April 24, 2005

what’s under ?

I was minding my own business on a chair (daydreaming) when my little 3 year old nephew came and stood right in front of me. He was sort of giving me this bashful look… like he was trying to show me something. I tried to ignore him, but I was not feeling very comfortable with him staring at me like that. So, I decided to find out if there was anything that I could do for him to leave me alone.

I first stooped down closer to his view level and gave him a “what’s up ?” tilt-of-head look… you know, with my friendliest looking state in order not to freak him out and trigger an amplified wail. But he kept staring at me with the same look, with no other responses. Well, maybe the kid didn’t get my message – and so, I resorted to ask him verbally in some shitty Mandarin, how may I be of help?

He finally showed some respond alright. He adjusted his posture sideways and partially pulled down his pants to reveal a pair of smaller garment inside… which I could see that it was a kiddy sized underwear. He showed it to me because it was a big-deal kind of thing for him… you know, like somekind of a physical testament that he’s that much more grown up than any other whipper-snappers of his age.

(if things are that simple. Become a “grown up” person by just wearing an underwear)

Of course, I pretended that I was impressed shitless “Oooh… you’ve got an underwear! Lemme see lemme see… Ooohh !” (feigned in amateurish Mandarin dialect). And he responded with a sheepishly proud-of-himself smile and went off to somewhere else to parade his new found status towards adulthood.

Now, come to think of it… I realized that I only started to wear my underwear when I was like… 11 years old ? Yeah. A few months before those black whiskers blossom from my spring chickened pubes region. I remember my old man used to tell me that one should wear an underwear to minimize the risk of getting circumcised naturally (or accidentally) by zippers… but I would shun him off with excuses like ‘it’s too friggin’ hot or just ‘less procedure to whip out my dick to take a piss’.

Laugh all you want, but, according to scientific studies, men wearing tight underwear in prolonged hours face higher risks of prostate cancer, impotency, stupidity, bollock gangrene, pubic hair loss (due to high concentration of salt) and sometimes, even death. And if you get any one of those boners, I’d be the one laughing back at you.

Best way, is to give your dork a little more air as he goes about. Don’t just cram it down in confined spaces… it’s not healthy.

(How old are you when you first started wearing an underwear ? Rape the commenting system please.)

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30 Comments to “what’s under ?”

  1. Jayelle says:

    i started wearing bras .. at.. 11. :D Let this be opened to females too, please!:)

  2. Jase says:

    Whoa, sama geng dude, I only started to wear undies about 11 years old as well. My parents keep asking to wear but I tend to get very uncomfortable wearing a hot ones inside.

  3. shanks says:

    the few remaining months of standard 6. all i remembered was i took my first government examination wearing underwear. very uncomfortable. i’m more of the hang-loose person, at home, that is.

  4. Here in the States, we get our dicks lopped and wear skivvies from the time we graduate from Pampers Pull-ups.

    Which might explain all of the stupidity.

  5. Primrose says:

    Underwear ah? Can’t even remember… Probably when I start going to kindergarten? But a bra, hmm…maybe at 12? Late bloomer, see? And now, heck, I only wear both when I’m out of the house! Ahaks! Air circulation, see? :)

  6. elphinstone says:

    ehhh, you tak pernah accidentally terzip your kkc meh??? i know both my brothers did, though, when they were young :P

  7. michaelooi says:

    jayelle – Well, why not ?

    jase – Precisely. It’s hot and it’s uncomfortable.

    shanks – You can hang loose at public too. Nobody’s gonna be able to tell the difference…

    macek – Just look at Dubya. :)

    primrose – Geez, you ONLY wear both when you’re OUT of the house ? Nothing else ? XD

    elphine – When you’re long enough, you won’t face such problem… coz the nozzle is properly parked somewhere safe…

  8. fish fish says:

    Wooo~~~ Mike, it is said that not wearing undies regularly will make the growing process of the protected part very healthy. Kekeke… if you know what I mean. Is that true for you? Man, 11 yo?? That’s really late for wearing pantsu.

  9. kaihong says:

    Around 11 or 12. Accident on the kkc before that?
    lost count already !!

    Damn painful that was.

    But when I was in college time, there was a few months time that I skipped underwear. Feel cool until one day my pants “peciah” and the arse cought a flu !!!

    From that day onwards, whenever I go out from my house, I wear boxer !! like what you’ve mentioned, good air circulation and more freedom for kkc.

  10. megabigblur says:

    panties (on a regular basis): 7 years old when i started Standard 1. I remember being really annoyed that i couldn’t wear shorts to school. my sisters and i were quite the little tomboys.

  11. navarro says:

    im trained to wear boxers since 12..that’s too late I guess.But,nowdays i’ll go hang loose..even boxers sometimes make you feel uncomfortable.total freedom for kkc.Just be aware of the zippers and unpredictable erections.

  12. suanie says:

    i’ve been wearing underwear since I could remember, even got photos to prove it (when I was young of course). got the bra when I was 12 or 13. late bloomer.

  13. michaelooi says:

    fish fish – I’m not so sure if he’s healthy… I’ve seen him puked for countless of times. But I felt strangely good though …

    kaihong – I’ve had plenty of incidences of torn pants before… way before I joined the dark force of underwears. But that’s a tale for another day.

    mega / suanie – Usually, girls are trained to wear underwears ever since they learn how to walk. That’s because of the need to wear skirts…

    navarro – Way to go dude !

  14. Suen says:

    Hmm proper bra around age 11 too, and panties when I started kindergarden. Still remember we kids used to compare how cute our undies are, ‘got ladybird one!’.

  15. zbjernak says:

    never remember when i started…

    but i know at the age of 5, i almost had a NATURAL circumcision…by the zipper..
    i was caught in it…

    i guessed after that i had my underwear on

  16. ken says:

    I’m too stupid to remember when I first wore an underwear. It caused too much stupidity if you might ask. @__@

  17. NSDS3HvLDjJd says:

    Started at 7. When I got back from school, off they come! But when I get to Primary 4, started to wear them all the time.

  18. michaelooi says:

    suen – And if you remove that ladybird, you’re gonna see a bald feline… XD

    zbjernak – I’ve noticed that there’s quite a number of you have caught their wiener in between a zipper before … I wonder what does that imply…

    ken – You know, you can always even it up by using the head flushing technique…

    metalrage – *shakes head slowly*

    NSDS – All the time ! That’s unhygienic, dude !

  19. kodo says:

    Come to think of it..
    do u guys shave ur pubic hair? XD

  20. zbjernak says:

    too huge to be stuff into the pants perhaps?

  21. Cariss says:

    Underpants?! What is that???
    Never heard of it.

  22. belacans says:

    sepender at 13. boxer at 30. freedom at 36! :lol:

  23. eVoL says:

    Age 10. Eversince then, I love to go lingerie shop :P

  24. james says:

    I still haven’t started. Hhehheh…

  25. Primrose says:

    michaelooi: Aiyeeerrr! Of course under my clothes lerr. Chey!

    kodo: Shave all (pak cham kai) also can but then the stubbles will be very poke-y when it starts sprouting. Ouch! Trim more like it. Turf well kept! *wink*

  26. KY says:

    whatever happened to commenting on ur April 26 post? I want to learn that magic, there are a few employees whom I don’t wish to see around here.

  27. michaelooi says:

    KY – I disabled the commenting system as a sign of deep compassion to all the tigers being killed throughout the entire planet…

  28. xman says:

    i can’t remember when i started out, must’ve been around 11 as well and yes did have one encounter before with the zipper!

    btw, i’m more to wondering about the girls, when did u start wearing g-strings and thongs? haa that would be more interesting to know hehe

  29. Neddy says:

    Only during classes otherwise hanging free, catching a cheepie by rubbing the bare head in my clothing.

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