May 29, 2005

small dog, big bummer

I was driving to pick my grandpa up on Friday, when I noticed a couple of doggies by the roadside. Nice doggies. Not some fanciful exotic doggies but I can tell that those are mutts crossbred out of a million species. There was this big white one … and another smaller one shit brown in color.

From afar (about 15 yards), it seemed as if the 2 canines were marching together in unison (that’s how it prompted my attention), which looked kinda cute at that moment. But as my car inched closer to the doggies along that stretch of narrow neighborhood street, suddenly the brown dog leapt up onto the rear of the white dog… apparently in a position to mount itself for a round of spontaneous street sex.

But because that brown dog was very much smaller than its female partner, it proved to be a real challenge for him to get its plug to align into the socket. The little dog was literally clinging onto the back of that white dog with its frontal paws, with both the hind legs dangling in the air like it was trying to do some extreme rock climbing maneuver.

It was a sight to behold… and I broke into tears laughing at that poor little dude that seemed to have a big issue in selecting its sex partner. Then it came to this stage where my car was directly passing the ground zero, little dog was still working out to get a fuck on that bitch – with little progress of course.

That was when I decided to help them out by giving them a yank of my air horn. The effect was instantaneous. My honk jolted that brown dog and saw it shot through the air like its dick was on fire or something. I almost had a fit for laughing too hard upon seeing that whole thing unfolding before my eyes.

But what happened next was kinda out of my expectation. The brown dog actually went ballistic and charged towards my moving wheels. From what I saw through my side view mirrors, it appeared that the dog was trying to sink its teeth on my tires to predicate its aggression or something. But we all know that it was a dumb idea. The poor dog ended up getting chafed on the muzzle by the moving tires and eventually stopped in the middle of the road watching the big bad black car disappearing away.

I’m proud of my pair of air horns.

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11 Comments to “small dog, big bummer”

  1. suanie says:

    LMAO so eVilLLLLLl

  2. doc says:

    Bwahahahahaha! You go ahead honking in red light districts and you’ll get more than a set of teeth thrown against your tyre.

  3. gutsygal says:

    Ditto! my sentiments exactly! suanie… =P LOL

  4. kimberlycun says:

    im sure your honks are loud but sure can’t beat mine, ok. anyway, u should have ran them over…yes both bitch and stupid dog.

  5. fish fish says:

    *tsk tsk tsk* Evil guy.

  6. belacans says:

    :lol: you are sooooo EVIL! should be more than 62%, me thinks ;)

  7. Joe says:

    Tot I’m d only one who likes to do tat. I like to honk at cat when I’m right behind it. The cat will leap upwards. My gf will “tsk tsk tsk… u ah”. What? It’s fun doing that what, right Michael?

  8. Kah Chun says:

    Well done, Mike. SPCA Malaysia would be proud of you. You have just prevented the birth of several rowdy neighbourhood dogs. If SPCA realised that air horns are so efficient, they wouldn’t spend so much money and expertise in neutering dogs. Now that’s engineering thinking… :D

  9. zbjernak says:

    hahahha….damn funny…
    i guess if i saw tht…tears will be coming out too…

    but damn irritating right the loud honks…..
    next time i see a black car with the loud honks… then i know wht to do…


  10. michaelooi says:

    suanie / gutsygal / fishfish – Thanks.

    doc – I don’t think you get to see people having sex by the roadside in red light district, right ?

    kimberlycun – And some even claimed that I’m evil. *shakes head*

    belacan – There’s a 10% tolerance …

    joe – Not only it’s fun but it’s good for the society. Check out Kah Chun’s comment.

    Kah Chun – For the good of all… what can I say… *blush*

    zbjernak – You can see a black car, but you can’t see it’s air horn. The only way to find out, is when you’re being honked at. But by then, it’ll be too late for you already … my friend.

  11. zbjernak says:

    ooops….miss out tht point..

    dont care…. black chevrolet….will do


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