May 1, 2005

the mystery of the missing raincoats

Circa 1977. Almost 1978. The month was desolately dark and gloomy. There had been weird thefts occurring around the ghettoish slum … and everyone was very upset about it. No, it wasn’t the underwears or bras this time. But raincoats. Only black raincoats.

The strange phenomenon instigated some grave concern, that there might be some sex depraved maniac out there stealing raincoats to indulge in his kinky exhibition of flashing acts. Or even worse, prowl on unsuspecting housewives… waiting to rape and sodomize them for his own sadistic gratification.
(though it’s kinda impossible because housewives are known to travel in big groups and elicit ear piercing noises that very few could tolerate…)

But nobody could do anything about the thefts – for the purported ‘thief’ proved to be as elusive and cunning as any professional criminal… and more raincoats would continue to go missing without trace. Why only black raincoats ? Why not other priced belongings ? The mystery befuddled even the most veteran residents that had seen everything…

Until one day, somebody saw 2 silhouettes of some midget sized being (wearing a cape) in a dark squalid corridor … prancing slowly staring at each other. Each of them was holding an elongated object … of what seemed to be some kind of glowing plastic sword… and were making hissing noises as they went about … Then, without warning, both would start to slash at each other in a series of feigned sword fight moves, with plenty of exaggerated oral sound effects.


The swordfight would later be joined by another few more cape wearing members, and the whole place would be inflamed with those ‘sword’ wielding fanatics yelling and fighting each other.

Sure enough, upon closer inspection, that ‘somebody’ noticed that those were actually a bunch of kids playing… and the capes they were wearing ? Those were the black raincoats that had been disappearing from motorcycle shacks. Well, what made those kids to have a sudden craze on black raincoats? 2 words :

Darth Vader.

It was the Star Wars fever that had infected the kids. According to my mom, basically, every single kids in our residential area worshiped the dark force back then… and idolized the masked tyrant as god. It was the period where the sales of batteries and electrically powered glowing plastics swords soared like never before. And black motorcycle raincoats as well.

So guys, if you own a motorcycle ? Remember to lock your raincoat up. It will happen again this coming May…

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6 Comments to “the mystery of the missing raincoats”

  1. ken says:

    I was young when I watched Star Wars. Until now, I still don’t get the story. Maybe it’s because my English was not good back then to understand it but yet, till now, I still hate the quote “May the Force be with you” plus the whole costume in the movie.

  2. CLF says:

    WTF? This really happens?!?!? LOL!!

  3. summer says:

    Ooh… I can’t wait… Loved Part 3-6 best but the others are alright too!! Can’t wait to see how Anakin turns into Darth!

  4. Nani says:

    I’ll go to the movie in June.. TQVM

  5. Primrose says:

    Darth Vader, eh? Hehe! Reminds me of the “head”. *winks*

  6. megabigblur says:

    I’m in uni in the usa and there’s a number of crazy kids who are planning to dress up for the premiere. i may join them just for the heck of it. don’t think most ‘normal’ adults back in m’sia would…

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