January 11, 2005

tomorrow’s dawn

There’s something I would like to announce that would change the course of many young inquisitive pretty girls out there …

I initially thought of keeping the news a secret, but because I am so attached to my blog like that, and couldn’t contain my elation about it, I decided to share the joy to the world.

I would like to announce that, Emily and I have upgraded our love to a brand new level…

We’ve been bestowed with a gift. Of flesh, blood and DNA. Yes, there’s a kid inside Emily’s womb now, feeding on her placenta. (and I’m amazed that my reproductive system actually worked !) Wheeeee !

We only discovered that during Emily’s ail-stricken days a couple weeks ago. The doctor insisted her to take a pregnancy test when her taiyeema (a Cantonese slang for PMS) didn’t flush out on time. And that’s how we found out she’s knocked up.

Well, the child is now only 4 – 5 weeks old (still swimming), and was too tiny to be seen yet. The next checkup is 2 more weeks away, and we’ll only be getting a full glimpse on how he/she’s doing by then. Hope everything’s fine. *fingers crossed*

So there you have it. Me getting a level up. Promoted to CEO. Leaving behind my cocoon of adolescence and start to embrace the dark force mob of paternity. It’s the beginning of the next chapter of my life.

I promise to the world, if I were to be given a healthy baby (boy or girl, doesn’t matter), I will ensure that he/she doesn’t :

– glide around with a pair of heely shoes.
– scamper and yell like a lunatic inside a hospital ward.
– wail like no tomorrow inside a cinema
– pull a girl’s hair/skirt (if he’s a boy)
– pull a boy’s kukucheow (if she’s a girl)
– study in the same university that Panda went.
– bite my neighbor’s annoying daughter too hard

So much to think. So much anticipation. So much questions. So nervous.

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73 Comments to “tomorrow’s dawn”

  1. michaelooi says:

    mumsgather – cut down what ? ehheheh

    fish fish – hey, i’m not that bad looking .. ok ?

    doc – yeah, like how i sing to the plants. i probably should consult barney as well…

    ricky – that’s what i’m thinking. Saves a lot of bucks.

    the rest – thanks to all of you beautiful people out there. i owe you all a hug (girls under 27 only)

  2. Beatrice says:

    weeeee! congrats! :)

  3. Mandy says:

    Congrats! That’s great!

  4. shanks says:

    i haven’t got the chance to online (leisurely) for days, and now this? congratulations! got a name for she/he yet?

  5. vaveevum says:

    C.O.N.G.R.A.T.U.L.A.T.I.O.N.S !!!!

  6. loonatik says:

    might be a virgo baby. Massive congrats!

  7. Kevin says:

    Congrats mike :)

  8. fish fish says:

    Proof it with a pic. Kekeke…

  9. lil mike and lil em. congrats

  10. einazani says:

    wahhhh… so good! congrat.. lovely moment

  11. Els says:

    :-) good news! what a better way to start a new year!

  12. Paul Tan says:

    congrats man!

  13. sweelin says:


  14. james says:

    must teach her how to shave her armpit hair..
    dun let her be like panda..

  15. michaelooi says:

    shanks/elphine – i’ve already thought of a name if the baby’s a boy — Nigel. But still pretty much open, as I haven’t really scour for names yet.

    loonatik – definitely will be a virgo… like me… ahaks.

    fish fish – like an egg lar … so tiny, how to take pictures ?

    jasdev – lil me and emily ? i certainly do not hope it’s a twins … else … i’ll be DOUBLE BROKE.

    james – female armpit hairs are prohibited in my family .. so, even if she doesn’t shave, I’m gonna hot-wax it up when she’s asleep.

    the rest – thanks for sharing the joy with me.

  16. Tutu says:

    Awww… so happiness for you. Congratulations to the both of you =)

  17. MunKit says:

    don’t teach him/her how to swear like you :P

  18. michaelooi says:

    tutu – thanks.

    munkit – *smacks* wake up ! what have you been studying at college ?? did your parents teach you how to swear and cuss ? ? you learnt that yourself, right ? So what makes you think I’m gonna teach my kid profanities ? He/she got to learn it by him/herself !!

  19. dh says:

    Congratulation, Mic…

  20. katsmew says:

    Congratulations to you and Emily!! and Welcome to the Club! :P

  21. suanie says:

    hello daddy, congratulations :D

  22. michaelooi says:

    katsmew – yeah, getting old and all that. part of life… *sigh*

    suanie – aww.. i haven’t even spanked your ass yet, call me daddy already… thanks !

  23. zbjernak says:

    congrat to u michael..

    hope i m not too late to congrat u….

    pray for u, emily as well as ooi jr.


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