February 25, 2005


They come in droves. Another girl sent me an instant message yesterday …

goodgirl : “harlo how r u ?”

I tried to be nice this time…

me : “i am fine thank you”

goodgirl : “oooooo very good loh. what r u doing now ?”

I don’t know why she asked me that. Maybe she thought I might be doing something laborious like … washing my car? while still maintaining my ability to communicate with strangers on the internet through some shitty instant messaging program?

I decided to give her a downright honest reply.

me : “i am looking at my computer display now”

But somehow, she didn’t seem to get my message right…

goodgirl : “harlo r u here ?”

me : “yes… I am still looking at my computer display”

Well, she didn’t respond for almost a whole 2 hours… and then reappeared again:

goodgirl : “harlo”

Realizing that the conversation wasn’t going to work anyway, I devised a message to bail off from this meaningless conversation…

me : “this is an electronically generated message. The author is currently unavailable… please leave a message after the asterisk sign … he will get back to you when he’s back at his computer * ”

goodgirl : “ooooooo nice to meet u too bye bye”

Riiiiiiiiighhhht. [nods head slowly] Nice indeed.

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23 Comments to “harlo”

  1. Amelia says:

    That is so funny :)

    If I meet someone whom I’ve not seen after a long time and they ask me, ‘So, what are you doing now?’ [Actually, it’s where am I working now?]

    My answer is generally and always, ‘I’m here talking to you.’

    Their reaction? They automatically think I’m being sarcastic. And I thought I was being honest :)

  2. MunKit says:

    i think she’s real dumb..

  3. Primrose says:

    Yeah, agree. Why start a conversation when you don’t intend to continue – at least with a bit of intelligence?

    “this is an electronically generated message”.
    “ooooooo nice to meet u too”

    So dumb! Oh well, just for laughs.

  4. Zer0 says:

    Ya know, she could be a “bot”. Those that will generate msg depending on the words you send. Encountered some of those stupid bots before.

  5. iblogme says:

    Haha. What do you have in your ICQ profile that keeps attracting these messages? ;)

  6. michaelooi says:

    amelia – people just love to ask silly questions without realizing it. I don’t know what’s wrong with them.

    munkit – i wouldn’t call her dumb. She’s intellectually inadequate.

    primrose – it has been some time since I met some witty spammers … the recent ones are quite boring and lame.

    ZerO – i don’t think she’s a bot. Bots usually send pretty generic messages .. like “Hi Bob, check my dick out at http://www.mydick.com

    iblogme – I don’t know … my wisdom tooth perhaps ?

  7. Summer says:

    i agree with ‘iblogme’… what is it that attracts them blur ones to your icq….funny!!

  8. RoSy says:

    At 1st I thought the girl was stupid for asking such question…”what r u doing now ?” LOL. Stupid.
    WoooppS. I suddenly recalled something…ya, months back(when i used to chat) they use the term, as Amelia said, to ask abt our work. yes it’s the right way to ask and mostly all mat salehs understand it……btw, at last I think the girl is still stupid.

  9. PaperClipZ says:

    The girl might be stupid, semi-retard or fully-handicapped, but whichever it is, that’s the whole idea of ICQ..~ U ask pathetic questions that you dont dare when u meet someone face to face..~ for Godsake, of all people, you who actually have a blog and surfed the net since Columbia wasnt blown out of the sky uttered something such naive..? havent it cross your mind that some people escape reality through the net..? coz that’s the place where they could whine, bitch and moan like a 13th century whore without giving a damn whether Bush’s still the president or Moby Dick’s the size of a sardine..~ as long as ur still using ICQ, IRC or MSN (and dozens more of God knows what) with random add to contact button, shits like this ought to occur..? accept the fact that not everyone’s borned with capabilities like you do and praise the Lord you have the ability to differentiate…~ Make a difference…~ There are already trillions of fat-headed camelfcuk out there, dont add to the numbers…~

    and fyi, what’s the difference between 2 & to in net talk..? Duh….!!!

    oh ya, and who actually cusses like a bitch in net about his boss and never dare to do the same face to face..? wonder wonder…~ the pot calling the kettle black, huh..?

  10. shanks says:

    paperclipz – jeffrey (i can’t post the original spelling) would score higher in an IQ test than you. you might be better in spelling though, minus a few mistakes.

  11. shanks says:

    paperclipz – alright, didn’t mean to call you stupid. you don’t make much sense, that’s all. minus the sardines and camels, your sentences contradict one after another.

    it is late. i should not be here. i’m going home.

  12. megabigblur says:

    Haiyo…the point is not that it’s okay to be mean to people based on their (un)intelligence. The point is, ICQ is for communication/entertainment, and if someone’s not bothering to communicate anything that’s entertaining or makes sense, why should the other person have to layan them?

  13. michaelooi says:

    summer – i don’t know … heheh … perhaps my nick sounded flowery.

    rosy – well, usually I would ask back the person – what would you think i might be doing ?

    shanks – well said… well said.

    megabigblur – yeah, couldn’t agree more.

  14. michaelooi says:

    now a special reply to Paperclipz

    dear asshole. I’m lazy to elaborate but, let me educate you in point form. you figure that out, bird brain. (though you should’ve just read the disclaimer and buzz off)

    – idea of ICQ is communication. It’s an instant messenger. Not a reason for you to be stupid. Period.

    – now that you mentioned that this is “the net”, what makes you think I can’t bitch anything I want here ? In my own space ? Hell i can even bitch that you’re actually a human, and not some androgynous inverterbrate that only knows how to quote animals as adjectives.

    – and what makes you think I didn’t do anything to my boss face to face ? You speculated too much …

    I tell you this mongoloid, go somewhere else if you can’t take a post or two (like … play your games perhaps ?)

    This is my blog, and I can do whatever I want here.

  15. Reta says:

    I always ask ‘what r you doing’ to everyone I know on MSN ler… and noo the girl wasn’t me =P

  16. Primrose says:

    Phweet! *clap, clap*

  17. Dude,

    You are a champion.


  18. alphonso says:

    You’re always like that. Soooooooooo……. theoritical.

  19. michaelooi says:

    man, i can’t believe after 2 disclaimers, 1 FAQ’s and an assload of flamewars, I still have to slap these reasonings into some mongoloid’s brain :

    Leave my site if you feel offended or pissed off. There’s nothing else you can do here to even that out.

  20. Summer says:

    Mike!!! You really crack me up lah… can’t stop laughing now….

  21. -[Uh-miR]- says:

    I get lotsa that type of messages.. Come to think of it, most of the messages sound exactly alike in reply.. So, its got to be a bot.. but anyway, ignore it..

  22. roflmaowtf says:



    Someone ought to do something about them before they overpopulate and threathen the welfare of polar bears

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