February 22, 2005

respawning boogers

I don’t know why, I keep having boogers inside my nose today. No matter how many times I pick them, they seem to keep respawning and reappear like hungry zombies. I took some of them out for close examination… and noticed that they’re kinda drier than usual, and a little bit greenish.

This is strange… as my boogers are never green in color. They’re usually grayish or sometimes white, but never green. [cue in frantic violin music crescendo in the background]

I tried to act cool about it, but from time to time, my nose would feel itchy… and before I could even realize anything, my fingers would automatically shove into my nostrils… and would dig vigorously as if there’s a stuck kitten inside my nasal duct. It was annoying, because it’s never fun to have an itchy nose everywhere you go.

Could this be some signs that I have some hidden illness that I might not realize? If yes, can somebody tell me what kind of illness that could cause boogers to respawn again and again? Are the aliens behind this?

Fuck, I hope everything will turn back to normal by tomorrow

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20 Comments to “respawning boogers”

  1. Jason says:

    Eeewww…even boogers u oso can write until like that.Gotta salute you lah. -tabik-

    I think its because you having a slightly more serious cold,just like coughing with those green colour slimy flam.Err,nothing much actually.Thats my experience thou.

    Maybe you should consult Doc. Liew Shin Chan. :bpbpb

  2. girlie says:

    aiyoo u sick laa..go get antibiotic

  3. buaya69 says:

    could it be when you were sleeping, panda came over and stuffed some bamboo shoots into your nosey? just suggesting the cause…. :P

  4. michaelooi says:

    jason – you don’t have boogers meh ? why the eeeww ? tiuuuu …

    girlie – and massacre those poor little bacterias ? that’s cruel.

    buaya – talking about Panda, some little news about her here… She will be terminated by end of this month due to “lack of competency”. If you were to ask me, I would say she’s downright stupid. Hope she would find herself a more suitable job after this … like selling bra’s and underwears at markets or something.

  5. Din says:

    man…looks like panda deserved it…this means no more updates on the moron *sob* ahaks

  6. Primrose says:

    On boogers: I have seen people digging and feeding boogers into the mouth. Yucks!

    On panda: She probably doesn’t know which bras are for which type of boobies or the difference between a thong and a g either. Heh!

  7. michaelooi says:

    din – well, there are a few thousand more morons in my company … i can simply pick anyone of them to blog about.

    primrose – come think about it, yeah. She probably would recommend a D cup bra to a sumo sized guy.

  8. Jason says:

    Nolah…eeeww because the way u describe it very geng lah~!:bpbpb its a compliment

  9. Hustler says:

    oh gawd….and i was having a bowl of cendol when i read your post!!! LoL!!! :)

  10. lilian says:

    Only Mike can carry off this topic with so much verve.

  11. michaelooi says:

    jason – so you want a souvenir of my boogers ?

    hustler – thou shouldn’t eat anything when reading stuffs from my site. ehehh.

    lilian – it’s healthy to discuss about your bodily functions openly.

  12. khang says:

    it’s a sign of getting flame or would normally call a “cold” in english.
    your lips will be dryer than usual and your heart beat is rising beyond normal for about extra 10 to 20 beats.
    you’ll feel hot air coming out from your nose probably very soon and will sneaze depending on the illness.

  13. michaelooi says:

    and soon, there will be green colored tentacles sprouting out from my nostrils … and my eyes will turn red. Then, there will be evil looking veins popping out all over my body … and muscle cells growing rapidly till i’m about the size of the hulk … and start terrorizing the neighbourhood like a mad fuck.

    Wooo hoo … i love being so cool like that.

  14. iblogme says:

    …and your weapon would be a big ball of collected boogers.

    I notice that children nowadays pick their nose wherever and whenever they feel like it. Whatever happened to decorum? *rolls eyes*

  15. Reta says:

    everyone’s turning sick man…i blow my nose a bit too hard and blood also come out =P haih..

  16. oliviasy says:

    from calvin & hobbes: Booger Brain :P

  17. Summer says:

    mike!!! that was such a disgusting read… eeeuuhh!!!! and the way you wrote… can’t stop laughing liao!!

  18. michaelooi says:

    iblogme – that’s why we need to rotan them … and make them eat their own boogers.

    reta – that’s serious… blood from your nostrils. Geez. You sure your spouse (or brother) didn’t punch your face when you’re sound asleep ? You might not even know it !

    oliviasy – everyone picks their nose… ok ?

    summer – so, i reckoned that you’ve never picked your nose before eh ? it’s not healthy i tell you.

  19. Yuen Li says:

    To put your mind at rest, I wouldn’t worry about the lack of “colouration”. A greenish hue would simply suggest colonisation of your nasal environment by Pseudomonad bacteria.

    Was your office/home extra dusty today? That might account for the high than normal rate of booger formation.

  20. michaelooi says:

    yuen li – thanks for the advice. I’m beginning to understand more about boogers …

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