November 20, 2004


There’s a “retarted” reader who keeps coming back to read my blog despite the fact that he dislikes every single thing I wrote. To honor such a loyal reader, I have dedicated a post specially for him. Thanks for the support, Jefferi. Be strong. You can do it. Go towards the light, don’t look back.. ok ?


Hi, my name is jefferi. I am a very open minded peeple. I like to surf the internet and dance shebang shebang. i go to cybercafe everyday, and i like to see blogs. I think it improof my english but, i dun think peeple notice it. Because when i post komen, peeple say i can’t spell retar.. retarted. and they say i am retarted.

but i am not a retart. i am normal. instead of failing all my 9 subject in school, i only fail 8 of them. i passed my PE lesson. A retart won’t pass PE. wakakakak. my mummy say i am smarter than a dildo. (p/s: mummy says dildo means father, that means, i am smarter than my father, a dildo, wakakakak).

nevermine, i think those people jz want to tease me. i take it as a challegne to improve myself. someone say me a kiddo (p/s: i dunno what is kiddo mean, wakakakak). Maybe kiddo is small children, wich i am not. I havent shit on my pants for many many year already. 5 i think. so, i am a grow up. wakakakaka

that day, i play irc at the cybercafe. i am in this chatroom full of tis farnee peeple. then one of the peeple posted a riddle “There were 2 people on a boat: /hop and /quit. /hop got off, who’s still on the boat?”. of course i not stupid, i typed /quit . don’t know why, sudden;y i got log off from the chatroom. i think the cybercafe computer no good (p/s: i think).

maybe i need to ask dildo to buy me computer at home use again. Cybercafe computer got problem i not happy. I have ask dildo buy me computer before, but he always say mummy work chicken not enough. but if not enough, how come mummy haf money to sit taxi ? no money peeple dun sit taxi. Dildo is lying (p/s: i think).

ok, it getting late. i need to go back home to fuck now (p/s: mumy say fuck is sleep. she teach me a lot of new word). tq to listening to me.


*applause* *standing ovation*

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28 Comments to “hi”

  1. Din says:

    I can only imagine if this guy is a fictional character. ….Apparently, he is not. he is real… seems.

  2. brucetct says:

    he has retarded mom!

  3. michaelooi says:

    din – he’s real alright. an active commentor too. has been a loyal reader of mine since many moons ago.

    brucetct – wow ! that’s a new discovery. thanks for the info.

  4. Sam says:

    Let’s face the facts, internet is full of weirdos.

  5. eleine says:

    hehehehe…jefferi is a bit siao or annoy but sometimes is good to have this kind of readers around..add up more spices to the taste of reading pleasure.. ;)

  6. jefferi says:

    kiddo…. i’m so happy that you write about me..
    but still i think that you are a kiddo…;)

    p/s: i bet that what you do to your self … in your spare time.. (u know what i mean…)

    fyi: hey! people who read this blog. michael keep changing my post to make me look like stupid although i think he is the one is .. u know la… read now and well later he going to change my post again.. what a kiddo…

  7. frangipanix says:

    Hi michael, i think your blog is great !!

    jefferi – shut up !

    Edited By Siteowner

  8. HolyCow says:

    lol! … jeffri .. y don’t ya start your own blog… ?

  9. shanks says:

    jefferi, in the comments of the “Mrs Tan” post, why did u suddenly say that u’re in the retarded category?

    in the comments, michael said that her wife is an accountant and she scored straight A’s.

    michael also added that, “If she’s dumb, then most likely half the bell curve of the population in Malaysia must be retarded then”

    so later, u replied that you are in the retarded category? is that it?

  10. jefferi says:

    jz ask if michael in the curve of retarted aka retarded people. i think he got piss off and well make me look like a stupid retarded aka retarted.

    i don’t know why he got piss of of this stuff when he like to said that too to people around his life… ;)

    then he ban me.. it is stupid cause you never can get people banned if the ip is keep changing.. see who is retarded in this category.. wakakaka!!!

    shanks – yes that it.. but he manage to rewrite my post and make me look like .. u know. hehehe…. that ok. there is no reason for me to ask that cause i think he just make a stupid joke again and again.. hahahah… ;)

    p/s: no hard feeling from me… it just michael doing it same old jokes again and again… and as you all read this.. he going to scam again think a way to make me look even stupendious… right.. kiddo? ;)

  11. shanks says:

    and later u commented that u are a retard, but in the correct spelling instead?

  12. shanks says:

    so i mean, jefferi, later in the “Mr. Tan” comments, you replied “i am a retard”. but this time it was spelt correctly, is that it?

  13. jefferi says:

    shanks – that is not my writing it is michael changing my post. don’t you understand. i dun think that you will say that to your self rite.. ;)

    Please aware that MikaOi will change the content of my post to make me look like retarted aka retarded or stupid. Just you all need to be wise to read what is my real post and what is MikaOi’s modified post … get that..?

    Later he going to do that again.. to me. Just wait and see….

  14. Din says:

    jefferi – get a life. i read through some of your writings…they don’t make any sense. Plus, if you don’t want him to modify your post (AS YOU CLAIM), simply stop posting lah, so simple.

    And what’s with the bloody smiley faces? Overused lah…

  15. hx says:

    eh? i tot he is some imaginary character too.. poor retarted open minded people

  16. shanks says:

    jefferi – alrite. but do drop by here again in the future. if u go, i’m sure we’ll miss u, even michael.

  17. vincent says:

    hey….why the hell u keep repeating the same thing over and over again for?

  18. jefferi says:

    din – why do you care? hey! you get your life straight. no one is talking about you.;) if you want, ask our brother mikaoi to write story about you. if u don’t like smiley, close your eyes when you read my post ;)
    vincent – heavenly i like to do that. since mika is writting about me and make me look like retarded aka retarted or stupid.;)
    shanks – tq i will visit your blog later… posting comment. if you don’t mind ;)
    hx – who? you? wakakakaka poor little baby;)… wanna mom mom ?

    p/s: kiddo.. u might get piss of more. but if you a true blogger, and a man don’t change my post. if thing get nasty.. you will going to make me a very very loyal poster and other people can blog well better than you will posting in here… wow.. it too good to be true.. rite? kiddo ;)

  19. michaelooi says:

    frangipanix – freedom of speech my ass if one’s insulting you. go read my disclaimer. i have disclaimed, if i don’t like anything at all, i will delete it, or change it. Don’t like it ? well, just leave my blog lor … nobody’s forcing you.

    jefferi – i won’t expurgate your post this time.

    you said i am a kiddo ? fine. suit yourself … after all, you’re an autistic kind … you can’t even get your sentences and spelling straight. i mean, what could be worse than that ? you have my sympathy.

  20. Dana says:

    Hello, but I think u people fighting here should not insult the people who are naturally disabled, be it the retarded or autistic one. Because, most of the time, they are actually more naive and kind hearted than those we try to compare here.

    Use words like social scum might sound more comparable, and it doesn’t insult our ability to compare u see.

  21. michaelooi says:

    you are right dana. comparing those scums is an insult to the disabled kind.

    i take my words back.

    i apologize to those who are offended about those comments. they are merely used as an adjectives … brings no other meanings.

  22. jefferi says:

    dana – you’re a good person… qoute from shark tales… ;)

  23. HolyCow says:

    Jeffri the fuck head… u r moron or what?

    The more u argue, the more you lose.

    Hey come on.. this is some one else’s blog (michael’s). Common sense Jeffri, he got his own right to write whatever he wants…

    Ur attitude is like goin to someone else’s house and corrects the arrangements of furniture without the owner’s consent…

    Fuck biatch… get a life jeffri

  24. jefferi says:

    my mom is a whore… what do you expect me to be ? ? ? wakakakakk !!!

    Edited By Siteowner

  25. ShaolinTiger says:

    He is real, but his character is obviously fictional…it’s too OTT to be real and the linguistic nuances are too consitent and appear funny rather than ‘retarted’…

  26. blogcop says:

    Heyyar jefferi retard. Just shut the fuck up lar.

    People who come and read this blog all pro-Michael one. So please stop acting like a ‘retarted’ clown. You can never win here. If you want to talk, better stuff your head back to where it came out from and do the talking. That way, you won’t embarass yourself that much.

  27. frangipanix says:

    Dear Mike,

    Yes, I read your disclaimers; I just purposely wanted to antagonise you and see how you would reacts. Well, you’d even deleted my link! that’s shows how furious you are.

    Mike, since I don’t know whether you would behave the same in business, but I’m telling ya, if everytime something trigger you, and your reaction is almost ‘predictable’, don’t be suprised that if someone were to manipulate your emotion in return! That’s the way with life!

    In other words, just remain CALM at what others say.

    p/s: I don’t care if you were to alter, delete or anything like that. Bcos all I wanted that you read and get this! Deleting ppl’s comment won’t hurt anyone, you know that right?

  28. Bern says:

    BUAHAHAHAHA . . .good one dude . . good one ( okay fine, I’m a little outta date but still . . ) . . .hehehe :)

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