November 26, 2004

random thoughts

Sometimes, I wonder why do we need to have kids in our life. You know, they cost money … lots of it. And after that round of innocent stick up, you’ll get additional things to worry about.

About a little guy who will poo whenever or wherever he feels like doing it. And will not bother to ask properly when he’s hungry. He’ll wake you up in the middle of the night, and makes your wife out of shape.

A little deeper into hell, that little guy learns how to run, and start to break things up. He will scream like hell and your headache will never quell.

Just as you thought it couldn’t be any worse than that, the little guy grows up and begins schooling. From that day onwards, you will have to constantly worry about his academic well being and about him with that gang of purple colored teenagers that smoke weed and anything that has the color of a cow dung.

Damn, and fast forward a few mad years later, the little guy will tell you that he’s of legal age to have his own vehicle (that’s also when you realize that he’s not prepubescent anymore) and WHAM ! more money for his motorcycle. And you start to worry that he’ll become someone like MichaelOoi. (or if a ‘she’, you’ll worry that she’ll met some guy like MichaelOoi.)

Then his tertiary education… which is going to chomp out a big percentage from your savings and there goes your dream of changing your old chugging automobile into a new one. And you thought that’s the last straw of your spate of predicaments. But no. Until when the big cocky guy builds up his career and marries a bitch – who will not hesitate to throw your wrinkled ass into old folks home, so that they can make passionate sex all day long without having to worry about the old man.

Then you’ll eventually die of old age, giving him everything without gaining anything back.

The effects and aftermath of SEX is one hell of a deadly suffering. No doubt about it.

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21 Comments to “random thoughts”

  1. hanyi says:

    aiyoh … knn mike, you take all the fun out of em lah. sound so scary man … hehe :)

  2. buaya69 says:

    and i was gonna ask Mike when is his turn to change diapers? ;)

  3. JxT2J says:

    aw come on man. why would you worry if your son becomes a MichaelOoi ? imho, you should be proud of him. like father like son.

  4. Din says:

    There is always a last line of defense; the condom.

  5. Kevin says:

    JxT2J : Damn rite. Should be proud lah mike :)

  6. oliviasy says:

    this is so uncanny… i was hvg the very same thought last night… why hv kids… kids aren’t in my space now. shoo!!!

  7. auyongtc says:

    So you and emily ain’t having sex no more? :p

    Don’t forget you were once that little guy… :p

  8. 100 says:

    kids are lil devil…they appeared only like an angel but heaven knows how much torture you would go through…KICK THE BABIES…that’s too much…actually, they are quite adorable.

    Mike: Dont get jealous when the baby get all of Emily’s attention. :)

    auyongtc – like Din said, there’s always condom. That fella should be awarded inventor of the century.

  9. jefferi says:

    i am a bastard

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  10. Jefferi si nong kia still around waiting 4 his modem 2 b reset wakakaka

  11. Meow Meow says:


  12. michaelooi says:

    i never use condom… only once … with a stranger. hehehehhe

  13. jefferi says:

    me.. no bastard.. YOU! are jackass. go and fuck your assmouth infront your fucking dog bitch mother. hey! do some cum eating to impress her….!!!! ASSHOLE JACKASS!!!.

    so what i reset my modem..? go and stuff you’re old fucking old 12kbps modem into your fucking asshold and on the fucking vibrator on and scream as loud and horny until the modem reset. that how your fucking freaking mikaoi kiddo do to fucking ass start his modem to write thi fucking stupid retarded blog.

    FUK OFF !!! SUCKKAAA!!!!


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  14. Din says:

    Spelling getting worse…looks like the real deal… except for the missing smileys.

  15. Yeah, spilling incoherent craps due to overheated pea-brain.

  16. jazzman says:

    hahaha… the return of jefferi & family.. tot he wud hv been long gone.. maybe he’s the reincarnation of the hepatitis guy that alexander suck o so often… hahaha

    mike : nvr tot of children that way… 5 mins of fun & suffer for life… hahaha cheer up dude. . u’ll still hv fun!!!

  17. ahmog says:

    “New kid” in Michealooi’s town?

  18. michaelooi says:

    no lah.

  19. *o* says:

    Just wondering….does the fact actually scares u? I think you’re too focus on the negative side (as you always do) but hei it’s kinda true and i couldn’t agree more :p

  20. michaelooi says:

    of course it’s scary. I’m so.. “not ready” to accept all these ….

  21. twinsmom says:

    this is exactly what me and MCAP said 10 years ago.

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