April 16, 2005

enlighten me please….

I want to ask you readers out there…


For this post, I’m opening the commenting system for feedbacks…

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76 Comments to “enlighten me please….”

  1. MrsT says:

    Hey.. Mike,
    I think the black is alright.. but it’s hard on my eyes sometimes (maybe getting old.. kekeke).
    I love yer blog.. coz’ i think you touch on subjects that some ppl wouldn’t even dare go near (for example .. moi). To me.. this blog is an expression of who you are.. it’s unique.. it’s interesting.. it’s intriguing.. it’s bold..it’s funny.. and it’s evil.
    And yes.. even if you have a pink bg .. i will still visit everyday.

  2. strqwebt says:

    eh banyak lah tu , ass kissing , di depan. kembong pulak

  3. Personally, I feel that this black is good, since you’re always bitching about life in general here. If you change the content of your blog posts, though, like, drastically, make it gray. No radical changes recommended in blog design

  4. michaelooi says:

    ken – my template does not represent me, oh-brainy-one. And gay templates do attract gays so in some sense, you’re not actually making a strong point here. I do agree on the first impression thing though.


    I’ll blurt what’s this all about in a short while.

  5. k3ng says:

    a good blog makes the reader come back for more… thats the simplest i can put it for me.

  6. CLF says:

    Too dark, can you make it brighter?

  7. pikey says:

    A good blog is a blog which has achieved the very purpose that makes u started blogging in the first place.

  8. ken says:

    Well, Mike, all I can say is whenever I see this background, automatically my mind reflect it… “Oh~ it’s Michael’s”.
    Posted by fish fish.

    It does represent you. ;)

  9. minishorts says:

    if you change to white then you are not michael ooi.

    for some reason this post cracked me up too!!

  10. michaelooi says:

    Lilian Chan, you bitch. If you say anything about my wife’s illness again in IRC public channel, I swear I’m gonna make your stupid god swallow your imaginary balls.

    Show some respect please. Talking behind someone’s back is not a glorious thing to do. Try to be not so full of yourself, ok ?

  11. auyongtc says:

    wtf? she actually did that? geez, shame on you… tsk tsk tsk

  12. eyeris says:

    on black background: nice what… simple… and most people use the black background because it’s the FIRST on Blogspot’s list of ready templates for new bloggers. I know, I used to use it at first too…

    on rules: Wise (and black-leather clad) One once said: THERE IS NO SPOON. a blog is whatever you want it to be.

  13. lilian says:

    Mike, Know that there are many things I said. I did mention it in passing because people are telling me that you are all out to kill me over the black background. I told them that I had forged a friendship with you back in Dr. Liew’s forum and yes, your wife’s illness was casually mentioned. But then, it wasn’t mentioned in a bad light like what you are thinking or whoever relayed this to you. I had explained the rest in my email. But if you choose to continue creating all these, I can’t do much more.

  14. ylchong says:

    When realestate agents sell houses/properties, it’s location, LOCAtion, LOCATION.

    For Blogs, for me its’ content, CONtent, CONTENT!
    Contented yet, B or W, so what? It’s still CONTENT(3X)!!!

  15. omega says:

    it looks gloomy and dark.. but then it suits u.. gloomy and dark haheheh

  16. EF says:

    Just do whatever you think fit.

    Alike doc, I came here because of what you write not what the colour of your background.

    Just be yourself ;0 like meeeee :)

  17. auyongtc says:

    It’s almost like asking Batman to don a brighter outfit, and to paint Gotham City anything but black..

  18. doc says:

    Err… EF, you’re asking Mike to be himself to like you? He married liao lor… Kihkihkih.

  19. michaelooi says:

    I’ve replied Lilian’s email courteously. It’s all cool now.

    Now, ditch the popcorn and get back to your life !

  20. auyongtc says:

    Haih no more drama? :(
    Just bought more popcorn summore…

  21. EF says:

    chiew! doc, mike can be we free-spirited ;-O

    Gagagaga you got a new camera or something?

    Mike, chiew, i was kinda hoping the matter will boil , spill over and create a mess :D

  22. Angel says:

    Black and pink would simply NOT suit you whatsoever. Besides black and pink… er… not exactly the greatest colour combination around.

    I guess your readers are trying to say your blog’s good because of what you write. And though layout and background is secondary, it holds some weight in creating your blog’s ‘character’.

    Anyhoo, my idea of a good blog? Mmm as you’ve said it’s subject to personal evaluation. So I’ll spare you my thoughts on it. But I do enjoy reading your blog. Stress relief…. from uni work. =)

  23. summer says:

    michael – the black colour suits you fine.. i like it…. and your blog is good because readers keep coming back… juz like me… cheers!!

  24. bytesurfer says:

    Erm .. black is okay .. as long as everything is readable .. however .. sometimes too many wording and would be better if there are more graphical illustration in it .


  25. killershik says:

    black for backdrop means ur pretty screwed in ur past and most likely, the rest of ur life will follow suit too. thts js my friggin’ assumption.

    well done on the black cus i feel its best for my long reading. doesnt strain my goddamn eyes. i hope ive few more sets of eyes so i can eye rotation whenever i feel tired.

    with grey lettering ? but i wld love to see them in white someday. myb really nice. u know, white like white car. sort of.

    the grey subheading is wht i will improve , cus its supposed to be revealing, not blurred. many a time, i find it hard to read the grey subheading. chg it into sthg brighter, mikey.

  26. Lil says:

    I was just surfing internet. Looked up “enlighten me” and found your page. Great way to bring in the public!
    I think your blog is dark but, I like it.
    The links on the left should probably be changed to match your background a little. They are bright in comparison to the background.

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