December 2, 2004

let’s vent

Damn, I know of a girl, a friend’s friend actually, that I hated very much. She is sure one hell of an annoying person… possible one of the most annoying I’ve ever seen in my life. Maybe it’s just me being sensitive but… oh screw it… I don’t have to feel bad about it. So, to hell with her – I hate this bitch. Sue me.

It’s hard for me to explain why she vexes me to this magnitude. Words can’t explain the impression she has on me, but, I’ll try my best to describe it.

Each time I see her, I would feel like barfing it out straight on her face and punch her tits. (oh she doesn’t have tits… I forgot). Yes, no tits. As flat as a post mortem table inside a morgue. That’s because she’s so skinny that the only fat tissue inside her body is inside her head. Nothing else inside except fat tissues. Because she’s so fucking stupid like that.

And ugly too. Imagine looking at a skull wrapped with a stretched out pale skin, add a wig with plenty of split ends and hand drawn hint of mustache on it. I’m not kidding… she really has a hint of greenish hue of mustache on her! If she were to be kidnapped by those Abu Satay rebels in Sabah, I bet in no time the whole gang will soon die of dehydration… from barfing too much.

Alright, sometimes, I can understand that it’s not a person’s fault for looking like a disfigured tribal. At least I can count on that person’s good personality or something like that. But noooo! This girl, she has a stinking attitude to go with her bad looks. She also yaks non-stop, in her tacky and fake English accent, all the fucking time. Hell, she would even apply her fake English accent to the Chinese dialects speaks. That’s like, another level of being annoying…

And the stuffs that she says, most of it are just stupid things. She would comment about basically anything she sees. From food to drinks, cats to dogs, bitch this bitch that, criticize this criticize that. I once spilled some hot soup on the table – she would crank up some shit like “Oh the shoup is shpillllled on the thable” – like she’s the only one who can see… (I actually replied her “Yessshhhhh .. I knoww dhattttt”).

oh my God – why did you create such a vile creature and put her on the same planet with me? #$%^&*@

P/S: she’s gonna join us clubbing tomorrow. I need to vent out everything here to content myself… else, I’m afraid I might shove the bar stool into her throat for yakking too much.

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18 Comments to “let’s vent”

  1. vyne says:

    It’s probably spelling error but correction to the Abu Satay is Abu Sayaff =D

    Yeah, I hate bitches like that too…can be super duper annoying.

  2. *o* says:

    no offend ha…but if you actually speak out everything that you have written here don’t you think you actually will sound like her…? perhap with a perfect english accent la…well wish u all the best tonight…

  3. kimberlycun says:

    from my personal experience, the barstool might be one of the most gratifying masturbation tools…shoving it into her throat, u know she might actually dig it. kekeke have fun tonight.

  4. michaelooi says:

    vyne – i know. i did that on purpose … in case the real Abu [Something] decides to pursue legal matters with me, I’ll always win.

    *o* – sound like her ? I didn’t know my blog could emit audible waves….

    kimberlycun – barstool as a masturbation tool ? wow ! that’s kinda… enormous.

  5. shanks says:

    we share the same sentiments, except the female i hate happens to be the gf of a friend and has really big breast. so there was no way to end the misery. good thing they had broken up now.
    such creatures should be banned from any social outing, coz they look like monkey’s ass when they dress-up and make-up. i feel for u, at least it will probably be dark inside the premise.

  6. Elphinstone says:

    muahahahaha… everyone has a few of those so-called friends who annoys the hell outta us :P

    good luck with miss abu satay tomorrow.

  7. michaelooi says:

    shanks – maybe your friend love her only for her racks…

    elphine – miss abu satay … that’s what I’m gonna refer her as. And yeah, I heard from a colleague of mine that there’s a girl from Sales didn’t wear any bra with a tube last week – making everyone bled to almost death. Did you happen to see that ?

  8. k3ng says:

    is she worse than toiletwhore? O_O

  9. ashotiwoth says:

    a girl wore tube with no bra in Sales??
    how come I can missed that?? wahlau….

  10. Elphinstone says:

    harrrrr??? really??? no i havent seen anyone walking the office with mechanical pencil erasers sticking out from her chest.

    she pretty or not?:P

  11. michaelooi says:

    k3ng – toiletwhore’s worse.

    ashotiwoth / elphine – if i manage to get the name, i’ll email it to you guys. heheh …

    according to sources, the girl’s cun and had a pair of big jugs, flailing all over the place.

  12. hehe, I have a friend who’s just like that too. Minus the fake accent thingy. He’ll just complain and bitch about anything and everything in the world like a woman. The only thing is, he’s a guy, and a ‘close friend’ of mine. Damn!

  13. ricky says:

    hhmmm…do i get to know tat girl… :D

  14. michaelooi says:

    ricky, remember the “road block” after your bachelor’s night ? we hang out at the mamak stall ? the only girl who’s not in the group ? that’s the one.

  15. Din says:

    I too used to have one enemy like that. Except she is quiet don’t doesn’t like me too. The bitch.

  16. ashotiwoth says:

    crap… how can i missed that?? some more big jug with no container..! shit…

  17. hflee says:

    There is probably some white paper or scientific proof about this, but I noticed that the stinking attitute of girls is porpotionate with their barf cycle.

  18. JDream says:

    Wow. Imagine if she gives u a blowjob with those skeletal fingers and a tongue (albeit a dried-up one).

    Cheers mate!!!

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