pretty much depend on yourself, what’s your preference, bla bla bla.
    Just ignore the reviews and drive for yourself. And once you set your target, surf automotive forums to scour for more info about the car’s durability, performance, etc.

  14. zZim says:

    We should Support proton.. Taking a savvy would be a good choice.. ur judgement on the car is based on how it looks and how it engine is.. u dont see the potential in the car.. I would myself see how far a Malaysian car can go.. Modification.. and how well they handle Parts which arent meant for the original Parts like the Engine.. aftermarket parts.. a project good for the drivers who are going into the performance arena.. Moding in a slow and steady pace.. U’ll learn more baout the car and u’ll appreciate it

  15. kralj cest-king of the road says:

    lord sidious
    i come from slovenia and i have a proton 415 glsi-1.5 wira. you are a proton basher. if proton come again in slovenia i will buy gen2 or savvy
    i know al about proton and problems but the problems
    are relly smoll and esaly fixsed

  16. alfabob says:

    Really didn’t have time to read the whole list of comments that came on, but to the blogger, lets look at a couple of things.

    1. Quality of plastics used. Try comparing it with the Vaios, City or the Myvi, there’s quite a bit of difference in quality between those on the Savvy and those used on the other cars. To judge plastics, its more than just looking and feeling, theres quite a science behind it, which you, as a casual observer, is not aware off.

    2. Space within the car. It is a COMPACT after all. In terms of space, the MyVi has slightly larger interior, but not significantly so. A Fiat Punto has about the same space, and they’re amongst the roomiest of compact cars in Europe. The rear seat has been the bane of Proton ever since Gen 2, yet not anyone here seems to point out that the the head clearance on the Gen 2 is better than that of the Mazda Lantis. But hey, this is Proton, so its okay to bash them, where else the Lantis is Mazda, obviously everything is right because it is after all Japanese.

    3. Quality. The fact that the whole process in designing and building a Savvy is TUV certified does not seem to impress anyone here, which is strange, they impressed most folks here when TUV certified Mercedes and BMWs. Folks, TUV certification are not something you can buy at a Pasar Malam, they are in the veritas business where reputation is everything, and they have a vested interest in keeping it that way. They will not throw that for just one measly contract with Proton.

    4. Micheal old chum, have you ever actually drove a Myvi and a Savvy? Really throw the car around, and get it really going? To just say that a Savvy is a crap car by looking at it and knowing that your words could induce millions of people into not buying the car is just plain irresponsible. You have a blog that is read by a wide audience and yet you chose not to offer one piece of objective observation in your evaluation of the Savvy. Considering that you and others have been making a call for enligtenment in Malaysia, you might want to think this one carefully old chum.

  17. michaelooi says:

    bob, you believe in gut feel ? That is, you feel bad about a certain thing even before you use it ? Take for example, those China made water heater which has an outlook that pretty much turns you off like a syphillis cunt with red spots ?

    That’s how I felt about Savvy. I don’t even wanna test drive it. It’s my consumer right, and this is a personal blog.

    No sweat dude, there are people in this country think that it’s a great car. Well, what can I say ? Good for them ! I’m not a celebrity and nobody needs to follow my direction…

    I’m just another guy who is generous enough to share my point of view.

  18. qwerty says:

    Proton is in a very sorry state. I have the feeling that the situation is parallel to comparing the quality of services you get from government and from private sector.
    Proton and Perodua are relatively young auto makers. But just look at the track record of the car models they have released so far. What I know is Perodua have given us a consistently practical models that have stood the test of Malaysian’s car taste. But proton? tiara, juara and now savvy? Somehow their R&D is just not working. Reminds me of our national football team. The politics in proton is just not working. If Malaysia is under communist we all will be forced to buy proton only. It’s not fair. We know the importance of being patriotic but is proton patriotic enough to continue serving lousy cars? The only real solution for proton is to come up with a winner model. Get real feedbacks from the majority of car users in Malaysia and translate them into production. By the smell of it proton’s R&D and final decision on what model to produce are all plagued with personal egos war, office politics, interferences bla, bla, bla……..

  19. alfabob says:

    Hi Mike,

    Agreed, you have been airing your personal opinion and I do respect that. Likewise, I have been airing mine, just to balance the argument a bit. One of the biggest problems with blogs is that they attract like minded individuals who just reinforces each others beliefs, however wrong or right it may be. Sometimes, a different opinion could cause people to stop and think a bit, which is much more healthier don’t you think?

    All I can say is that you have your hunch to make your impression, and my impression is from actually driving the thing. I just think that driving the car gives you a better idea of what it could do. Not too long, Fiat came out with the Multipla which drew chagrins and slagging like it was a Posh Spice, but most pundits love it once they drove the car. Goes to show…

    Anyway, just wondering Qwerty, what is it that you don’t like about the Savvy? Or the Juara? I actually liked the Juara having seen them in their Townbox incarnation in Japan. The Japanese loved them!! But there you go. I’m asking, not because I work for Proton, but sometimes I also need a reality check.

  20. qwerty says:

    Automarket is a fiercely competitive market. One of the favourite weapon and frequently employed tactic is to identify certain models with their unique perculiarity. This can work both ways. +ve or -ve.
    For Tiara it’s the 3-hole wheel. You lose one nut you’re handicapped.
    Juara: A coffin van. Introducing boxy shape when slick aerodynamic is the current trend is not smart.
    Arena: It’s not fair for Wira owner to see his car being mutated into pick-up truck.
    Savvy: Once you’ve entered a MyVi, Savvy is finished! Not a chance. 5 big guys can comfortably populate MyVi but Savvy? If they intend for Savvy to compete with Kancil and Kelisa they’ve got their calendar all wrong! The marketing for savvy has gone horribly wrong beyond repair. 2 models introduced in the same period and within the same price range? Savvy is a goner. It’s gonna take gigantic amount of promotion for the Savvy to beat MyVi. Their only hope is for MyVi to develop serious design or manufacturing flaws. If people start to mistaken MyVi with Honda Jazz or other more expensive car don’t you think that itself is a compliment? Unfortunately for Savvy nobody will gonna think it’s a Lotus’ relative.
    Proton desperately need a good rebranding exercise. Trendy, spacious and powerful should be their priorities for the saviour model.

  21. Tom says:

    Savvy is a good car. Test drive it a few times. Feel European. If u want a european feel car and cant afford a peugeot, fiat etc, get a savvy. If you want a Japanese feel and cannot afford to buy a Honda City or Avios etc buy a MYVI… the choice is yours…

  22. qwerty says:

    If you can afford more than one car, then you can easily say like that. But if you only have budget for one car then your selection will definitely be based on the most logical common sense:
    1) Is it within my budget? MyVi(Yes), Savvy(Yes)
    2) Is is stylish? MyVi(Yes), Savvy(Yes)
    3) Will my friends be comfortable? MyVi(YES), Savvy(NO)
    4) Reasonable room to carry stuff? MyVi(Yes), Savvy(NO)
    It’s weird to say that Savvy feels like European. Try reading the european reviews of Malaysian cars and maybe you can be enlightened to a little more sense. Buying Savvy just to feel European will not appeal to many low and middle income people. This income range concerns with practicality more than anything else. Sure some people will buy Savvy but it can never outsell MyVi. Savvy will be remembered as just another Proton screw-up and probably the cause of their CEO sacking and the whole AP debacle bla,bla,bla……..excuses after excuses just to cover up the sickness within the institution. Meanwhile Perodua and their MyVi just keep the talk low and let the sales and satisfied customers do all the promotion. Now which one do you think make you more proud as a Malaysian?

  23. Tom says:

    I’d rather buy a WIRA than a MYVI. Why? More booth space, cheaper, reliable, stable, bigger rear space (have measured it), more power, cheap to maintain, good looking even after all those years. I have driven european cars before like renault clio, megane, fiat. And have been in Ford Mondeo, escort, fiat panda… so I dare to say SAVVY has that european ride and handling.

  24. qwerty says:

    Well it doesn’t harm to be in the minority. Wira is a decent car. Wasn’t it the 3rd model from proton after Saga and Iswara? Those were the bygone good ol’ days when proton was still in touch with reality. If you prefer proven old model classic then you’re in safe hand.
    Savvy……..mmmmmmmmm…….Let’s just hear more lame arguments to bring the dead horse to life…….Maybe the saying “A lie told repeatedly will soon be taken as the truth” is what left in proton’s marketing arsenal.

  25. Tom says:

    I represent the majority… those without internet access (new villages, kampongs, estates) who love protons. Wira is based on the Mitsu Evo 2, thus a good car. Somebody told me that SAVVY was designed by experienced designers from lotus and proton…. some even had design daewoo cars before now labeled cheverolet (not sure of the spelling).

  26. qwerty says:

    Wow. That’s a great revelation. Now we got a glimpse of proton’s mentality. Nevermind Sir, say whatever you want. What I know is I’m seeing more and more MyVi on the road every day but Savvy is so hard to find except in the showroom. Well at least it will stay new there……….. Cheers!

  27. Roja says:


  28. michaelooi says:

    Roja – Ok. Savvy sucks. Bite me.

  29. qwerty says:

    Pretending to be patriotic while brainwashing your own people into buying shit is worse. That’s treason! They ought to be hanged together with the drug dealers & traffickers.

  30. Tom says:


  31. qwerty says:


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