May 24, 2005

cunt in action

I was having my lunch with Emily inside a restaurant yesterday, when something prompted for our attention outside the glass pane. It was a couple standing beside a confectionery, apparently with the girl looking very mad and the guy was trying patch things up.

As we’re being barricaded by the glass pane, I couldn’t make out what was happening there. But from my best guess, it wasn’t as simple him being caught ogling at some girls. It looked much more serious than that, you know… it’s like he had been caught humping the family goat or something. The girl was fuming.

We could actually see that the guy tried his best sucking up to her, but his mad girlfriend would just glower back at him … and indifferently look away. For a moment there, I felt for that guy. Like he already tried his best to boot back the relationship, but all he got was just a glower … nothing else. What the hell was that suppose to mean ? If she’s so freaking mad at him, she could have just bolted off to somewhere private (like the toilet) to cool herself down or something. But instead, she would just stand there trying to look mad … but refuse to engage in any attempt of confrontation. Like supposedly, her boyfriend’s able to read her mind!?

If there’s any disagreement at all, it should be handled in a civilized way — bring it out and have some talk. You want something, say it. You don’t act up some attitude. Solve the problem. Not just behave like a cunt and expect your boyfriend to do everything he can to patch things up.

The guy would continue to suck it up that bitch until finally, she whipped out her cellphone, called someone and stormed off the area. Probably felt the he wasn’t good enough at sucking up, called her fuck buddy for an emergency sex therapy and spent over the day contemplating whether she needed a replacement.

What a bitch. If I were to be in that guy’s shoes, I probably would have ignored her and invested my time to do something more important instead … like shopping for a loaf of bread or … entertain a cute looking credit card promoter…

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16 Comments to “cunt in action”

  1. ~evil_gal~ says:

    i would just leave the bitch alone. no point embarassing myself in the public. :p and if i were that girl that caught my bf having affair, i would dump him b4 he dump me! it’s better not to embarass urself in the public as u never knows who’s watching XD

  2. doc says:

    You should press your face flat on the glass pane watching them like damn disgusted like that. :D

  3. keatix says:

    that gal trying to “sell high” and “buy low” indirectly made him low. she is trying to package herself, but she does not know that “product” is more important than the “packaging”. what a jerk.


  4. michaelooi says:

    evil_gal – Great minds think alike…

    doc – No thanks… the glass pane could be dirty and may cause skin infection…

    keatix – Well, the packaging wasn’t that good either. It’s like a stale fish crudely wrapped with newspaper… orbituary page somemore …

  5. juz me says:

    hey,we’re u at prangin mall?coz i 2 saw this sort of drama goin on there…anyways din really bother.its their probs…

  6. me says:

    I say man. Girls should just grow up a little. Have deep discussions. Guys are just straight forward people. Why torture them?

  7. sunon says:

    Agree with me. Heh, some of the females out their just love making things complicated and end up annoying both their partner and getting themselves pissed off. Heh, pointless :P

  8. surfnux says:

    hehehe that kind of girlfriend is useless kind. If I were him, will drop her right from the beginning. Pity the guy who loose face and have put effort to settle down the problem in the public, and that girl just act tiau keh.

  9. Suen says:

    Sometimes when I’m super angry, I’ll just have to bottle up my anger or I’ll burst into tears. But since she was able to call on her cellphone, maybe she just wanna embarass the guy or create a scene.

  10. michaelooi says:

    juzme – This actually happened at Tesco. But you know what ? I did saw the Prangin Mall version as well. It’s right in front of that Popular bookstore … some big bhai dude was scolding his girl or something, right ? For some reason, he was like going all out wanna kill her …

    me – Generally… it’s supposed to be like that.

    sunon – Ironic isn’t it ? When you’re pissed, you’re supposed to look for ways to reduce the piss effect. But but but … you know what I’m trying to say here…

    surfnux – If you look at that cunt from another angle, she might have a little use. Like if you wanted to know your newly bought stun gun really works ? You can actually test it on her.

    suen – That hag’s evil… that’s what I can say. She was probably hoping that guy would offer some expensive gifts or something … but when it eventually comes to nothing, she called her fuck buddy. I hope her cell phone would explode inside her jeans pocket and grill her twat half done…

  11. Amber says:

    Lol, when I saw your title ‘cunt in action’, I thought you were gonna write something about a girl defecating on her guy or something.

  12. naeboo~ says:

    standard lar this sort of action, those girls juz wanna show to ppl that her bf is such a loser and berdrama in front of public to make her market price “higher”… she thinks!! hahahaah

  13. Primrose says:

    Must have been some teenage Ah Lians lah!

  14. insomniac says:

    Have any of u guys been in a situation where your girlfriend is pissed and u have no idea why?

    Clearly she’s pissed at u, but u don’t know what it is u did to set her off.

    When u ask, “What’s wrong?”, she goes, “Nothing”, still with the pissed-off look and refusing to look at u.

    Oh boy, did I hate that!

  15. eat me says:

    fuck that fucking cunt, and fuck you too. Bitches aren’t even worth the fucking trouble of getting out of bed for. They are nothing but a bunch of worthless fucking head cases that do nothing but drag a man into their pathetic fucking fantasy worlds. If a guy behaves in the same way he is considered weak and useless, living in a dream world. But a acts that way and it’s par for the course? Fuck off, all of you fucking whores. You can sit around licking each other’s stinking pussies for all I care. You’re stuck with each other so eat shit and die bitches.

  16. michaelooi says:

    hey you motherfucking piece of shit, why fuck me ??? Fuck your whole family lah !

    If you have a problem with your brain, go get some help. What a jerk.

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