February 22, 2005

in utero

I received another stray ICQ message (name was amended to protect the innocent):

cher : “hi…”

me : “hi”

You see, I was trying to sound like one of them there… to lure them into the trap…

cher : “where r u from…….”


me : “my mother’s uterus”

cher : “soli,i have 2go…….bye……”

My comment freaked her out so much that she misspelled “sorry” as “soli” … and “to” as the number “2”. What the fuck ! What is so scary about my mom’s uterus?? You should see her spleen!

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12 Comments to “in utero”

  1. alphonso says:

    Me think even alien maybe also born from their mother uterus. So, what’s so scary about my mom’s uterus

  2. MunKit says:

    freako! ahaha.. cher must be 12

  3. Jason says:

    Yaloh,maybe ppl small small girl,dunno mah.You scare her away.khikhikhi…or maybe she thinks you are a sex maniac gua.:bpbpb

  4. michaelooi says:

    alphonso – aliens could be scarier than an uterus… you’ll never know.

    cher – according to her ICQ stats, she should be 20 this year. Surprise.

    jason – if she’s scared of sex maniac, she shouldn’t be messaging strangers secara rambang in the first place …

  5. Summer says:

    aiyo… mike…you’re just so naughty. poor cher, whoever she may be.. rotflmao!!!

  6. Din says:

    Tell her ur a mix; between a man and woman….ahaks

  7. michaelooi says:

    summer – the word “naughty” is actually a compliment for many cool guys … appreciate that.

    din – i wouldn’t want to do that… coz i am not. I probably would tell her to fuck off or something – straight to the point, wastes no time.

  8. alphonso says:

    So what do you expect a small little girl to do?

  9. michaelooi says:

    alphonso – small little girls should stay off the internet …

  10. tsewei says:

    haha she really has no sense of humour. or any brain to start with. LOL.

    Ppl who can’t hold proper conversation should be banned from randomly msg other ppl. If only we can lock them all up, throw the key away, leave them with company of their own kind so that they can go on n on n on with their “hi asl pls” shit the whole day without bothering the hell out of us.

  11. ashie says:

    Since she is so innocent she should asking back “I thought you are from your mother’s arse hole lol

  12. December says:

    Probably she didnt get what is uterus, and she proceeds to fuck a camel.

    She is from Iran. Period.

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