January 1, 2005

observation from a ward

I’ve been sitting inside a hospital ward for days, looking after Emily and taking care of her needs. Most of the time, she would just sleep, so, I get plenty of time idling around observing stuff around the hospital.

Some of the random stuff I observed for the past few days in the hospital.

– There’s this fat nurse who works in the night shift. She has mustache and is fucking clumsy. She would knock over everything in her path…. trays, syringes, waste paper baskets, tables, fire extinguishers, doors, walls, cars, ambulance,… you get the idea.

– A young couple brought their small toddler along to visit an ill friend. This toddler of theirs, was wearing a pair of those squeaky soled shoes and was running all over the place excitedly. So, the whole place was like SQUEAK ! SQUEAK ! SQUEAK ! The parents did nothing about it.

– Another old couple brought along HALF DOZEN kids to visit an ill friend. The half dozen kids, were like running all over the place playing hide and seek despite multiple warnings by the nurses asking them to keep quiet. They made the whole hospital ward look like a salvation army camp. The children were last seen jumping up and down on some spare beds while the parents looked on… and did nothing about it.

– A couple of teenage girls with small tits were practicing how to march along the ward corridor. Alright, they’re not actually marching but, close to it. They would walk from one end to the other while talking in a raucous manner… probably relating some experience of having their first orgasm with a cucumber (or a carrot, or a brinjal, or a lotus root, or a tat-seng selipar jepun).

– Housewife visitors yelling out loud on their cell phones, complimenting other people’s mother and deciding what type of dish she wanted to fucking cook that night. And some even overtly exclaimed on some patient’s condition. Like “Eh! Lu kua tiok boh? Ha kiok ginna eh thau? Geli loh!” (translation : “Eh! Did you saw that kid’s head? Gross!”)

– Housewife barged into a doctor’s room without knocking. Getting objurgated in return.

– Emily’s ward mate’s visitors watched the TV with loud volume and boisterous chatting, post visiting hours.

– Someone lighting fire crackers just opposite the hospital building.

Do I even need to explain ?

What’s the use of education when a person’s lack of even a tiny wee bit of rationalism?

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14 Comments to “observation from a ward”

  1. Din says:

    You know, I really hate parents nowadays, I think they are cowards of their own kids from hell. Their biggest sin is buying them those roller shoes. Bloody kids, I hate them.

    Firecrackers, boy I wish I can light some up and stick it in their asses….

    By the way, how is Emily? Better I hope. Take care man.

  2. twinsmom says:

    very good observation, you almost cover most of it. I just bump to a few the other day.
    Hope Emily get well soon.

  3. Silencers says:

    “Tat-seng selipar jepun”

    Dude, your imagination is just inspirational. Hope Emily gets well soon.

  4. lilian says:

    Hah! You ain’t see nothing yet. The ICU is filled with clowns. There are really LOTS of people who forgot their own relative are going to die-ded/purpose they are in the ICU and go around each bed KPC. Some even ask patients who are on ventilators ‘lu cho mi soo? kua peh ah?’.(what u doing? Sick?)

  5. hey i mentioned tat-seng flip flops one comment somwhere here a few days ago!! eehh thats cos its the cheapest sonnamabitch slippers so cheap my ppl i know use it to walk in the bathroom(like la it wont get wet anyway).

    My grandma was sick and we went to hospital and the first mofuckin thing I noticed were how selfmofuckin righteous this nurses in tudung’s think they are. and they goddamn act like theyre some pimpin boss telling people like who love their grandmas. and yeah there are the usual kids/housewives(thanks michealooi now i see your point)/and one thing i noticed were all this firecrackers goin on like nobodys business.

    Oh this are totally the govenment hospital experience.

    Hope emily gets well Mike

  6. shanks says:

    i was in the hospitals for two days with high white blood cell counts and high/low temperature before i was diagnosed with nasal polyps.

    the cina-pek aunties are the worst. sipe kepo. ask this ask that. borrow this and that. used my thermo flask for milo and never gave it back.

    the only consolation was the beautiful nurse-trainees. i was “under observation” so the trainees came on an hourly basis.

    at the end of the day, fat mama nurse will give the final routine check. shit, she was so ugly. why are all the trainees so cun but the senior nurses so ugly? where did all the trainess after they grad nurse school?

    my theory, they married rich doctors and never had to work again.

    ps – how is emily? is she on her road to recovery? quite a sien way to start new year, ain’t it? well, you have chinese new year to look forward to. hopefully she will be well by then.

  7. uculer says:

    was hospitalized for one nite in putrajaya and the kids was such a nuisance. i remembered years ago when i was left at the guards whenever my parents visit anyone in the hospital. the kids crying always gave me false alarm of the patients crying.

  8. 100 says:

    Happy New Year. Hope Emily would get well soon.

  9. michaelooi says:

    din – agree. kids are so spoilt nowadays. Parents to be blamed.

    twinsmom / lilian – perhaps we should run a campaign educating parents instead.

    silencers – TatSeng is the designer brand for cheap sandals…

    jasdev – the hospital Emily’s at isn’t a government hospital – but one of the most expensive private hospital in Penang. It will be even worse in government hospital

    shanks – Emily’s doing better. but she’ll have to stay on for a few more days. Sad.

    uculer – i doesn’t make any sense, isn’t it ? why bring your kids along to visit someone in hospital ? So that they can wake up all patients in the ward ? are the parents fucking stupid or something ? We wouldn’t know what they are thinking.

    100 – thanks. You have a great year ahead too.

  10. Primrose says:

    What education??? Hope that the rest of 2005 will be a healthy one, Emily.

  11. Janus says:

    You’re right. Seen lots of similar occurences in the wards. Sometimes, government hospitals are not so bad as number of visitors are sometimes limited. Private hospitals on teh other hand…, when people pay the money, they expect to get their way with everything and that is exactly what is happening here.

    lilian – i thought ICUs supposed to limit number of visitors?! WT?!

  12. Janus says:

    Hope Emily gets well soon!

  13. michaelooi says:

    primrose – thanks a lot.

    janus – that makes sense… Penangites are known to be Singaporean-ish at times. Kiasu…

  14. doc says:

    LOL I see you’ve finally meet Jabba the nurse. :D

    I usually call the guards and they will come and chase away noisy visitors. The next time they come, they will behave.

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