January 25, 2005

around my block

I have weird neighbors . You be the judge if I’m right.

– top floor, lives an Indian couple with 2 obnoxious kids. Each morning, the 2 kids will hold the elevator to wait for their always-late mother. They will hold it for 5, 10, and sometimes more than 15 minutes. Because that’s the only elevator we have in our 3 storey low density apartment, nobody else gets to use it when the entire elevator is hijacked by those cretins.

– 2nd floor (my floor). A Chinese family that lives 2 doors away from mine. Each time their kids (2 of them) leave for school, there will always be one of them that forgot to bring the schoolbag. And the mom will shout from the corridor down to his kid that he/she ‘forgot the schoolbag again’, 7 o’clock in the morning – waking every single living organism up.

– 2nd floor again. Another Chinese family that lives 3 doors away from mine. The mom will drive her car to the porch, and honk for her kids to come down. 7.10 am in the morning – waking every single living organism up again (who is still trying to get some sleep after the 7 o’clock showdown).

– 1st floor. A rich Indian blimp family. Everything’s fat in his family. The maid, the wife, the kids, and they even own a Naza Ria (a big ass vehicle with no standard). The wife drives the big Naza Ria, and she’ll crash into anything near her. Just look at their neighbor’s car. I feel so goddamn lucky that I do not own a parking lot next to theirs’. I’ve blogged about him before.

– Ground floor. Indian family. The family’s ok, but the wife’s not. I’ve never seen that bitch wearing anything else than a batik pajamas. What is her problem? Her problem is, the fetish to wash her car only when someone else is parking their car in that lot. I think I’ve also blogged about this neighbor before…

– 2nd floor, an old codger that lives alone. Used to live with his son who loves to park at other neighbor’s parking space. The son has since moved to Australia a few months back. Known to be a sleazebag (from the way the fungus grew and the run-down look of his apartment unit), that codger once went out to play tennis and left a pot of still cooking instant noodles burning, and almost burnt down his apartment unit. Until now, he still remains the record holder as the first and only tenant that has had a fire incident.

– my colleague who lives next door. She used to be an ok lady, until we (my family) realize that she’s the moody type. You know, on a fine day, she could be as friendly as a kitten on estrogen fix. But occasionally, she would act cocky like a stripper who had just struck a lottery… who wouldn’t even reply a simple greeting.

Geez, somebody tell me this isn’t about me being an antisocial.

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31 Comments to “around my block”

  1. MunKit says:

    it’s just too bad for you :( i happen to have a hot neighbour next door! and another auntie on 5th floor who’s not hot.. but bakes lotsa cookies for my family :PppPPp

  2. michaelooi says:

    munkit – i have hot neighbors too… just that this post focusses on the bad one.

    jason – my mom can cook that too. sambal petai with prawn.

    iblogme – yeah, uncivic minded’s the word.

    anthony – well, i wouldn’t blame you for thinking like that. coz u’re assuming that you know everything about my family (and my neighbors… mein gott himmel!) just because you’ve read a couple of my blog entries. Just, take my word for it, they’re abominable.

    james – KL ? ? no thanks. I dreaded the traffic jams as much as I dreaded Lilian Too’s hairstyle.

    lucas – no shit ! drums and cymbal ?? You live next to ABBA is it ?

  3. Jason says:

    My neighbour can cooks delicous sambal ikan bilis with petai…yum yum…while my the other neighbour’s daugther got mental problem that will shit in the drain.thank god they moved after some time and now..i have move to my new house…hehe..check out my new house at http://jasonmumbles.blogspot.com
    hhaa..michael,dun mind i do sikit sikit advertising hor!

  4. iblogme says:

    You’re not anti-social, just anti-neighbours. Heh heh. Noticed that three of the families are uncivic minded because their kids made them behave that way.

  5. anthny wong says:

    hi, reading what u wrote about the previous incidents with the neighbours, it seems u or ur family are the ones who are blocking them. i hope u dont mind my saying so, and i know we are supposed to sympathise with u, but read again ur weblog, u admitted in all the posts that ur mom, was in the wrong, so why get angry with the neighbours? granted u got the stick, waking u up, and u having to deal with it, while ur mom is away. if u want better relations wiht the neighbours u might have to ask ur mom to park in her spot and not anywhere. maybe she does not know, as u have been the one the neighbours complain to. u like to wake up late, and so u cannot imagine why anyone would wash their car so early or so often, but just because u r lazy, u should not expect others to live by ur lazy standards. sorry if all this sounds like u are being scolded, it is because u are!:-)
    ok, i shall stop it now. hope u will take this as a friendly scold.

  6. james says:

    move down to KL michael…hehe

  7. lucas says:

    I think your neighbour is still better than mine. At least they don’t hit the damn drum and crash the cymbal at 6am in the morning.

  8. michaelooi says:

    kim – to own a landed house in penang requires a lot of money. My apartment plus reno/furniture already costs a quarter of a million. Imagine that.

    southernlight – you made my day dude.

    humphrey – girls in sarawak pretty eh ? hmmm… any samples to test aa ?

    mumsgather – at least your neighbor is drunk. My neighbor is still sober when she brushed her bumper against my Lorraine. Ooh, did i mentioned that my Lorraine’s bumper is now scratched ? Thanks to my handgun neighbor. No evidence to claim that it’s her … coz her car is SCRATCHED ALL 4 SIDES.

    fish fish – ahah.. i know you’re from Kuching lar …

    primrose – Penang girls are pretty, but attitude problem lor. Not friendly enough. When a person’s not friendly, everything else sucks.

    sunflower – nope, i don’t live in gold coast. Naza Ria is a great car … until I saw my neighbor’s stupid wife driving it. And it ain’t that cool anymore…

    buaya – Not much pretty girls in my block … except a couple lar. One is my cousin who lives 2 doors after my unit (need to disclaim this to preserve my life… coz she is known to lurk around the blogosphere). And the other one is the kawaii lady lor …
    *i’ll be blogging bout my past neighbors tonight…

  9. humphrey says:

    mic i have better idea..y dont u move to kuching sarawak….the place here is ok…not so noisy….

  10. Din says:

    I didn’t know Mike lives in Hell…

  11. elphinstone says:

    lol mike. crazy neighbours are everywhere ler… i think i have told you before about the ones at my old house right? on my left is a dirty indo family who throw eggshells over to my backyard and their daughter will bathe stark naked in front of their house. on my right is the si lau ee who simply scratch ppl’s car and put nails behind your tires if you dare to park on the shared curb!

    now my neighbours are better… there is this particular family whose mum will scream at the kids whenever they misbehave. quite interesting to know what mischief the kids have been up to! lol!

  12. michaelooi says:

    humphrey – Kuching Sarawak eh ? Sarawak girls pretty or not ?

    din – i work in hell. i’m sure a lot of my workplace readers (whom I have yet to identify ALL of them) would agree…

    elphine – yeah, kids can get ridiculously mischievous sometimes. I understand this very well…(hint: i used to be a kid too)

  13. kimberlycun says:

    live in a house. where the extent of damage limits to having your porch as garbage dump or in certain cases, hogged parking space.

  14. SouthernLight says:

    Unless your hate list grows to 10% of the total population in Penang, you are not an anti social. For now anyway.

    There are alot of idiots in the world, although is a pain for us(understatement), it is also known as job security. Besides its easier to be smart, promoted, recognized when the people around you have the iq level as low as your neighbours. (unless your boss is an idiot as well, then this wouldn’t go well in your career planning, which is usually the case)

    Speaking of idiots, here’s an idiot radio station who made a music parody about the Tsunami in the tune of “We are the World”.


  15. humphrey says:

    mic, the gal in swk is preety. welcome man…..

  16. Mumsgather says:

    You think you got it bad???!! Wait till you get a neighbour who drives your car up onto the ramp because he tried to park in your bay in a drunken stupor (while your car is still parked there!) Tell me what to do with this type of neighbour? Can give some advice ah?

  17. humphrey says:

    burn his car…then u kick his KKC……

  18. fish fish says:

    Kuching’s gals not kalah Kawashima Ayumi. Kekeke…

    Hey, cheer up… At least hor~ these people make ur heart bumps faster sometimes ler. Life would be boring without some of these distraction once in a while. :P

    (I’m telling u this, but I dun know what will I act when these things happen to myself. >.Kuching’s gals not kalah Kawashima Ayumi. Kekeke…

    Hey, cheer up… At least hor~ these people make ur heart bumps faster sometimes ler. Life would be boring without some of these distraction once in a while. :P

    (I’m telling u this, but I dun know what will I act when these things happen to myself. >.

  19. Primrose says:

    Penang girls also pretty ler…

  20. sunflower says:

    are you live in goldcoast apartment? anyway.. haiyoh,penang people is like that one lah, everything last minit and not really have good time management, all rush,mah forget this forget that lo. and some haulian ma, ma tiao ti do something weird. Naza Ria really tat bad ah?no standard ah?hmm..ok ok..
    sini punya tulisan banyak kecil lo.. aiseh

    penang gals pretty ,100% agree.hahah

  21. Buaya69 says:

    wow, holding the lift for 5-10mins? tiu! hey mike, i know wat can cheer you up. for the next post, tell us about the hotbabes in your area lar. why keep the good stuff to yourself? share share lar ;)

  22. MrsT says:

    i used to have a psycho bitch indian woman for a neighbur.. daughter and mother .. super bitch.. for nothing.. even after moving .. and no longer neighbour.. still super bitch.. when see each other in the food court.. can die or not..??? or now in canada.. i refuse to be friendly to any neighbours.. meaning.. no visiting.. and no makan makan. Play safe.. :) Donch wanna kenna another psycho bitch mother and daughter here too.. then can die..!

  23. k3ng says:

    antisociality is nothing wrong… better less friends than more fools i always say..

  24. oliviasy says:

    penang property just as expensive as KL *sigh* i think we all hv had experienced, one time or another, some crazy neighbour… hehehe.

  25. humphrey says:

    Mic, u need sample? maybe u can work on fish fish….seems that she is frm kch…..hehee…actually no sample…see it to believe it…heheh
    by the way the property in kch is not that expensive compare to in kl or penang…

  26. michaelooi says:

    mrsT – psycho bitches eh ? they’re everywhere …

    k3ng – antisocial is only good if the people around you are assholes. If my neighbors are nice … I wouldn’t have been antisocial in the first place …
    You are right in every sense.

    olivia – you have weird neighbors too ? what a coincidence.

    humphrey – oooo no sample cannot lah .. like that. I’ll need a sample to aid my contemplation … and another japanese model as a benchmark …

  27. oliviasy says:

    oh yea i hv a really weird neighbour. she’s so weird, the whole block and the people from other block and the management dislikes her! LMAO!!!

  28. fish fish says:

    Oi~ Michael… new Japanese models as benchmark? Kekeke… these are a few of fish fish’s favorite. How do you like them? :P

    Shiho : http://www.shihomagazine.com/index.html

    Hasegawa Rie : http://gourmet.goo.ne.jp/rie/

    And oso a few of actresses

    Yamaguchi Tomoko : http://www.ken-on.co.jp/artist/html/yamaguchi.html

    Takeuchi Yuko : http://www.geocities.co.jp/Hollywood-Spotlight/6537/kabegami/kabegami.html

    Konishi Manami : http://www.konishimanami.net/

    Hasegawa Kyoko : http://www.levie.co.jp/hasegawa/

    Ito Misaki : http://www.ken-on.co.jp/itou/

  29. michaelooi says:

    fish fish – site only aa ? aiyaa… next time if i come to japan, you intro me some friends lar … ok ?

  30. ashotiwoth says:

    dude… where do you live ar? i better not get somewhere near there… kekekeke

  31. michaelooi says:

    asho – i live in Penang… ehehhh

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