November 25, 2004

meeting with an undead

My team was having a very heated discussion inside a meeting room today. It was a small room that wouldn’t fit all of us, so, I kinda had to stand right in front of the closed door.

The discussion went on until way past the time it was suppose to end, without us realizing it. (In our workplace, meeting rooms are very limited resources, we’ll have to book it to call for a meeting).

After about 5 minutes past the due time, a petite lady appeared right outside the door and peeked into our meeting room (through a small glass opening at the door). As I was standing at the door, I immediately took notice of her and gave her a petulant glance through the window.

She was immediately taken aback. She then gestured skankily that she had already booked the meeting room for that subsequent hour and we better get the fuck out…

Kidding. She actually did it coyly and was wearing a sheepish smile that would make any bloke feel like putting a high five right into her face sorry for her.

So, I did her a favor. I interrupted the meeting.

“Psst psst… the skeletal lady outside has gone ballistic. She threatens to reveal her bare ribs if you guys don’t give her this room now. Let’s bail!”

Alright, kidding again. I didn’t actually say that. I just went “psst psst” and pointed at the lady outside the door. The guys said they needed 5 more minutes, and I gesticulated to her with my five fingers wide spread indicating “FIVE MORE MINUTES BITCH… FIVE MORE…” and turned back to concentrate on the wrap up of the discussion.

10 seconds later, she tapped on the glass again and gave me the puppy-with-sad-eyes look. If she’s a cute or pretty young girl, it would have worked. But the problem was, she looked like a freshly excavated Incan mummy that had just awakened from its thousand year slumber. 2 barf cycles neat. I don’t dig mummified chicks with dehydrated tits.

I gave her a slightly disgusted look. Again, she pointed here and there in random, which was something beyond my comprehension. I tried to jokingly gesture to her – “No I’m not giving up this room” – but she just could not get it.

That was when I opened up the door wide enough for me to speak to her… and the whole meeting room paused.

Skeletal lady : “Ehek ehek .. sorry yea,… i oledi booked the loom…”

Me : “Yep, we’re wrapping things up…. say.. in about … 3 hours”

Skeletal lady : “Huh !?”

Me : “I was just pulling your leg, lady. 5 minutes”

When I turned back into the meeting room, I could hear one of the managers’ said

“Kanneh .. lu kua ee eh bin … kia si lang …”
(translation : “Fuck .. just look at her face… so damn scary..”)

We then wrapped up quickly and left the meeting room without looking back. Seriously, if she were to strip to her bare ribs, we would have committed suicide by deliberately choking ourselves with our own cellphones or with our notebooks. Serious.

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10 Comments to “meeting with an undead”

  1. hanyi says:

    *gulp* *sweating*

  2. shanks says:

    that manager colleague of urs “sipe” cool

  3. hx says:

    thts horrible.. why r u keep on meeting these hags michael?

  4. naeboo~ says:

    i think u have witch magnet,michael..

  5. michaelooi says:

    hanyi – you should’ve puked

    shanks – one of our members. he’s cool alright.

    hx – imbeciles and witches … i don’t know what is wrong with them. Get the fuck off already !

    naeboo~ – i guess so …

  6. Din says:

    Feed your colleagues Mike. With food, heheheh. Who knows it could help her mutate into something desireable…

  7. jazzman says:

    hei mike, your whole office seems to be infested with zombies & all things alike… why dont you contact some ghostbusters to get rid of them? hahaha

  8. Hustler says:

    Hi Mike,
    I just love your blog, especially the one where pear or somebody tried to stuff RM2 notes into the LRT station tkting machine!
    Cheers pal!


  9. 100 says:

    hahaha…this time an incan mummy, i wonder what’s next? zombies? or ghost?

  10. michaelooi says:

    din – i’m not taking chances. no thanks

    jazzman – you watched too much movies dude..

    hustler – thanks. appreciate that.

    100 – i swear she looked like an incan mummy !

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