January 14, 2005

in good hands

Exactly 2 weeks ago, right at this moment, I was sitting beside Emily. Wrung a piece of wet towel, and placed it on top of her forehead. Then, I would soak it back in a bucket of water when it got warm… and repeated the whole process for the entire night. But that was only good enough to keep her rampant fever from soaring further up.

I remember saying this succinctly to her… “How I’d wish that I’m the one who had to go through all these instead of you…” to which, she only responded with a touch on my hand.

Today, I’ve been made to eat back my own words. I suddenly fell ill with high fever and had a migraine so intense that I almost couldn’t stand up and walk. That was when Emily came with her soothing hands, and did exactly what I’ve done for her a fortnight ago.

She wrung the wet towel, place it on my forehead and said “Dear, it’s my turn to take care of you … and you must promise me to get well soon”. I couldn’t have felt any better.

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22 Comments to “in good hands”

  1. Jr. says:

    Wahlau, that’s sweet…hahahah

    hmm, get well brother…

  2. primroses says:

    Awww!! *so touched* I wish I’d get that kind of treatment when I fall ill next time. Heh! Get well soon!

  3. lilian says:

    Michael Ooi is turning into mush liao. Anyway, get well soon, daddy-to-be.

  4. kimberlycun says:

    get well soon…you both are MFEO :)

  5. 100 says:

    *aww….* short touching story…get well soon.

  6. Din says:

    Man….this is the story to be told on Valentine’s day…..screw roses and chocolates….

  7. oliviasy says:

    we’r seeing a soft side of michealooi rarely seen before! quick! mana tu videocam?!? just kidding. get well soon kawan. must show yr kid u’r a strrroooonnngggg daddy-o.

  8. ricky says:

    Bro, get well soon…. Wat a loving couples… ;D

  9. michaelooi says:

    told ya, i’m not normally that evil in person.

  10. Tutu says:

    Normally not that evil?! *uwek*

    Get well soon =)

  11. fish fish says:

    Shiawasena~ Michael. Bless u get well soon. :)

  12. Kevin says:

    Get well soon Mike :)

  13. ashotiwoth says:

    get well soon Mike…

  14. pikey says:

    recover soon Mike…

  15. ShaolinTiger says:

    Dude this site is supposed to be 62% evil, I think you have already exceeded your mushy posting limit, get back to cussing people, it’s what you’re good at.

    Oh yeah, and get well too you pussy.

  16. michaelooi says:

    ST – don’t worry dude. That post was the focus of all the remaining 38% pussy stuffs.

    Wait till I get over myself, and I shall be me again.

  17. iblogme says:

    I will pray for Emily and the baby.
    Take care and be strong.

  18. Papi says:

    read about Emily was diagnosed with SLE in your post. I m sure everything would be fine. I completely understand how you feel, because I hv been thru it. My Mami was diagnosed with MCTD, 3 years back.

    It’s actually difficult to diagnose Lupus, maybe u could have a second-opinion. Anyway, take care, all the best.

    My best regards to Emily and junior.

  19. newguy says:

    hi mike – sorry about emily’s illness and baby and all that. What must be must be – I guess.
    Hope you get thro this well.
    SLE is diagnosed with blood test. Medications will help. Dont give up. Just follow doctors advice and medicines – they know best. Please dont go see bomohs and sinsehs – like what you did last time for your knee.

  20. michaelooi says:

    papi / newguy – thanks for the advice dude. we got better. Been seeking lots of advice and our situation is in a very experienced doctor’s hands (who had saved almost half of my maternal family’s lives).

    and about my knee newguy, …. where lah i got go look for sinseh’s and bomoh’s ? Just a masseur lah. You know, Master Wong kungfu massage thingy ? It’s sort of like a traditional physio lah.

    I never trusted religious mediums … and do not embrace religions. You can be sure the last place I would ever visit would be those bomohs or witches. (unless the witch looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt that would let me squeeze her tits – I might be conned).

  21. passerby says:

    take care of your wife :)
    it’s a genetic disease…my youngest auntie(from my dad’s side and the sister of my auntie) is suffering to fight this disease…spending more than rm3k per month just for the medicines…
    it’s lucky tht ur wife discover it soon…
    take cAre…

  22. MrsT says:

    I know i’m late.. Mike.. but hope you are well by now.. and it was a very sweet story.. :)
    Pics of emily and you ..??? please..??

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