November 17, 2004

mrs tan

This is about Emily, not me. This story was relived by Emily yesterday on our way back home from work. It almost made me drive into a tree.

*phone call to Mrs Tan*

Mrs Tan : “Hello ?”

Emily : “Hello, is this Mrs Tan ?”

Mrs Tan is Peekaboo’s mom. Peekaboo is Emily’s student, if you can remember her.

Mrs Tan : “Hi Emily, what’s up ?”

Emily : “Just wanted to check with you, if you’re able to let Peekaboo start her tuition earlier tonight ?”

Mrs Tan : “Shouldn’t be a problem. What time do you intend to start ?”

Emily : “Say, about 6.30 pm ?”

Mrs Tan : “Ok then, I’ll drive her there by 6.30 pm.”

Emily : “Thank you! Sorry for the last minute notice”

Mrs Tan : “Don’t mention it.”

As you can see, it was a very formal and polite kind of conversation. Why? Because Mrs Tan is Emily’s customer. We don’t normally speak nastily or casually to our customers. We do the formal shit.

Ok, back to the story. After Emily hung up, she went on with her office day work. About a couple of hours later, she suddenly felt like calling up her best friend whom she had called earlier (right before that Mrs Tan phone conversation).

Without thinking much, she whipped out her phone and pressed the redial button. As you may have noticed, the last person she dialed was not actually her best friend, it was Mrs Tan, Peekaboo’s mom. Emily kinda messed up her memory thinking it was her best friend she last called. Hilarity ensued.

Toot toot. Someone picked up the phone and answered “Hello ?”

Emily, thinking that it was her best friend, straight away jabbered something that she usually does to her gang of demented friends :

Emily : “Hoi woman! Have you taken your lunch? heheh”

Mrs Tan : “Errrr.. yeah, I just took my lunch.”

Emily : “So, what time do you wanna come out tonight girl ?”

Emily’s referring to a meetup which was suppose to take place after Peekaboo’s tuition that night.

Mrs Tan : “I thought you said 6.30 pm, right ?”

Emily : “No I did not, you fool. I have a tuition class at 6.30 pm lah. How would I be able to meet you up?”

Mrs Tan : “Errr… hello? This is Peekaboo’s mom .. ”

Emily : “….”

Emily was dumbfucked.

Mrs Tan : “Peekaboo’s tuition at 6.30 pm is still on, right ?”

Emily : “Oh !! I’m so sorry Mrs Tan ! I thought I was calling my friend there… didn’t realize I dialled the wrong number!”

Mrs Tan : “Heheh.. it’s ok. See you at 6.30pm”

Unspeakable embarrassment indeed – said Emily. Now, Mrs Tan will never look at Emily the same way ever again.

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23 Comments to “mrs tan”

  1. hanyi says:

    shit happens alright :) hehe

  2. hmm says:

    your wife must be sooo dumb.. not to even be able to differentiate her supposedly best friend’s voice from some one else;s

  3. michaelooi says:

    hanyi – yeah.

    hmm – well, i don’t know. She’s an accountant. She score straight A’s.
    If she’s dumb, then most likely half the bell curve of the population in Malaysia must be retarded then….

  4. zbjernak says:

    hahahaha… there goes MISS NICE’s image….. down the drain… kekekekeke….

  5. oliviasy says:

    hehehe. it happens. i hv dialled the wrong numbers b4 too. luckily yr wife didn’t say like “oi, siao char boh! lu hor boh?” LOL.

    to hmm, don’t be rude.

  6. Elphinstone says:

    omigod, that happened to me too.. X(

  7. buaya69 says:

    bwahahaha! “oi woman!”

    just to share, i once received a call from a datuk “oi! tiu nia seng! lei hai pin tow?” needless to say, he was embarassed like mad! hahahaha!

  8. kimberlycun says:

    been there done that…but with a boy’s number i’d been smitten with..dialled n hung up before it got through…we would have been perfect…….

  9. michaelooi says:

    zb – yalor ..

    olivia – well, maybe she did … but didn’t include that in the story

    elphine – i guess everyone encountered that b4 …

    buaya – i did that before too. learnt that lesson long time ago – never utter tiu-nia-seng in an opening of a phone conversation.

    kimberly – I kena a lot of times before .. my phone rang .. but when i answered, the person hung up !

  10. Papi says:


    “Oii! Woman”

  11. Dana Chow says:

    Happened to me before too! I was suppose to call my close friend, instead I dialed the wrong number. I actually didn’t realise that, and asked

    “Hey, what you doin eh?”

    And girl actually answer “Oh, nothing, just eating lunch now”

    Not realizing it was not my friend, I say “Are you not going anywhere later?”

    She replied “Gonna go tution later”

    Tution? We were all starting working dy, what tution? I then realise I call the wrong person.

    And guess what I say to her???

    “I see, like that dun disturb you lah. Talk to you later.”

    She actually said “Okay, bye”

    Kih kih kih…

  12. hanyi says:

    haha dana … can actually carry on a “normal” conversation despite calling wrong number. *tabek* LOL :) hehe

  13. hx says:

    eh shit really happens. i always send the wrong sms to ppl.. duh.. too much of embarassment. they usually call me back to laugh at me =/

  14. michaelooi says:

    dana – sometimes, people just don’t care who’s speaking on the other side. And I am one of these people .. eheheh ..

    hx – well, make sure you don’t send gossips sms to the wrong people. It can be dangerous …

  15. jefferi says:

    wow ! i’m in the ret.. retart .. retarted category. Damn, i can’t even spell retart properly.

    my mom must be so proud of me. woo !

  16. shanks says:

    there was this number that i kept getting wrong, but insisted that i got the right number. the girl who picked up the phone was cool and had a nice voice.

    me: hello, is kim there?

    girl: nope, no kim here.

    at first i thought she was being naughty, so i said: are u kidding me?

    girl: nope, no kidding.

    i thought that she was kim’s housemate, refusing to call kim to the phone. i was starting to get pissed, then i said fine and hung up.

    this repeated for several days, she seems to be enjoying my annoyance. day by day, i get less annoyed and we talked more than about insisting if there is or isn’t a kim in the house.

    by the end of the week, miraculously, i dialed the correct number by accident.

    i was surprised and truthfully, disappointed coz by then, i wanted to hear the girl’s voice more than i wanted to hear kim’s voice.

    i later called the girl (the wrong number) and told her that i’ve gotten the right number.

    we had a good laugh and i never called her ag

  17. michaelooi says:

    jefferi – if you don’t know how to spell retard, use spastic instead. It describes you perfectly. Don’t worry … we understand you.

    shanks – damn, you should have asked her out. Who knows ? She might be a bombshell.

  18. alexan says:

    LOL! That happened to me too! Had some shit at work. Same situation when I redial. And when the other side picked up, I start ranting about work and only realised when I hear my boss went “whuat?”. Oh shit.. then I just continue with the flow saying …..anyway, everything is under control. Thank God I managed to cover up.

  19. Acidburn says:

    Talking about sending wrong smses… While I was in a training, my boss called me up to ask me some info abt a customer, which she can just easily get it from my colleague in the office instead of interupting my training. So, I sms my colleague (coz I dun have the stuffs with me!)

    The sms goes “Hey, can you give me the loan number for XXX, boss wants to know… STUPID!”

    and guess what people, I accidently sent it to my boss coz their names are just next to each other.

  20. michaelooi says:

    alexan – you boss actually digged that ? and wondered how in this world he can ever be your boss. All bosses are intellectually inadequate.

    acidburn – your should rename your boss in your phone directory .. you know .. to some other exotic name … like BigBird .. or .. Tarzan .. etc.

  21. alexan says:

    Well, I dunno if he took my cover or not. All I remember was that I panicked, end the call quickly and banged my head repeatedly on a virtual wall.

    But the next time I saw my boss, it was as if nothing had happen but I think he knew something was not right. Anyway, I quit from that company long time already. Har!

  22. jefferi says:

    i’m a retard.

  23. YP says:

    I kena before also… dialed a number and went “oi, lengzhai, later what time ah? dinner..” the guy keep telling me I dialed wrong number but I tot he was just playing the fool. So embarassing k..

    Problem was, when I redialed the number, I got the right person .. maybe maxis went cranky on me lah.

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