November 2, 2004

this morning

Ong is one of my colleagues. He was telling us about the dangers of a dog bite this morning.

Ong : “You know, a dog’s saliva contain some sort of bacteria that could cause severe infection.”

Me : “Oh… ok.”

Ong : “Yeah, could even kill a person if it wasn’t treated properly”

Well, I don’t know if a dog bite could actually kill a person but, it’s kind of interesting to talk about the analogy of a bite.

Me : “Dude, you don’t happen to be talking about some Komodo Dragon… do you?”

Ong : “No man… serious…”

Me : “Well, I guess that’s why dog bite victims go for tetanus shots… ”

Ong : “Hell yeah. Dogs eat filthy stuffs and their mouth is a paradise of bacteria…”

Me : “I wonder if we should get a tetanus shot if we happen to be bitten by a housewife..”

Ong : “I’m not too sure about housewives but…”

Me : “You know… they are known to put lots of ridiculously filthy stuffs in their mouth… dehydrated prunes, plums, dilapidated old men’s dicks…”

Ong : [tears rolling down his cheeks from laughing too hard] “Couldn’t agree more man .. ” [/tears]

Me : “Their mouth could be as filthy as any canine’s mouth. Just figure it out with their bad breath, ugh..”

Ong : [still not capable to make any speech]

Me : “Who knows? A housewife’s bite could be so lethal that tetanus won’t do you any good. You’ll die in say… a couple of minutes… bloody fuck.”

Ong : [he looked as if he was bitten by a housewife]

Me : “Don’t be too comfortable. Things that don’t happen to you, does not mean it doesn’t exist. ”

And I continued to bluff out the most ridiculous tale about the dangers of housewives, and then laughed like a sick fuck with the rest of my colleagues… later to only discover that my director was sitting right a few feet away laughing with us.

We bailed the table immediately in silence – leaving the director alone.

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