December 2, 2004

comment from old blog

I spelunked my old commenting system and found this from frangipanix

“Dear Mike,

Yes, I read your disclaimers; I just purposely wanted to antagonise you and see how you would reacts. Well, you’d even deleted my link! that’s shows how furious you are.

Mike, since I don’t know whether you would behave the same in business, but I’m telling ya, if everytime something trigger you, and your reaction is almost ‘predictable’, don’t be suprised that if someone were to manipulate your emotion in return! That’s the way with life!

In other words, just remain CALM at what others say.

p/s: I don’t care if you were to alter, delete or anything like that. Bcos all I wanted that you read and get this! Deleting ppl’s comment won’t hurt anyone, you know that right?”


dear frangipanix,
I did not delete your comment. I EXPURGATED it. Because I think it’s inappropriate. I thought you said that you’ve read my disclaimer … and yet you chose to deliberately post something not very nice in my blog (knowing that it would be expurgated).

Then I deleted your link in my blog, you know why? Because I don’t like you. Not pissed or anything but, just simply, I don’t like you. How could you expect me to like you when you ‘antagonize’ me ?

And as for your advice, well, you hardly even know me, what makes you think I’m what you thought I am? It seems like you like to draw conclusions pretty quick. That’s very smart indeed.

I have been computing since the monochrome era… and I have participated in more flamewars than you could ever think of. I definitely know what I’m doing. I have already explained to the guys in the old commenting system, and I’m not gonna repeat that.

A note for you though, I may sound sarcastic and vulgar here but, it only happens here. My own blog space. I never go around ‘antagonizing’ people in their blogs. And never in real life as well. (In fact, I donated for charity more than the number of pageviews in your blog.)

So, when you read my blog, just remember – you chose to read it. Don’t be fucking flaming when you think I suck or something. Save your time, just leave and never come back. If you intend to flame, insult, ‘antagonize’ or whatever me … then expect something as bad in return.

It’s pretty simple. Really.

Now that you reminded me, I shall remove your blog from my links again. That’s because I don’t like you and I ain’t pimping your blog for you. You ought to work hard for your own traffic – that’s the way of life.

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16 Comments to “comment from old blog”

  1. auyongtc says:


    “I just purposely wanted to antagonise you and see how you would reacts”

    WTF is wrong with people nowadays? There’s nothing nice on free-to-air TV now that AssThrow’s upped the price?

    frangi, if you can’t be bothered with mike deleting your comments, why bother bringing it up? His action of deleting comments won’t hurt anyone, but did you even stop to think that your action of commenting harsh words to him could hurt?
    Him deleting your link is not just because he’s angry or pissed, but rather it’s your own undoing. GFY!

  2. Wah! Jefferi Si Nong Kia makan slipper rice! Living under skirt damn nice eh? Proud of u. Si Nong Kia go go go! But since when u bakat dis busukpenis lah? Fuck oso dun let us noe… Chi Bai Kia!

  3. michaelooi says:

    hi jefferi, welcome to my new domain.

  4. jefferi says:

    hey you jack ass! what the fuck you trying to say to me? i don’t really fucking know what the fuck ci bai lan jiao you trying to say. are you fucking shame with your name or what or you father’s name is fucking asshole humiliating for you to use. be a fucking man and put your fucking penis on the table to let some other people to see rather to put some other penis to see.

    by the way kiddo.. bla bla bla …!!! bitching bitching.. you talk like a fucking bitch housewife. go and crack for more stupid jokes and make your life a happy fucking day. FUCK YOU!!

  5. michaelooi says:

    wow, jefferi, you get so agitated even when the post has nothing to do with you at all. What a dick you really are.

    but then, you have my sympathy. you and your undeveloped brain. i hope you don’t get yourself killed by your own stupidity one day.

  6. hflee says:

    I love this place. So much drama going on. Who needs reality tv when you can have real life all out flame wars going on right in front of you?

  7. suanie says:

    hehe.. this is better than The Apprentice

  8. Elphinstone says:

    or survivor combined. lol.

  9. Elphinstone says:

    typo, should be AND survivor combined.

    read jefferi’s post too often.. got influenced by his perfect England. :P

  10. jefferi says:

    everyone, I am sorry for being such a jerk. I have disgraced my family and friends….

    *edited by siteowner

  11. suanie says:

    hehe what did you do michael? refused to sleep with him?

  12. michaelooi says:

    suanie – apparently, gay tarts and pretty chicks alike have an uncanny attraction towards my charm.

    denizens of Earth, collaborate yourself and heed this – I’m straight.

  13. HolyCow says:

    The truth abt frangipanix…

    Ah, another ‘cilabai’ (frangipanix) trying to get attention from this blog spot..

    What the fuck… woi frangipanix shit ass, you will get ur own fan if ppl loves ur blogspot… don’t u have a pride? U muthafucker, u trying to ‘pancing’ reader from this site huh? What the fucking cheap politic move!… go n hang urself frangipanix…

  14. Desmosedici says:

    A note for you though, I may sound sarcastic and vulgar here but, it only happens here.

    Mike, that’s a farking lie and you know it. ROFLMAO.

  15. michaelooi says:

    desmo – SHHHHHHHHHH !

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