January 13, 2005

turmeric decorated adversity

Yesterday, when I was driving past a string of Indian newspaper stalls, my mom threw me a question inside the car …

Mom : “Do you know why some Indian ladies smear turmeric powder on their face?” [turmeric = kunyit]

Me : “No… why ?”

Mom : “As a sign telling everyone that they’re menstruating… ”

Me : “No way ! You serious ??”

Mom : “My ex-company’s Indian janitor told me…”

Me : “Well then, somebody please explain, why am I seeing some old grannies having their face smeared full of turmeric powder… they’re way too old to menstruate…”

Mom : “Hahahhh ! You’ll never know son, some old people can still give birth to babies. Ever heard of a 60 year old grandma giving birth to a healthy baby boy?”

Me : “That’s ridiculous! Who would want to have sex with a 60 year old granny??”

Mom : “Well, it actually happened.”

Guys, if you see any lady with a face full of turmeric powder, stay away from her. High risk of PMS radioactivity. Love your own life, say TAK NAK.

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20 Comments to “turmeric decorated adversity”

  1. theres a joke among us limkokwing students – from tak nak to nak tak. aha like the part of the janitor telling your mom.

  2. uculer says:

    in the name of love, they drives u crazy.

    nak tak? that’s a good one!

  3. michaelooi says:

    I’m not sure if it’s even true. Probably my mom’s just bullshitting.

    I hope somebody can confirm this… coz this is so bizarre.

  4. Jr. says:

    Lol, that was way too strange… fine, i shall ask my friend to confirm…

  5. Din says:

    TAK NAK! Nooooooo….

  6. humphrey says:

    nak tak?yesssssssssssssssssssssss

  7. vaveevum says:

    goodness ppl :-O …. ur mom is half right. this ritual is dated way back and not many urban indian girls do it these days.

    i. for menstruating girls/ladies : they apply turmeric in order to mask the not-so-nice smell caused by the ‘dirty’ blood. and as an antiseptic as well. so during their morning bath, they scrub their entire body with turmeric paste.

    ii. for the rest : to add more radiance to the skin. and also to avoid acne or getting the face sun-burnt. plus it’s believed to reduce growth of facial hair.

  8. michaelooi says:

    “not so nice smell” … i know what you’re talking about … ehehehh…

    thanks for clarifying, vaveevum.

  9. ahmog says:

    The not-so-nice smell is like fish-blood.

    Just imaging banging a virgin mermaid ;p

  10. oliviasy says:

    we learn something new avday :P ehehehhee

  11. anne says:

    indian ladies believe that applying tumeric powder on the skin especially on the face is for beauty purposes. it will somehow beautify, smoothering and soften skin.

    neighbours are indian. eveytime this auntie came out of the house with her tumeric face, mum will sacastically praised her. you look so pretty. she will kembang and feel happy.

  12. michaelooi says:

    so, ladies, throw away all your SK-II, SK-III, M16, AK-47. Use turmeric paste/powder. It beautifies.

  13. Primrose says:

    Eeek! And to know that they use turmeric in the Balinese spas for their lulur or mangir scrubs.

  14. fish fish says:

    Cheh! Michael, if a 110 yo old man still reproductive to make a 24 yo gal born a boy, why not possible in a 60 yo lady? Be fair mar~ It’s 21 century oledi…

  15. hustler says:

    Good one!!! LoL! :)

  16. uculer says:

    ouh ya! i remembered using tumeric powder after school to avoid acne. takde pon. instead, i sneezed from morning till midday.

  17. uculer says:

    i eman..mask kunyit. hihi

  18. MunKit says:

    probably not possible.. 60!!
    wonder what’s doc gonna say ? :P

  19. HolyCow says:

    Indians ladies believe that if they apply on turmeric powder on their face it will reduce the growth of facial hair… thats all.

  20. MILO says:

    Hmm useful tip. No need to wax anymore. Just apply turmeric powder… hehe. you know where i mean.

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