January 30, 2005


A conversation with DrLiew in ICQ …

me : “i am heavier than most people of my size … ”

doc : “big bone, hahaha”

me : “is there really such a thing as heavier bone mass ?”

doc : “yes… we call it ‘built'”

me : “hmmm .. ok … i thought that’s just something being made up. coz i may just have bigger organs than anyone else … you know .,.. bigger lungs … bigger kidneys … bigger bladder … bigger dick … which contributes to my weight …”

doc : “LOL . big testicles”

me : “yeah yeah … and probably bigger biceps and you know … brain mass … ”

doc : “hahahaha”

Bigger ‘built’… hmmm … me thinks it’s my schlong.

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16 Comments to “heavy”

  1. MunKit says:

    what is schlong?

    i wikipedia it.. kena 1 line curse:

    kkc no mass one.. muslce fibres hardly contribute to additional weight. darah masuk balu steam :PPpP

  2. Jr. says:

    lol, haven’t been using such slang before in describing my ‘big lil’ brother’.

    true huh.. muscle fibre… Btw, if that’s the case, what would happen if we do some weighlifting down there?


  3. primroses says:

    Or spare tyre ah? You got ah? Most married men got little bit, they say.

  4. Reta says:

    goodness, I was blogging about men and their big physique woes in my blog. You ALL just justified it! =P

  5. shanks says:

    you can do cock push-up to strengthen the muscle, thus increasing its mass and ur overall body weight. do not worry that it will disfigure ur ku ku ciao, cock push-up will only make it as strong as steel.

    however, this discipline is very hard to master. you will know that u’ve mastered it when you are able to do ONE cock push-up, cause one is all you need.

    this exercise program is brought to u by jack black of tenacious d.

  6. mel says:

    What’s spare tyre? How to do cock push-up? Pardon me, I need to be educated.

  7. Din says:

    Mel arr….cock-push up….its…err… just another form of exercise lar I did 156 times straight record until explosion….heheheh….spare tyre is for safety reasons….i also have 1 spare….

  8. michaelooi says:

    munkit – that’s why mine is special. It has MASS.

    Jr. / shanks – who needs working out ? ehehh

    primroses – Spare tyre ? I got. In fact, it’s not necessarily confined to married men. Anyone that owns a car ought to have them. Ahaks.

    reta – yeah bebeh. It’s hardcoded in us. Still, we’re being loved. Girls … *rolls eyes*

    mel – spare tyre, is an additional tyre that’s usually located at the trunk of any 4 wheeled vehicle. To perform cock push up, errr… nobody does them. Coz each time cock gets agitated, they’ll be all muscular and nasty like the hulk anyway …no need working out. This is just something those guys made up to bluff you girls.

  9. jasdev says:

    SCHLONG? mauahahahhahha the last time i heard anyone use that term was in front of 7-11 in Bangsar, all intoxicated and finding chwing-gum at 4am. And someone did a search on WIKI for SCHLONG!? ROFL.
    p/s: what has spare tyre got to do with all of this?

  10. Primrose says:

    Tsk! Aiyer! “Spare tyre” as in belly ler. I thought this “schlong” word only appears in porn.

  11. Buaya69 says:

    mike, sure it’s the schlong and not the biji’s that are heavy? muahahahaar!

  12. newguy says:

    So sad – called gay lilian2 and whatnot for telling Micheal that its not alright to tell the world to snub people at social gatherings. I have been snubbed be4 so I know how demoralising it is. But beware I have been known to retaliate by pouring a jug of beer down the bull’s head when provoked too much
    Anyway – back to today’s topic – big head, big organs, big ego, big balls, big dick- you could have this condition called acromegaly – hope not – it doesnt have a good outcome. Engineers usually are not well versed with medical matters – ask your friend Dr Liew for more info.

  13. michaelooi says:

    jasdev – the words schlong, chewing gum and 7-11 has only 1 thing in common. You and I know what it is.

    primrose – just pulling your little leg, my dear. I know what spare tyre means lah.

    buaya69 – could very well be. It’s makes tea bagging more fun to do. (i hope you guys actually know what “tea bagging” means…)

    newguy – Awww… pouring a jug of beer ‘down’ a bull’s head. That’s indeed very intimidating.

    You know what’s “not alright” my friend ? For you to scorn people at their blog too. Perhaps that’s why your insensitive ass leads to more snubbing from people around you. You should be wondering about that.

    And you know what ? I don’t give a hoot about your world-peace oriented concern either. (that’s very bright of you to think that refraining myself to mock an asshole would actually contribute to world peace… hahhhh!). Let’s just assume, I’m an ignorant person, and I do not know how to appreciate your butterflies and flowers.

    Perhaps visiting some other religious hag’s blog might give you more peace ?

  14. Reta says:

    what rolll rolll eyes? I betcha you guys can’t live without us women too =P

  15. robin says:

    Mike has a new pal (or foe), newguy who seems to be getting shit from basically almost everyone….sad to see so many ass-wiping, shoe licking puny fans of Mike coming to his rescue……it seems mike only interested in comments which are in sync with his thoughts and comments….those are not are basically shot down….such childish acts are only for toddlers…grow up, mike and be a man & accept critisism…..

    I’m going to fuck off now……gonna sit in a corner and ponder abt this…..hahaha

  16. michaelooi says:

    Reta – I can’t live with certain women only. Not all of them… if you get my drift. eheheheh…

    robin – Yeah right, accept “critisism” and be a man. And that’s very matured of you to call everyone an “ass wiper” and “shoe licker”.
    Hmmm…I hope newguy doesn’t get too much diarrhea for you to wipe… and shoe too dirty for you to lick, o-wise one.

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