May 15, 2005

some updates

23 months, 679 entries and 3246 comments (since Nov 04, not including those in Haloscan from my Blogspot account) later, I guess it is time for me to add a search function inside this blog (as you may have noticed on the menu) for easy navigation over my old archives.

Like if you needed to know how many entries had I blogged about “housewives” before ? All you gotta do is just dump in the keyword and search, then voila ! You have all the relevant entries conveniently listed out in a page. (this is for those of you who couldn’t figure out what’s a “search” function …)

I previously didn’t add the search function into my start-from-scratch template because I was such a lazy ass … (though now I’m still a lazy ass), but now I feel compelled to add one in view of the growing archive. So, it’s a good thing.

Other changes that I have also made recently :
– Individual pages now encompasses the side links – which now look more consistent with the main page format.

– Shorter list of “Network of Blogs”, which some of the readers have been complaining as “20 meters long” or something. (140 over links)

– Stopped pinging PPS. There will be no more pings to PPS. That’s because somebody told me that pinging PPS is cheap and tacky. Since most pings don’t stay long in there anyway, I decided to post my entries independently. You want to read my entries ? You come here.

I am also contemplating of adding a banner/graphic at the main page… something that compliments my color scheme, so that the main page doesn’t look that dull. But, that will have to wait till I am back in my mood to fire up my NURBS and rendering program…

And I will be open to any suggestion as well.

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