November 9, 2004


ToiletWhore – my VP’s secretary. A cunt, slut, bitch, imbecile, succubus or whatever you want to call her – who thinks that because she’s the secretary of the mongoloid VP, she can stomp on the employees on behalf of his authority. Looking like an almost 6 foot tall sasquatch, she also sports a pair of scuzzily hideous blue contact lens on her lopsided eyes. The very sight of her morbid appearance could make one puke out the shit of a thousand dinner.

If you can remember that – it’s an excerpt from my hate list II. Recently, this bitch has gone miles too far than anyone could have imagined.

That dimwitted VP actually allowed her to approve his direct reports’ leaves, and gave her all the authority to authorize stuffs on his behalf. The result? She’s cockier than ever. She now walks with her head held up high, and act condescendingly as if she rules the universe. Fuck.

I really couldn’t understand why the VP would allow such a miscreant to climb on top of his head. Has he been getting some serious blowjob from that sasquatch secretary? Is she really that good in giving blowjobs? Or are they having somekind of clandestine relationship behind a closed hotel room? This is so mind boggling man. It shudders me to think that our fate now depends on her ability to please the VP…

I don’t know, by thinking about her fugly face alone, is enough to make me keel over. Her ugly factor can be best represented in following expression :

– she’s so ugly, that if she were to be spotted anywhere near a medical facility, she would be mistaken as a mutated clinical waste that walks on 2 legs.
– she’s so ugly, that a cryptologist might mistaken her as an actual sasquatch in disguise as a zombie, which in turn in disguise as a proboscis monkey.
– she’s so ugly, that kids are made to believe that she’s the real living version of The Swamp Thing.
– she’s so ugly, that she would make the Incredible Hulk turns purple.
– she’s so ugly, that she would make a mortician puke his brain out.

Just an analogy…

I ought to think of a superficial torture routine and post it up on my blog… just for her. God I so goddamn hate her.

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