January 7, 2005

social misperception

Elbee : “You know, there’s a piece of news some time back about a middle aged lady got mauled by a tiger while she was posing for a photograph with it. Damn scary I tell you.. bla bla bla …”

Me : “What do you expect dude? That’s a wild animal you’re talking about… they have no moral values. They don’t help old people to cross the road… or give up their seat to an expecting mother…”

Elbee : “Yeah, I know, but why would the tiger attack that woman all of a sudden? It’s a trained animal and was supposed to be content…”

Me : “I’m not surprised. If I’m that tiger, I would definitely bite all the housewives I happen to meet… And all those blonde ah bengs, noisy kids, and girls with armpit hairs…”

Elbee : “Ahaks! I thought you’re gonna attack all the pretty girls …”

Me : “Attack pretty girls ? Why would I want to do that ? I’m gonna mount on top of them and perform some tigersutra stunt”

Denizens of Earth, wake up already. A tiger being caged in a zoo, is akin to imprisoning some savage dude in a confined space in a police lock up. No one would ever be too pleased to have limited freedom like this. That’s why they’re so pissed and psychologically unstable. They belong to the savannah and open fields, not inside a metal cage or in front of a Polaroid camera beside some stinking old lady.

To me, there’s no difference between a zoo and a prison (except you get more annoying kid and housewife visitors in a zoo, which is much worse than a prison). That’s why, I never liked zoos. What’s so interesting about watching a whole menagerie of caged animals without freedom? Unless you have the fetish of whiffing the pungent odor of animal waste.

A zoo is a big sad place. I think we humans have to learn more about respecting other living creatures on this planet.

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10 Comments to “social misperception”

  1. Din says:

    Wow man, tigersutra….that’s some kinky animal sex man…

    Also, zoos suck. I feel the same way for those imported performance cars like Evos and Scoobys inside those expensive showrooms, think those cars just want to burst out of those showroom glass walls and go mad on the streets…

  2. k3ng says:

    well if u dont like zoos, whats ur opinion on safaris?

  3. HolyCow says:

    Zoo is piece of shit concept. Humans torcher and caged animals as prisoner to attract ppl to come n visit. Well if the zoo management take care of the animal well, then its ok. I went to Zoo Taping few years back… Oh my god, the condition of animals there really sicken me… its really sad to see those torchered and abused animals.

  4. alexan says:

    Respect the animals and the animals shall respect you. Its like locking up a kid at home all day. Once the kid is out of parents reach, it will go wild and do crazy stuff.

    HolyCow: You mean torture right? I’m quite shocked to hear animals being torched on fire. LOL!

  5. michaelooi says:

    din – man, you have a terminal stage ‘gila kereta’ syndrome. I suggest consult a car salesman.

    k3ng – been to Melaka Famosa safari. What do i think of it ? It sux as well. Those animals are still caged … only in a bigger area. And what’s worse, they face the risk of contracting lung cancer due to excessive whiffing of carbon monoxide of the safari trucks.

    holycow – torching animals… hahah… that’s even sicker than paedophiles that mutilates them.

    alexan – kids should be placed inside the zoo cages instead, and let the animals visit them from outside.

  6. Janus says:

    Well said. Sometimes I really pity the animals.

    Alexan and Mike – Kids with those Heely shoes should be put in cages, in as little space as possible to make sure they don’t terrorize other people with them shoes!

  7. Din says:

    Agree with Janus – Heely Kids shoes suck. I really want to kill those stooopid kids and their even stooopider parents.

  8. michaelooi says:

    the guy that invented heelys is sure making a lot of bucks right now …

  9. iara says:

    ok, well i hope that everyone whos posted stuff here about animals and how they shouldnt be tortured are all vegans. because if not then youre all hypocrites.

  10. michaelooi says:

    iara – So, only vegans are allowed to discuss about “how animals shouldn’t be tortured” ? Wow… you must be very intelligent.

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