January 16, 2005

idiot pedestrians

Many months ago, as I was driving one fine afternoon, suddenly, something bright bounced out from the side of the road. With a fast reflex, I jammed my brake hard, almost to the brink of locking my wheels. Sighing a breath of relief for not hitting anything, I quickly switched off my panic mode and scanned the situation.

It was a middle-aged obese housewife, holding an umbrella ambling across the street. She ambled in a real slow manner, swaying her lard filled ass to the left and right, while a score of vehicles (mine at the front most) were piling up behind her. Some were impatiently honking from behind, while myself was cussing for her ignorance.

After about 20 million years, she finally managed to get to the middle of the street, where there finally was sufficient space for my car to pass through. I then drove my car right by her side and honked real hard. That was a complimentary wake up call from me. She reacted with a violent jolt, which almost made her drop her bright red umbrella. I looked through my rear view mirror as my car was wheeling away and saw her holding up her fist in the air, waving, as if I’ve conned her 20 cents worth of vegetable deal gone bad. If I happened to be driving a garbage truck, I would have ordered to have her loaded into the compactor and have her shoved into the depth of the garbage cache. No shit.

This is one very good example of irrational behavior that has plagued our society. A typical Malaysian kind of ignorance which we see everyday. In fact, this isn’t the first time I’ve encountered people who thinks they’re invincible or something… walking with an attitude in the middle of the traffic risking accidents… totally disregarding the safety of other road commuters.

I mean, come on, crossing a road is one very basic thing that needs not to be taught. If you see cars, trucks or anything with wheels coming, DON’T CROSS. If you’re stupid enough to retort WHY to that advice… then take a knife, and stab yourself on the forehead – you’ll achieve the same result of getting hit by a car/truck.

Even if you’re very sure that it is safe to cross a road, do it fast. Run or caper across it, whatever suits you. That’s because crossing a road is more dangerous than taunting your mother-in-law with a bad attitude. You’ll never know if an automobile might be speeding at 100 kph towards your direction which you won’t even see it coming. You have no rights or absolute reason to take your own sweet time to cross the road. It just ain’t right.

Roads are made for vehicles to roll on, not for you to catwalk showing off your bodily assets (there’s always a pedestrian walk for you to do that).

If you want to kill yourself, go do it somewhere else. Don’t fucking wreck our cars.

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20 Comments to “idiot pedestrians”

  1. primroses says:

    Heh! Even pedestrians don’t work anymore these days… *bleh*

  2. Adah says:

    Hahaha, that is so true. Even though they SEE US COMING, THEY STILL take their own sweet time to cross the road expecting us to hit the brake. Ish, tension!

  3. Din says:

    You should get a stronger bumper, heavily tinted windows and concealable licence plates for a hit and run next time.

  4. ahmog says:

    Mike, perhaps she’s just desperate for the insurance claim with the loss of life/limb.

  5. michaelooi says:

    primroses – you mean the pedestrian crossing ? total waste of money. they don’t use it at all.

    adah – yeah, esp somewhere near a pasar malam event. Somehow, pasar malam makes them feel invincible, and would walk all over the place without concern.

    din – dude, that’s cruelty to animals. Don’t do that.

    ahmog – well, how to claim if she croaked ? Darn those people who doesn’t think.

  6. hush4m3 says:

    Pedestrians attitude are even worse here in midwest US. They are so used to having the cars stop for them that some of them (unfortunately, majority are females) don’t bother to turn their head even a single degree to see if there is an oncoming car. In fact, some even cross when the pedestrian light is shining bright with a red do not cross sign. That’s why we Malaysians here always tell the midwestern Americans that they are lucky to be born in the US or they would have to suffer a thousand honks and curses by Asian drivers, particularly KL drivers (as I personally think that Penang drivers are not as bad as KL drivers, who are really scary drivers).

  7. michaelooi says:

    hush – Agree. I’ve driven in the States before (southern states). But then, I noticed that their irrationalism only confined within hypermart compounds, or places with a lot of shopping premises – where the ladies (regardless of race) would simply loiter everywhere on the road.

    I don’t see many pedestrians crossing the road irrationally at city streets nor trunk roads. Maybe it differs from area to area.

  8. hustler says:

    There is a name for this kind of people, ie. ‘Metal bodies’! Hahaha :)

  9. hustler says:

    I just read about your wife in the post below. I hope all goes well for your family. Best wishes… :)

  10. alexan says:

    Maybe the stretch of road belongs to her father. What road was that?

    You know what, over here in Australia, I get paranoid when crossing cars due to our “Malaysian style”. I often have to wait until the cars reach a full stop before I cross and somehow got a feeling that the drivers are gonna curse for wasting a few miliseconds to cross the road. The zebra crossings here do work but I’m just doubtful about it. I bet ang mohs who try to do that in Malaysia will be a having a big surprise.

  11. alexan says:

    Typo, crossing roads, not crossing cars. LOL!

  12. Primrose says:

    mike: Yes, pedestrian crossings. I must add that over-head bridges are also a complete waste of (our income tax) funds/space.

    buaya69: *laugh* Gross but kewl site!

  13. k3ng says:

    well… u did say she was obese.. that would give her a lot of shock absorbsion.. maybe that was the cause of her ‘self invincibility’ proclamation.. lol

  14. michaelooi says:

    hustler – even the toughest metal would wreck in a car accident.

    alexan – well, the problem is, we drivers are educated to stop at pedestrian crossings … but these people, ironically, refuse to use them. I have no idea what the fuck is wrong with them.

    buaya – damn, can’t access it from workplace. it’s blocked.

    k3ng – you mean her lards acts like air bags that was permanently cladded on her body like that ? hmmm… that’s something new.
    But then, why do we need air bags inside automobiles in the first place ? Let’s all get fucking fat like the sumos and live forever !

  15. newguy says:

    look shes fat and old and creaky – shes angry you didnt run her down and put her out of her misery.
    Lots of similar people out there with a death wish.

  16. kiddster says:

    Pedestrian Walk? You mean there’s one in Malaysia? Wow, I din’t know that. I guess too many people has not been using it that I thought it never existed. Thanx for the info Mike. Hope it would be a reminder for all the pedestrians out there…

  17. michaelooi says:

    newguy – i don’t want her perforated oily fungal infested skin to even come to the slightest contact with my car’s glossy paintwork. Especially when I’ve just spent many hours Autoglym-ed it a week ago… It just might murk up the surface. I’d rather put her down with a car security lock or a helmet – which she could have courteously asked.

    kiddster – and now you know school sux. they didn’t teach you all these do they ?

  18. rosehip says:

    Y u guys have to make such a big fuss over such a tiny weeny matter? if u r driver, u know u r going to hv all that shit all the time, especially in msia… god bless you!

  19. michaelooi says:

    roseship – well, it wouldn’t be that “tiny weeny” when an accident happens and someone got themselves killed.

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