March 15, 2005

biting the dust

I woke up feeling like shit yesterday. Head’s heavy, stomach’s upset and everything was spinning. And what’s worse, I couldn’t remember what happened after that few rounds of alcohol imbibation at a friend’s sister’s wedding banquet. From what I managed to recollect myself and through some a lot of help from Emily, here’s what I’ve learnt :

– I drank like a thirsty camel on that night (yeah, as if it’s not obvious enough..)
– I was moving in between 2 of my friend’s tables to toast them up.
– I frolicked with some girls and Emily didn’t like that.
– I squeezed somebody’s arm and spoke something foolish to her.
– I racially discriminated a white guy.
– I puked inside my mouth and freaked Emily real bad.
– I puked on my own shirt and shoes.
– I puked onto my car park pavement.
– Emily hauled my ass back home and doused me with water. (and I kept uttering “ok, ok, that’s enough.. that’s enough..”)
– and a lot more …

Scary, isn’t it ? when you find yourself waking up not remembering anything that happened the night before … That’s when you felt really thankful to the person who painstakingly brought you back and cleaned your mess. For my case, it’s Emily.

Me : “Sorry for all the troubles… dear.”

Emily : “Please do not drink again ok ? It’s a pain dragging you back… you were stubborn, reeked of puke and disgusting”

Me : “Heh … I don’t remember complaining that much when I dragged you back last time when you’re drunk…”

Emily : “Come on … you’re much heavier… and I didn’t puke, ok ??”

Me : “Well, at least I did not dance skankily in public…”

Emily : “Says who ?? YOU DID. YOU DANCED SKANKILY …”

Me : [stress veins popping up] “Alright, but at least … I didn’t sing when I’m dancing, ok ? Because I… won’t do that”


Me : “OMFG… You serious !? How did I dance?? Was it embarrassing??”

Emily : “You and your usual hands-in-the-air dance… like it’s damn stylish like that… pfff”

Me : “…”

And I reckoned none of my friends could remember that as well – because the last time I checked with the guys, it was an almost 100% casualty. Which means, this is the motherfuckest of all drinking events we’ve ever had.

Right now, I’m still feeling nauseous and suffering from an upset stomach that never seems to be ending very soon. This is the kind of hangover that would linger for at least 4 – 5 days. It sucks. Just like what Charles described his hangover to me on the phone

“Mannnnnn! I felt like I’ve just gone through some chemotherapy for a cancer treatment!”

Nothing describes the feel any better.

*All tips/remedies to relieve hangovers will be appreciated

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41 Comments to “biting the dust”

  1. Suen says:

    “You and your usual hands-in-the-air dance… like it’s damn stylish like that… pfff”
    LMAO, instant visuals man~~~ Imagining someone lala-ing around the dance floor XD.

    Solution, try ginger water. Boil water with ginger, put some rock sugar if u can’t tahan.

  2. Din says:

    As they say, prevention is better than cure. Quit drinking? Heheheh *useless advice of the day*

  3. zbjernak says:

    hands-in-the-air dance….kakakakka

    i know HOW STYLISH it is…always see in club or pub…

    a “routine” act from those uncles….who are 40% drunk…


  4. michaelooi says:

    din – yeah, i always wanted to quit drinking when i’m drunk.

    zbjernak – fuck you bitch. I’m still young, k ?

  5. aikonskcus says:

    Don’t know if you still need any hangover relief.. but i find some coffee(strong) with a shot of whisky helps to settle the stomach n relieve a bit of pain..

    cheerios (n nice blog btw..)

  6. eavie says:

    there is actually a drug (can’t remember what it’s called) I’m not sure if it’s available in Malaysia but you are supposed to take it before you go drinking and everything is still the same (tipsy, puking and stuff) but the next day you wake up with NO hangover! No headaches, nothing. Never tried though so I don’t know if it really works! :)

  7. Hsin says:

    Coffee helps if you need to be working and awake. Sometimes taking more alcohol will help too – it just keeps you drunk instead of sobering up. Drink lots and lots of water if not you’ll get dehydrated. And sometimes eating some greasy food will help settle the stomach also.

    As for the pill, I don’t know what it’s called in Malaysia but over here in the US, it only works if you are having 3 or less drinks. But who the hell gets drunk with that little amount anyway?!

  8. michaelooi says:

    aikonskcus – i tried coffee today, not helping much. and i ain’t touching any alcohol for at least 2 months … it got me real bad this time.

    eavie – my usual remedy would be, always wait at least 2 hours interval from your last drink before going to bed. But this only works for minor inebriation… not for this mega-blast type.

    hsin – nobody drinks 3 or less drinks … unless each of the “drinks” is about the size of a flower pot. Big flower pot. ahaks…

  9. Alphonso says:

    Mike HUITA (Hands-up-in-the-air).

    I heard that eat cheese before comsume alcoholic drinks will be better.

  10. french ppl says, take cold bath .. but never tried lah ..
    will ask my friend tonight if you still hang over .. hehe

    chemotherapy is not a bad idea anyway :D

  11. Jr. says:

    lol, i’m sure mike will repeat the same old thing again after 2 months. So i guess prevention won’t help in his case.

    Will drink chinese tea helps? LOL…dunno larrr, i always see it on those chinese dramas where those old men’s wifey bring them some tea – ‘sum cha’ to drink …

    I don’t think coffee will help, best is to stick with something that don’t give u and upset stomach. Carrot juice…might do… :P

  12. shanks says:

    try ponstan. it is like a miracle drug for me. it seems to help me with all sorts of things. it’s like a multipurpose painkiller. i popped three in two hours and started to feel light-headed. the relief lasted for about 4 hours before it came back. i was too chicken to eat anymore the day for fear of any future kidney failure.

  13. shanks says:

    btw, yesterday u didn’t go to work-ar?

  14. michaelooi says:

    alphonso – i’m not asking for prevention ler, dude. I’m asking for solution … isk isk.

    saintis – dah berapa tong air disiram kat kepala I … still the same lah …

    Jr – i tried tea … no help. ish … i was thinking of trying those sea sick pills… hmmm

    shanks – Ponstan’s not my type of med. Never worked for me. I only showed reaction towards paracetamol and certain type of NSAIDs. And no ler, yesterday didn’t go to work … i told my boss i was drunk and got messed up real bad.

  15. MrsT says:

    Hahahhaha!! i betcha look funny.. heheheh!!

  16. elphinstone says:

    I heard that eating a charred bread (yes, put it in a toaster until black black) before your drinking session will reduce hangovers because the carbon will absorb the alcohol or something like that.

    also, drink alot of water la… alcohol dehydrates the body.

    bah.. i bet you must be thinking now that i sound like your mom. :P

  17. cmos says:

    Keep yourself hydrated with lotsa H2O, ponteng work for a day, sleep the damn nauseating feeling away… should work ^_^

  18. MG says:

    Go bang your head on the wall. Come to think of it, I think you’d feel like banging your head on the wall. The worst part of drinking is the hangovers!

  19. michaelooi says:

    mrsT – i looked good… ok ?

    suen – hmmm… boiling ginger sounds practical… thanks for the tips.

    elphine – too late. i’m already in the hangover state now (if you don’t already know that)

    cmos – i already snaked a day’s work off on monday…*sigh*

    MG – i don’t feel like banging my head. i feel like banging someone’s. Someone short…

  20. vynie says:

    When you drink alcohol, you get dehydrated, so drink lots of H2O and fruit juices. Best remedy for a hangover, and I mean LOTS OF IT. No can do with the coffee or chinese tea, that’s prevention from falling asleep.

    Hope it works on you!

  21. cyber-red says:

    ahhahah someone actually compared you to an uncle *shakes head*

    taking care of someone who is drunk is not funny ok. my friend and I were at Heineken Festival and after 3 cans of beer also the effect took toll on her. Dancing frantically and proceeding to lie down in the middle of the stage…is not classy and can be categorised as itchyfied.

  22. Joez says:

    This one seems good : (before – since you might be drunk again & after – which u need terribly now)
    It says :
    1. Apples eaten on an empty stomach the day after drinking is an effective remedy.
    2. Honey Take 2-6 teaspoonfuls of honey every twenty minutes upon awaking, depending on the severity of the hangover.
    3. Lemon Add the juice of one lemon to a cup of black coffee and drink it unsweetened and without milk…and many more, go check out the website and GOOD LUCK !

  23. torpor says:

    when my parents were still dating, my father got drunk and needed a few person to get him out of the dance floor. my mother banned him from drinking or else no more dates. ^^

    but now, my father drink no more because of high blood pressure.

  24. knight says:

    orange juice should be work ..
    base on my last drunk experince ..

    btw u sure u never did anything to emily while you drunk ? hehe

  25. michaelooi says:

    vynie – H2O the water based aerosol insecticide ? hehehh…

    cyber-red – your definition of itchyfied seems to have a wide coverage. So what else is itchyfied ? shopping for groceries ?

    joez – thanks for the tips. Coffee with lemon sounds cool…

    torpor – banned him from drinking ! that’s evil. We multi-celled organism need water to survive !

    knight – yeah i did something to Emily after drunk. I made her drive the car.

  26. fish fish says:

    Poor emily… Luckily u didn’t show the Drunken Martial Art. *iish*

    No tip for this case… but hope you get well soon.

  27. Summer says:

    ha ha ha!!! you must’ve looked pretty funny on the dance floor…. wished i’d seen.. got any pics? ;)
    hope you feel better by now. cheers!!

  28. Silencers says:

    A friend related to me that taking alcohol and milk alternately can help avoid/lessen bad hangovers. I don’t drink, so why don’t you give it a shot.

    And man, you got a good woman. Send emily 5 w00ts for me :p *waves hands in the air*

    \ /0/ \ /0/ \

  29. michaelooi says:

    fish fish – you met doc yet ? hahah…

    summer – i looked good ok ?

    silencers – she reads this space every morning so, consider the woots done. Kih kih …

  30. michaelooi says:

    thanks eavie

  31. torpor says:

    haiya… i mean alcohol la~~~ 3 year old child also know la.

  32. michaelooi says:

    torpor – i was pulling your legs lar … any 2 years old also knows that…

  33. 100 says:

    1. take milk before drinking. Not recommended for lactose intolerable people.

    2. eat stuff before drink. Or eat periodically while drinking. ie pizza, KFC, hot-dog, oily cheesy stuff.

    3. drink LOTS of water.

    4. dont mix drink. (but it is hard to avoid that)

    Google for more info. Those are what that I know of.

  34. ryuu says:

    i don’t get hangovers much. i drink but i don’t get hangovers. because i always make it a point to drink lots of water after drinking – even when i get drunk.

    it’s automatic, i get drunk, i’ll find water and drink before going to sleep. and tomorrow i’ll wake up at 7 or 8am (almost always), with no headaches watsoever, even though i went to bed at 4am, drunk

  35. fish fish says:

    nope… dun think he wants to let me know how he looks. :P but think he had a wonderful time in Japan. :)

  36. ghost says:

    man! you are out of control! i hope somebody captured your drunken act in video so that you’ll know that is you silly druken! and you can laugh at yourself =)

  37. PeNNyPupz says:

    hahaha if i get drunk on Saturday nights, i’ll go home.. after puking and cleaning up, then sleep.. then wake up in the morning with a hangover and go to church at 11am :) and everything’s good then onwards :P

  38. michaelooi says:

    100 – my tolerance for alcohol is kinda high even without food … but that night was exceptional … coz I was drinking WAYYYYYYY past the limit… so….

    ryuu – lots of water eh ? that would spell “even more frequent visit to the toilet” for me… ehehheh

    fish fish – actually, i was kinda more interested on how you looked like instead of doc … ehehhe (coz I’ve already met him before…)

    ghost – well, too bad there weren’t anyone doing it. coz everyone was zonked.

    penny – eh … underage lar you … not supposed to consume… ok ? go back and study…

  39. i believe chemotherapy is much much more painful then u thought of,i knew it,beacuse i’d seen it.

  40. michaelooi says:

    stephanie – i know. I’ve seen it before too. it was being quoted as a metaphor to represent something that’s terrible … with no means of disrespect to all the suffering cancer patients.


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