December 8, 2004


I was walking into the gym the other day, and there I saw her again. Along with those beefcakes with hairless puny legs. She’s like an effervescent stalk of flower blooming out of a piece of turd. So stand out, so beautiful.

Who’s she? I don’t know. I’ve only seen her a few times in the gym. Usually hangs out near the ass trimming machine (or whatever they call it) and the doohickey for exercising her thighs. Fair skinned, with a pair of phoenix eyes, very sublime. Her tits are of mediocre size, but I wasn’t checking it out (really). If I were to be asked if there’s anything I like about that gym – it would be this girl.

At times, I would hook myself on some of the nearby machines to get closer to her, you know, to score some chance of whiffing her sweaty scent of a pure woman (no… I’m not referring to those fetid perspiration stench of the armpit). The scent of a sweaty woman always brings warmth to my stomach and kidneys, I don’t know why.

Anyway, I was admiring her from across the room, as usual. You know, discreetly watching her working out her bottoms and all that. She was wearing a pink T-shirt and her favorite tights. (I’ve noticed this for a while)… and once a while, I would kinda drift further imagining myself dating her doing things that I wanna do to her… like caressing her… long flowy hair…

But that day, I wasn’t in the mood to check her out… as I wasn’t feeling very well. Halfway through some sweat, I decided to visit the washroom to ease myself and to bail that place after that. As I was walking past her work out area, suddenly, I heard someone calling out for me.

“Errr … excuse me ?”
“Me ?” I gestured by pointing at myself
“Yes yes. Are you Michael ?”
“Yes, I am Michael. Do I know you ?”
“Oh… apparently I was right”
“Huh ? Right about what ?”
“I have noticed you all these while, but I wasn’t sure if it’s you”

I was like – wow, it has been a long time since I’ve had this kind of infatuation shit. What more from a girl which I myself had fantasize for some while.

“You got me alright, so, care to elaborate what’s this all about ?”

I tried to keep calm, you know, not to spoil the market.

“Well… err…”
“I’m still waiting”

Damn, I’m so cool.

“Well… I’m Ling. The landlord’s daughter… my father actually published your picture all over the place looking for you, after you’ve bailed out his 3 months’ rent. Now, pony up before I call up someone !”

Flowers, not all of them smell good.

*this post is a fictional work.
1st – I haven’t been to the gym for a loooooooong time.
2nd – the girl that I saw in that gym, wasn’t really that impressive.
3rd – I never bail on rents.
This entry was blogged blindly … because I was too fucking lazy to even think. This is a technique called ‘blind blogging’ – just type anything that crosses the mind. No thinking is needed.

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7 Comments to “adrift”

  1. kstang says:

    Still worth my time reading tis entry!!

  2. JDream says:

    I was already beginning to suspect this was a superficial post after the fourth paragraph or so :P

    Still, it was funny enough to give me a dose of much-needed laughter. Cheers, mate!

  3. oliviasy says:

    dang… kena trap… cis! but i din fall for the 1st time sex story! hahaha!!!

  4. michaelooi says:

    yeah right, guys, like i’m gonna believe you didn’t fall for it.

  5. ashotiwoth says:

    dude…well written for a blind blog.. :D

  6. iblogme says:

    Haha. I was nearly reeled in, until I saw the last bits about the bailing on rents. :P

  7. Silencers says:

    Damn. This style reminds me of the Dog-dude story.

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