April 28, 2005

fling a sandal

Back during my childhood, I depended on no electronics to keep myself occupied. No playstation, no games, definitely no internet. Mom didn’t believe in the myth – that investing money in her kids’ toys would reap benefit for her welfare in the distant future – hence, no toys for me as well.

So, we (referring to myself and my childhood buddies) were basically left without any choice but to solely rely on our creativity to burn some time. Like coming up with our own games. No, I’m not referring to shitty games like hide and seek… or… hop-with-a-leg type… those are for wimps and sick little freaks that look like Michael Jackson. I’m talking about games that :

– are awesome and involve a lot of ass kicking (it’s always fun to kick some other kids asses…)
– require ZERO cost (couldn’t afford anything as we had limited or no pocket money at all)
– could keep more than 20 of us little devils occupied for at least a few hours.

We came up with many of them that fulfill the above criteria alright. But the one that stood out amongst the rest was a game which we fondly called, “Khan Eh” (translated as “Fling A Sandal”) – which was the motherfuckest of all wicked games that I had ever played as a kid. A game that sets a whole new definition of ‘fun’ and changed my life forever (kidding, I added the final phrase as a hyperbole…)

Following would be the details and rules about “Fling A Sandal” (I’m gonna do it in point form here for convenience’ sake) :

Requirements :
1) Minimum 14 players, must be even numbered to be divided into 2 teams. The more players, the better.
2) Each player must be barefooted and armed with one side of their flip-flop or sandal. (this will be their weapon)
3) A cemented space/court as the playground (preferably, the size of a basketball court). Indoor or outdoor, doesn’t matter.
4) You have to be minimum 7 years old to play this game.
5) You’re not in any way associated to the word ‘sissy’ or ‘pondan’.

How to play :
a) Players are divided into 2 teams that oppose each other. One team as “defender”, and another as the “invader”.
b) Flip a coin to decide which team to play as “defender”/”invader”. (or simply select a representative from each team to arm wrestle…The winner gets to decide which role the team wants to play…)
c) The “defender” must first build a “sandal shrine” inside a big circle of approximately 5 feet in diameter (can be drawn with a chalk or something), which is suppose to be the center of the universe. Everything else rotates around it. It is their duty to safeguard the shrine at all cost.
d) To build the “sandal shrine”, the defenders just need to lean 3 sandals on each other in an upright position. May sound easy but, trust me, it requires a lot of skills to do it. Refer illustration to understand better.
e) Once the shrine is up, the defenders are required to stand at an offset of 30 ft away from it and wait.
f) The invaders are then required to ‘attack’ the shrine by flinging their sandals from that same spot of 30 ft offset (the 2 teams should now be standing at that same spot). If the invaders somehow ran out of sandals and unable to strike the shrine down, they lose the game.
g) On the other hand, if the shrine is struck by an invader’s flinging sandal and collapses, both team would then engage each other in battle mode.
h) In the battle mode, each team would have their own objective
– invaders : to go all out trying to immobilize all the defenders. (to immobilize the defenders, just smack/fling them with a sandal…)
– defenders : try to rebuild the shrine without getting killed.
To which, if any of the team achieves their objective, will win the game. (please note that during the battle mode, the invaders are not allowed to go into the shrine’s big circle.)
i) Once the game ends, both team would then switch their roles as defender-invader … and repeat the whole process.

Rules :
– Killing and crying is prohibited. Violators will be pummeled and banned from joining any future games.

So, basically, you’ll see kids running everywhere trying to smack each other stupid. It’s energetic, fun and full of suspense … especially when you’re looking out for flying sandals that may land flat on your face while trying to balance that 3 fucking pieces of sandals to rebuild the shrine.

Kids nowadays only know how to gain weight and being a big pussy…

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17 Comments to “fling a sandal”

  1. CLF says:

    Hey, I used to play this too!! It’s really fun!! :)
    Glad to see someone can describe it just like those old days. :D

  2. fst says:

    yeah lorr.. kids nowadays only play ps2 n stuff.perhaps they should invent this game in ps2 as well.

  3. Any game that includes the words “battle mode” and hunkin footware…count me in. This would also be cool for a work teambuilder!

  4. uculer says:

    i never played that game but always a spectator whenever my brothers were at it. they only let me play galah panjang and konda-kondi. it was fun an energetic. ouh.. the good old days

  5. I played similar game, only the weapon is tennis ball that passes among invaders to strike out the defender while they were trying to rebuild the the sandal shrine.

  6. dean_dang says:

    cool right…i used to play this also. there is one more game called ‘konda-kondi’…but more soft la. there were times when we made our own ‘senapang’ from wood which was easily found those day…use one kind of fruit(small n darm hard) as a bullet and went to nearest semak as our battle field…wah i tell u..if u kena shoot, the mark on your skin will last for few days!

  7. kimberlycun says:

    fun game!!! my dad bought me a microgenius and i’m fucked eversince :(

    p/s: never even flew a kite b4…i’m damn kerlien ok? *tsk*

  8. ashotiwoth says:

    hei… I remember this game…!!

    dang! How I wished I’m a small kid again, but then again, nvm lah

  9. whtever012 says:

    hi. mic. i used to played this game before. being a warrior in the battle field that time, really a great fun that i cant forget. i tought only sarawakian know how to play this game….glad to hear that a lot of people out there can play this game too.
    like dean_dang says, i also played kunda kundi game. this 1 used stick. u have to flick up the short stick and hit it. just like a baseball game.
    all this kind of game can be included as what they always call it “Permainan Rakyat MAlaysia”

  10. michaelooi says:

    CLF – So, this game is popular. I’ve always thought someone from the neighbourhood invented it …

    fst – Create this game in PS2 ? You’re kidding, right ?

    macek – I bet they don’t have this in the States … coz this game involves a lot of hurtin’ … well, in a fun way.

    uculer/dean_dang – Never played konda-kondi before. The only game that related to sticks I’ve ever played is “hit a cat”. But then, I think that name sounded kinda vulgar…

    kk – Well, sandals can be substituted with anything… golf shoes, safety boots, soccer boots, you name it. Hell, you can even use a steering lock if you want…

    kimberly – Though I’ve no idea what’s a microgenius, I guess it must be pretty cool to get a kid ‘fucked’… XD

    ashotiwoth – Yeah, being a kid is always fun. You get to mess things up without worry… coz the worst thing that could ever happen to you is just some beating with a cane …

    whtever012 – I think this should be made into an Olympics event …

  11. elphinstone says:

    this game kicks ass man!! but it was tiring as hell. and me as a girl always kena bully by the guys :( (we have to chase the fella and smack them with our hands lah instead of throwing slipper) esp my evil elder brother who never keep a light hand one.. SAKIT MAN!!!

    those days. sigh.

  12. HolyCow says:

    Ermm.. :) good old days…

  13. megabigblur says:

    Hah. I used to play Pepsi-Cola, ketengteng (hopscotch), various forms of kejar-kejar, Hide and Seek, dunno summore what. Haven’t heard of this sandal one b4.

    Well, if kids nowadays only sit on their butts and play videogames…you’ll have to do something about it when your own comes out right?

  14. ad1 says:

    Wow..I used to play that too…guess kids now a days get to play PPS, Gameboy Advance etc……even RYL, Ragnarog…….their shoulder are not even higher than the table when they are in the cyber cafe

  15. kimberlycun says:

    microgenius…u know the predecessor of playstation etc…instead of game cds u used game cartridges hehe

  16. Silencers says:

    HEY!! I played that! Fucking fun! We even developed different techniques for throwing differrent kinds of slippers/sandals. Tho I used to call it ‘selipar-tiga’ for the three sandal used for the shrine. Though in my version it was quite different.

    Game starts with the sandal shrine being erected and neutral [belongs to neither team]. Only one sandal is thrown around, let’s call it THE sandal.
    – teams will take turns to attempt to throw a sandal to break the shrine. one person from each team at a time.
    – when one team attempts a throw, the other team will standby behind the shrine.
    – if one team manages to break the shrine, their new objective would be to rebuild the shrine without getting all their members killed. let’s call this team A
    – team B’s objective would be quite simple as well. they have to kill off the entire team B before the shrine is rebuilt.
    – if team A is completely killed off, or the shrine rebuilt, the round ends and they start with the shrine being neutral again.

    – anyone from team A holding THE sandal, is not allowed to take more than one step/leap from the spot where he picked up the sandal. he can however, pass it to his other team members who are running around.
    – anyone from team B who merely touches [usually they get hit/smacked by] THE sandal is killed.

    The real fun is passing around THE sandal and developing strategic moves. They should integrate this into Sukan SEA I tell you. BATA would be rich.

  17. Silencers says:

    Err…. I think I mixed up teams A and B in the rules. Hehehe, I have the fules corrections on my blog. sorry about that.

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