December 31, 2004

2004 roll up

Today, is the final day of 2004. I am writing this not in my usual jovial mood, but in a mixed emotion of both being sombre and worried, about how this year could have been one of the best, turning for the bad ending.

One thing being is the recent catastrophe that had besieged the land of mankind, which a hundred thousand souls have perished.

And another is Emily’s health. She was hospitalized 3 days ago due to high fever and has been in a lethargic state ever since (yes, this is the same illness she got since Christmas). Her body temperature would fluctuate without warning… and has been having difficulty to sleep.

It aches my heart to see her having to go through all these. And what’s sad, is that she’ll have to spend her New Year inside the ward trying to get better. (I’ll be spending my New Year inside the ward with her)

On the brighter side before all these, 2004 had been great. I managed to accomplish most of my resolutions …

Here they are (from last year’s roll up) :

– clear off my credit card — done.
– get myself another car. — changed my car instead.
– vacation to Australia / New Zealand — lack of budget. Forgone.
– get an SLR digital camera — bought a digital camera. Not SLR though.
– a new mobile phone if the old one gets uppity — changed phone. Twice.

Despite the fact that I’ve also lost my paternal grandmother this year, but I don’t feel bad about it at all – for she, had been in a suffering state ever since my father and grandfather passed away in 2003. I fully understood that she left us for her own good.

Anyway, I still feel thankful (not to god or anything, just thankful) that I managed to overcome all the obstacles that has been spattered on me.

And I feel thankful, that my family and I, are not in anyway involved in the tsunami disaster which happened like, less than 20 km away.

Could have been a perfectly great year.

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21 Comments to “2004 roll up”

  1. michaelooi says:

    you guys have a great new year celebration, ok ?

  2. Papi says:

    Happy New Year, Michael.

    My regards to Emily, all the best and get well soon.

  3. oliviasy says:

    happy new year micheal *hamu hugs* get well soon emily.

  4. ashotiwoth says:

    Happy New Year Michael…
    Get well soon Emily…

  5. unicorn says:

    Happy New Year, Michael and may Emily get well soon.
    Hopefully Year 2005 will turn out to be a good year for all of us.

  6. Din says:

    Keep it up Mike, if there is one thing that will help in Emily’s recovery, it would be your love.

    Wishing you a better year ahead…

  7. ShaolinTiger says:

    Hope she gets well soon dude, make the best of it you can and send Emily our regards :)

  8. Kervin says:

    Happy New Year!

  9. coppersnare says:

    happy new year dude!

  10. Gecko says:

    All the best to Emily, hopw she get well soon and Happy New Year Michael & Emily

  11. Janus says:

    Happy 2005, may the year ahead bring lots of happiness and good health! Get well soon Emily.

  12. andycjw says:

    Happy new year!!

  13. lilian says:

    Happy New Year, Michael and hope Emily get well soon.

  14. k3ng says:

    wish you guys the best in the coming year..
    Happy (or not so happy for some) New Year!

  15. k3ng says:

    and at time of current post… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  16. iblogme says:

    Sorry to hear that Emily is still sick. I hope she’ll get well soon. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  17. JxT2J says:

    Hope Emily will get well soon.

    Happy New Year !

  18. lgh says:

    Happy new year Mike & Emily. Hope that Emily would get well soon. Would be seeing you after chinese new year in penang.

  19. michaelooi says:

    thanks for all the well wishes my friends. I’m not gonna do some el cheapo speech shit … coz i ain’t dying yet…. So, this is what i gotta say …


    My resolutions:
    – get a digital SLR
    – reinstate my 3D artworks
    – get a promotion or something
    – get myself a desktop PC for some serious online work (blog, art portfolio, improve, etc)
    – get a 2nd car (damn aggressive)
    – upgrade to a big ass landed house in Penang(super goddamn aggressive)

  20. happy new year and all the best for 2005!


  21. Herpy New Year mate. Hope Emily gets well, and if you wanna, I could gather up some friends and come over to the ward and play soft banjo music.

    All the best for your new year resolutions.

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