December 20, 2004


This is super kanineh shocking. My mom just told me that her paternal grandmother was a Vietnamese… … …
Which means … I am 1/8th Vietnamese myself… coupled with my another 1/8th Siamese (my father’s maternal grandfather was a Siamese), basically that means, 1/4th of me isn’t actually Chinese.

This is so unbelievable.

What next? Another 1/8th of me is Negro ? Hmmmm… perhaps that explains my colossal prick…(though I don’t remember seeing any black people in our old family photo collection).

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6 Comments to “shock”

  1. ashotiwoth says:

    dude… i’m not 100% siamese either…
    both paternal and maternal great-grandfathers were Chinese, and they married local Siamese girls…

  2. michaelooi says:

    great, we’re both ‘nowhere man’.

  3. homer says:

    waitaminute… i think you and i are the same. I’m sure we have some negro blood… the thing is HUGE! ;)

  4. ahmog says:

    Micheal: Congratulations! Youre a Siam-Viet-Chin-nese. (arranged in genealogical order)

  5. doc says:

    Last I heard horse one also quite huge… Maybe both of you got horse gene… Hehehe.

    *run away*

  6. michaelooi says:

    homer – yeah bebeh .. yeah

    ahmog – yeah bebeh .. yeah

    doc – you’re just jealous…but i don’t blame you. Shaolintiger said you have a small kkc

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