February 27, 2005


I have been out from home from 7am till almost 7pm today – damn exhausted. I don’t even have enough energy to strangle a cat right now.

But then, I have something important to blog about before I crash. I don’t want to wake up forgetting all about it… So here it is :

Somehow, before the dream started, I had an impression that the whole thing’s about an Olympic event …

The dream unfolded in a dark musty room full of topless beefcakes… all of them were seen getting ready for a very stamina intensive competition. Wiggling their legs, performing warm ups… shits like that. It was no doubt a very important and happening event as I could hear crowds cheering from outside the room… Not just any lame ass number of crowds but at a magnitude comparable to Marilyn Manson’s concert.

The room layout looked very medieval… it had wooden benches, a wooden door and greenish mouldy walls (probably lacked of maintenance funds by the Olympic committee). As the view panned across the room, I also noticed that those beefcakes were wearing some sort of rags instead of Speedo or Nike tights like it was supposed to be… They didn’t don any jersey with numbers nor any special type of boots either. Just half naked with rags covering their dicks and teabags. Very strange.

Then suddenly, a bloke jumped out of nowhere and started yelling something unintelligible to those bunch of big framed guys. It went on for about a whole 5 minutes, and I couldn’t understand a word he said. I reckoned that it must be some sort of a briefing about rules/regulations there… but I might be wrong. (heck, it’s just a dream, fuck it off)

After the loud briefing, the guy started to distribute of what seemed to be a ‘U’ shaped piece of stainless steel device – with a diameter of a 20 cents coin (whole thing was about the size of a toilet seat cover) – to each and every one of them. Must be a tool of some kind for their important event – I guess.

Then the door swiveled wide open, and a beam of sunlight penetrated into the dark and musty atmosphere inside the room. Then, one of the beefcakes walked forward (surprisingly, the rest just continued to hang out there to relax) through the door… into the yard surrounded by a spiral platforms… the limelight of a thousand cheering spectators. He started to raise his hands and waved the ‘U’ shaped tool … only to agitate the crowds to cheer even louder. (very awesome sight)

After a brief session of ego flaunting action, the beefcake then paused to look across where he was standing. He saw some mammoth silhouette of 5 beasts overlooking him – an elephant, a polar bear, a hippo, a rhino and a camel – all of them stood in a line right next to each other. They weren’t giving a damn about the crowds nor anything at all. Just stood there as if nothing happened.

Now, the beefcake, he walked to the front of those animals… and pointed the U-shaped tool at their direction… paused for a second… and all of a sudden, waved the tool like a madman in the air and shouted out loudly. He would occasionally put down the U-shaped tool on the floor and lift both his clawed up hands in the air… trying to achieve a higher degree of intimidation.

Apparently, the objective of the event was to attempt to scare all the 5 animals back into their dens… by using nothing other than the U-shaped rod (why the U-shape? I don’t know) and his own bare hands. And if the person fails to achieve the objective, he will be penalized with a shot of arrow from each of the spectators.

Sure enough, I get to see that cool part in the dream. The beefcake somehow managed to scare off only the pussy elephant and the polar bear, but failed to even budge the remaining 3. The next thing I knew, were a thousand arrows raining down on that bummered beefcake, piercing every single part of his body overflowing with blood and gore… it was a splendid scene. Then, I heard someone yelled “Next !”

Weird but awesome dream.

*I hope this isn’t some kind of dream that would bring a hidden premonition message of something bad is about to happen soon…

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15 Comments to “dream”

  1. AnotherGuy says:

    lol…sounds like a medieval episode of The Apprentice…You’re fired

  2. zbjernak says:

    according to the “blindmann chan”…

    there r 5 most hated ppl in your life which you want to get rid of….
    as in on this moment, you only manage to get rid 2 of them… the remaining 3 are somehow more superior than you….

    not only u r not successful but you are suffering from the consequences too.

    ** now pls pay RM3.20 to blindman chan

  3. michaelooi says:

    anotherguy – i never watched The Apprentice before … so, is it about scaring animals ?

    zbjernak – Riiiiiiiiiiiiight… [nods slowly]

  4. buaya69 says:

    freudian buaya69 says:

    You are thinking about sex. you wanna get laid on 5 days per week but only gets laid twice a week. hence you kena arrows coz you were suppressing your super strong urges. brandishing that U thing was your you-know-what. you wanted the public to say “wah! so big!”

    :lol: :lol:

  5. Primrose says:

    A lusty omen with some dumb blondes. *ahaks*

  6. Din says:

    Time to change pillows?

  7. michaelooi says:

    buaya / primrose – shhhhh ! Emily is reading every post and comments in this blog…

    din – old pillows make bad dreams ? wow… that’s scientifically so possible …

  8. Jason says:

    I think hor…your brain didn’t complete rest enuff,tats y u got weird weird dreams lah!so simple,yet enuff to explain your dreams.:P

  9. Jason says:

    oh yeah,your dreams means nothing,a sign of not enuff sleep and maybe some beer :D

  10. Alphonso says:

    Didn’t dream about $d ah? Cheeh… Cannot fatt-tat oso….

  11. Alphonso says:

    Sorry. Just now should attached ‘Shift’ didn’t attach and vice versa. Should be ‘4D’ not ‘$d’. Sorry, ‘technical problem’ ler.

  12. michaelooi says:

    jason – you somekind of a fortune teller ? can project me some 4D numbers aa ?

    alphonso – i dreamt about $$$ during daytime.

  13. humphrey says:

    cant really interpret the meaning of yr dream. might be something is good lying a head of u. not really sure. man, its just a dream. i think mayb cos u r 2 tired and not enuf rest…hav a nice sleep and sweet dream 2nite.

  14. Summer says:

    your commentors this time very very funny lah… ROTF…..

  15. michaelooi says:

    humphrey – not enough rest, not enough money, not enough party … hell everything’s not enough. It’s a nightmare living with everything not enough.

    summer – yeah, i was surprised myself that there are so many dream interpreters out there …

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