March 29, 2005

wake up call

Last night at about 1.36 am, I was abruptly awakened by a call on my cellphone. As I had misplaced my phone at the wrong corner, I had to trudge over to the opposite corner of my room to answer the phone (or at least shut the goddamn thing down). But before I could do anything about it, I saw something on the screen that surprised me – it was DrLiew.

I was like “Wtf !? Why is this guy calling me at this hour??”. I answered his call. I don’t actually recall how our conversation went like… as I was still in my half sobered state. All I could remember was a few keywords :

12 something am.
All over PPS.
TV smith.
… the rest was pretty blur.

*(I have no friggin’ idea what earthquake has to do with an SAHM cult leader and her milkbag holder)

I think I also asked him something like “where did it happen?” (I wasn’t sure why it mattered that much to me at that time, not that I could do anything about it…) and doc took the liberty to explain to my zonked mind that it was somewhere near the same spot as the previous quake on Dec 26.

And I went “yeah yeah omg omg” after that, as I was completely clueless how was I supposed to react about the whole thing. I was just too damn blur to even think rationally. Man, he could have april fooled me to perform those CPR shits on myself and I might not even realize that…

I could not remember how the conversation ended, but I remember that I vowed to do something about the quake and hung up. And from what I gathered from doc over our instant messaging program earlier today – he confirmed that I was damn blur and the effect was total. Scary shit isn’t it ?


Now, with those set of words above, let me attempt to reconstruct what DrLiew was trying to tell me (just like those composition exercises we all did at high school)

1) There’s an earthquake going on in Indonesia since 12 something am. It’s now spreading across all over PPS. It created a tsunami so big, that the waves washed away Lilian and her bra from her apartment. Evacuate immediately, Mike… TV Smith says so.

2) Mike, an earthquake has been detected near Indonesia at 12 something am. The tremor can be felt as far as Lilian‘s apartment. It was shaking so violently that her bra had fallen off from her clothes hanger and she’s looking for it all over PPS now. There will be a tsunami striking anytime soon, better don’t login to the internet until TV Smith gives the green light.

3) A spaceship with a big sticker lining themed “Earthquake” has just landed from Planet Indonesia at 12 something am. It’s martian commander, who hailed itself as “Komander Lilian Nobra“, has pinged a propaganda message all over PPS that it’s gonna destroy every single living organism on Earth with an artificially induced tsunami wave. TV Smith said it’s a hoax but I don’t quite agree with him. Better evacuate your apartment, Mike …

Add yours if you have more cool ideas or suggestion…

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21 Comments to “wake up call”

  1. 龙卷风 says:

    Waking Up Mike

    In the wee hours of this morning… Dr. Liew : *just came offline with TV Smith on phone* “Hmm… Who to call ah? Everyone seems to be on ICQ… Wait! Mike is not on ICQ. Wonder how’s he doing…” *dial…

  2. eKLim says:

    allow me please, LOL

  3. lilian says:

    Let’s hear it from the horses mouth:

    Doc said to Mike :
    My Nasa satellite pick-up some earthquake in Indonesia and it should be occuring around 12 something am in Penang. I am searching for Lilian all over PPS as I am worried about another Tsunami. Apparently, my satellite pick up that Lilian is taking off her bra in her apartment. Mike, you better evacuate from Penang NOW!!!! if you don’t want to bump into Lilian braless. You are both living on the same small, little island isn’t it? Let me send TV smith to air-lift you.

    *ahhhh….si fook sai*

  4. Din says:

    Seriously dude, I felt the quake’s tremors all the way up in genting. Check out my blog for my side of the story;’Earthquake’.

  5. EF says:

    Michael so blur :D Charmingly blur :)

  6. tEo says:

    Here’s what doc said to Mike on the phone:

    Mike,there’s a mission for u…
    An earthquake happened somewhere in Indonesia at 12 something am.Lilian & her family evacuate from their apartment.There r lots of ppl rushing down the stairs and Lilian join in the crowd, pushing one & another.Suddenly,a sound “tuck…” is heard.
    Lilian’s bra unhooks by itself and she drops her bra.After the commotion,she goes back,searching high & low for her bra but to no avail. She is so sad as it is her favourite,super-all-mighty bra.As there isn’t any tsunami reported,we suspect someone has stolen her bra.Thus,we are helping her to find back her bra all over PPS. There’s a picture of what her bra looks like in TV Smith’s blog.All bloggers r supposed to save & upload the picture in their own blogs;and this includes u,Mike.Don’t forget,ok?Do it immediately.

  7. michaelooi says:

    It’s really hard to concentrate or make out any sense when you’re half awake… trust me.

  8. kenjiro says:

    An earthquake is going to hit Indonesia around 12 something am. Bloggers got the news and have been pinging all over PPS like tsunami. Lilian left her bra at TV smith’s apartment. TV Smith need to evacuate immediately because her husband is looking for him.

  9. Dana says:


    I thought Dr. Liew’s blog bout ur response was already funny enough, but reading yours I found it even funnier.

    Lilian, found ur bra dy or not???

  10. lilian says:

    Dana, Nope. It ended up on Jeff’s place(blog). (remember the torn bra donated for Tsunami victims? Hahaha, tEo, tks for bringing that up. LOL)

  11. kai hong says:

    A friend of mine Johntim is even better.

    One night his father bought back a lot of Satay
    and asked him awake to eat ( he was sleeping ).
    Naturally he woke up and wacked everything and
    every kuah…

    Second morning, he didn’t remember anything about
    Satay or anything like that.

    Yet he is the most brightest & cleverest student
    in my class of Diploma in IT. Why ah???

  12. michaelooi says:

    there’s once when my mom woke me up at my grandma’s place to go home (was just a kid), and i woke up asking everybody to look for my hands. I told them I left it somewhere…

    Damn embarassing I tell ya…

  13. fish fish says:

    *LOL* I like your story version 2, and Lilian’s version. Btw, glad you all ok.

  14. Alphonso says:

    Now I think Auntie Lilian is very embaressing. Please allow me to laugh for the whole night. Hahaha…

  15. michaelooi says:

    fish fish – I don’t even know there’s a quake going on. If it’s not for Doc, I would have slept through it without knowing a thing. My mom felt the tremor though, but instead of suspecting a quake, she actually thought it’s something spooky going on in her bedroom. Almost screamed.

    alphonso – If her bra involves so many bloggers and the whole PPS, Lilian’s probably gonna feel proud instead. Ahaks.

  16. lilian says:

    Yes, Alphonso. The first earthquake on 26th Dec? I really was braless and it was mentioned in two US blogs. So, what’s the big deal? A bra is just part of your clothings, just like breasts are just part of our body like your nose or ears.

  17. tiuniasing says:

    Alphonse di di is still young, give him some time to learn!!

  18. Alphonso says:

    Auntie Lilian : Which 2 US blogs so lucky ah? Manage to snap Auntie Lilian’s bra? Tell us the URL lah.

  19. elphinstone says:

    ok how bout this:

    an EARTHQUAKE called INDONESIA arrived at 12 SOMETHING AM ALL OVER PPS. his sibling, TSUNAMI, caught LILIAN without her BRA in her APARTMENT. the other sibling, EVACUATE, whos gay, prefers spying on TV SMITH instead.

    bah i hate working OTs. look what happened to me!

  20. Paul Tan says:

    At about 12 something am, Lilian was reading TV smith’s blog and saw that he mentioned her. She got so kembang that her tetekz expanded and her bra snapped. Her tetekz proceeded to kembang non stop at an insane speed causing an earthquake. Her family decided to evacuate the apartment. A tsunami of milk followed, and flooded all over PPS and the region till traces of milk could be detected on the coasts of Indonesia.

  21. michaelooi says:

    how can we not get straight A’s like this ? This is so friggin’ hilarious !

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