January 15, 2005


Emily’s blood test revealed that she has SLE. A chronic disease that affects the skin and some body organs.

Might affect the kid. She was advised to abort the baby if it’s getting worse, which we’ll only get to know next week.

I just do not know what to think or how to react. If your god is listening, please pray for her and the baby.


Update: I would like to thank those of you out there who would unselfishly and altruisticly prayed for me and my family. Appreciated that.

But then, I’ve always wanted to say this. Just, if you’re really praying for me, I would humbly ask you to do it within your thoughts. Please do not announce to the world that ‘something bad’ has befallen on me and my family. We’re actually on the road to recovery – it’s a positive thing. Not that we’re gonna die or something like that. I hope you would understand.

Recently, I’ve been getting some unknown visitors as well – and those visitors, had been sending me nasty mails cursing not only me, but my family members – which somehow, was involved because of their hatred towards my blog. One particular mail was sent with a content that was wild beyond a civilized mind would think of. Something that makes them no different than a deranged psycho that goes around mutilating children without mercy. I’ll save the details for decency’s sake.

I fully understand that the mail was intended to inflict full damage on my faith and feelings. But then, it didn’t. Instead, I felt disturbed that there is such sick individual in our society.

Well, sorry to disappoint you, psycho. My whole family’s doing way better than you had hoped for. I managed to find out about the cybercafe which you’ve sent the mail from (time, location as well), but do not worry. I won’t be banging your head next – coz I know, if you already have a sick mind like this, it’s the matter of time before you’re gonna ruin your own shit. You won’t get far in your life.

Just remember what you’ve mailed to me, and one day, when you set up your own family, think about it again. I hope you’re not a person who believes in karma.

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