November 9, 2004

dear ricky

One of our BODs (Board of Directors), Ricky, will be tying a knot with his girl in December. Which means, he’ll lose the following

1) his bachelorship
2) his freedom to have sex secara rambang
3) his financial flexibility
4) his commitment to the board (party, guy stuffs)

In view of his upcoming big bummer, the board decided to hold a bachelor’s party for him tomorrow night (also in conjunction to celebrate Deepavali like not a very sane person)

There’ll be plenty of booze, sex and barfing tomorrow… so, it’s gonna be wicked.

Ricky, I hereby, as the chairman of the board, in honor of your liver, spleen, pancreas and esophagus, would like to wish you, happy Deepavali. And congratulations. May you live happily ever after and have a lot of children with your wife. (because if you don’t, my children will outnumber yours and they’re gonna beat yours up, haha)

And my prayers are also with those of you who are getting married / got married this year.

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