December 28, 2004

animal detectives

I was scanning some TV channels as usual, when I suddenly caught a glimpse of a really absurd program. It’s called Animal Detectives… or something like that.

Initially, I thought the show’s about some beast playing cop or some forensic investigator shit, but apparently, I was wrong. The show’s actually about a bunch of dedicated detectives/cops/whatever that go around arresting people for condoning animal cruelty activities.
Animal cruelty activities like
– failing to provide a proper shelter for a cat
– punching a dog for mangling up a sandal
You get the idea.

It sort of gives us viewer a general opinion that there are still people (Americans) who cares… for every single living organism on this planet. Ooh yeah. When those guys are being interviewed, they would talk like some serious asshole and attempt to propagate his/her concern about animal rights on the national TV.

They’ll do anything to bring the perpetrators to justice, should they find them being mean to animals. Right. And after the interview, these so called ‘Animal Detectives’ would go to his/her favorite fast food restaurant and order a meal of say… a quarter pounder burger… or some kungpao chicken.

That’s kinda ironic, isn’t it? Arresting people for being mean to animals… and they still eat animals in their everyday meal. To have a meal of meat based food, one would have to kill an animal to obtain the meat. That’s CRUELTY to animals. You’ll have to fucking kill it in order to EAT it.

I wonder why they didn’t go around busting slaughterhouses or meat factories instead… and jail every butcher and farmer they could find… and file a petition to the government urging people to live on vegetation.

That’s just so plain stupid. Why would one worry about animals when they couldn’t even find all the missing children in their country? Or shouldn’t they be allocating those headcounts to prevent the ever escalating homicides and vice problems instead?

Nobody would ever know what they are thinking.

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17 Comments to “animal detectives”

  1. wtf nombor dua says:

    yeah…the detectives are stupid. that’s why they need somebody smart like encik ooi to write something bout it. thank you encik, for crying out loud again. i learned something new today. (about you that is) thanks, its a pleasure knowing and reading ur post. i’ll be BARK.

  2. JxT2J says:

    That’s a shit load of hypocrisy !

  3. k3ng says:

    happens everyday

  4. shanks says:

    wtf number two – you reminded me of arnold swarch-how-the-fuck-do-you-spell-this-negger when you said “i’ll be BARK”. very funny.

    michael ooi – u’ll be in trouble if malaysia has such tv programmes

  5. humphrey says:

    AMERICA IS S.U.C.K. If there is something like this in Malaysia, i will surely KICK their ASS off……… hell……

  6. twinsmom says:

    But I actually do hope here got animal detective like that, so I can report to them that my MIL and SIL who staying down stair of my house never bath her 3 stupid chiwawa, and let them rot with ticks and fleas, and shit around the garden, and their hair fall all over the places because she fed them salty food (the list go on).

  7. michaelooi says:

    wtf no 2 – oh, you learnt something new again ? how nice. it’s always a pleasure to educate the intellectually challenged.

  8. Din says:

    Stupid Americans…

  9. Hustler says:

    Just love your blog bro! Cheers pal! :)

  10. uculer says:

    ouh i thought this is just a place to read about americans, i didn’t know it was meant for pathetic commentor(s) too. jezz!

  11. uculer says:

    u know what i mean….all the jeffry’s and wths

  12. michaelooi says:

    din – they’re not stupid. they’re just being smart at the wrong areas.

    hustler – thanks. enjoyed your stories too.

    uculer – weirdos. they’re like pests … they’re everywhere.

  13. lilian says:

    Wow, I must watch my butt. I had been giving recipes for cooking lizards and pregnant, stray cats over at my parenting forum. Cat kut teh, cicak sushi may just be the answer to eliminate these pests.

  14. michaelooi says:

    lilian – not “meow kut teh” meh ? i like that name “cicak sushi” though .. ahaks.

  15. lembugila says:

    dude, just wonderin if u r ok frm d tsunami since u r a penang boy. any friends affected?

  16. michaelooi says:

    lembugila (what a nick) – i’m fine. but if the tsunami were to occur 24 hours earlier, i won’t be sitting here replying posts.

    a friend’s mom almost severed her leg and fracture a few ribs … but is now recuperating.

    it’s a sad boxing day.

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