January 31, 2005

keywords II

You guys won’t believe what those sick people out there typed in the search engine… and ended up in my blog. (this is the second part of the first)

1) durian smell gas – My best guess is this idiot actually smelled something kinky when his pet dog let out a sneak cheek (who says animals don’t fart ?) out of some imbalanced leftover diet, and came searching in the net about what has he been whiffing… if there’s any side effect on him… and whatever shitty information he could obtain from the net.

2) Tat Seng slippers – When Tat Seng started his merchandise of Japanese rubber soled slippers/sandals many years ago, he wouldn’t have thought that some clueless dork might be typing his trademark name into the search engine… and ended up in this rated 62% evil blog.

3) baboon pic – To check if there are any photos of his/her distant relatives accidentally posted on the net. Or perhaps somebody managed to make the info searcher believe that Baboon is the name of a hot porn star?

4) “one night stand”+penang – Searching for one-night-stand on the net? What the fuck was this guy thinking? Duuuude… you don’t search for one-night-stands on the NET. You search them in clubs, pubs and discos

5) sex rambang – You’re confusing the search engine, dumbfuck. Sex is spelled as “seks” in Malay. Dah la bodoh, nak layar laman seks pulak, perabih beras nih

6) Bangla fuck – Look, I don’t mean to offend anyone but, do you have an idea how bad smelling a Bangla is? I couldn’t imagine why would anyone interested in having sex with a Bangla. Why not consider a sewer pipe? Either you fuck the pipe, or the pipe lubes your ass… doesn’t matter.

7) photos naked housewives – You stupid pervert. Some housewives have high amount of cellulite that outweights a whale’s lard… and those are known to be comatose inducing. Might as well kill yourself by stabbing a knife into your eye socket repeatedly.

8) sweaty girl armpit picture – some really sick people out there who had a fetish for sweaty armpits. Girls, don’t be wearing any sleeveless late at night. Or at least patch them up with a duct tape or something… should you need to wear one.

9) granny sex – lo and behold ! Who would have thought that there are still somebody out there that are seeking information regarding copulation with a geriatric ?

10) picture tit blade cut scream blood torture – this is getting insane. There’s a sadomasochistic serial killer in the prowl out there ! and he has been to my blog ! *scream*

You sick people out there… stay away from me and my blog.

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59 Comments to “keywords II”

  1. lilian says:

    Adoi, Mike! This is damn funny.
    “photos naked housewives”

  2. MunKit says:

    TAT SENG SLIPPERS muahaha… have you really blogged about these key phrases?? or the search engine loves your blog too much to return results on peculiar keywords :PPppP

  3. MunKit says:

    ok.. to hell with stupid ppl.. get a life..

  4. Tutu says:


  5. Kervin says:

    This one takes the cake, you just made my day, been needing a good laugh. Wow so many explicit keywords and they sampai your site? Man with you blogging this maybe your site will be swamped with even more hits looking for these sick topics!!! XD ROTFL

  6. michaelooi says:

    lilian – yeah, naked housewives… and they end up in my blog. Kaninah leh.

    munkit – yea, i think it was mentioned in my blog a couple of times. By myself and once by Jasdev Singh.

    tutu – aunty….

    kervin – that’s only for this month. I have neglected many more weird searches in the past. Perhaps I should make this a monthly event or something…

  7. lilian says:

    Aiyah, Mike, in Penang is only KN, Karn..neh…kikhkikhkikh, seriously I clever to type the word only, ok?

  8. Reta says:

    what’s happening here…

    …. no no not jeles ler michael kor kor =P

  9. Alex says:


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