October 31, 2004

all about Boy

I have a 20 yr old cousin whom we fondly call ‘Boy’. Well, he is a boy, if it’s not that obvious to you. But he’s a very special guy. Special in ways that we people refer as ‘disabled’.

That’s right. He was born with a special condition that makes the muscles in his body weak, including his heart. (some advanced condition of cerebral palsy). He can’t walk, can’t control things properly, and even has some form of speech impediment.

Usually, he moves around by crawling on the floor, if not pushed around on his wheelchair by a second person (that’s because he doesn’t have the strength to even roll his own wheel).

But he is strong in another aspect. His mind. Albeit born with all the mentioned disadvantages, his mind is as sound as any of us. Instead of sitting around relinquishing his fate in the hands of others, he would seek for opportunities to make money.

Over his teenage years, he learned how communicate and established a string of contacts that supplied him a variety of goods that he can make profit of. Public phone cards, cell phone prepaid cards, direct sales goods, etc. He makes roughly around RM1200 (maybe more) per month.

That really makes me admire his perseverance and tenacity. If I were to be as unfortunate as him, I’m not even sure if I can achieve half of what he could do. That puts a lot of us abled people to shame, especially those who claims to have difficulty to find a job and make excuses to be a parasitic family sloth.

*slap slap* Wake the fuck up! If a cripple can find himself a way to make money, why can’t you??

Alright, that wasn’t really about getting a job. This is about something else. Lately, Boy has been getting some kind of a deal in a departmental store selling lotteries. A few extra hundreds by just sitting around in his wheelchair selling those lotteries to hundreds of daydreamers.

He said he gets to meet more people there… definitely better than staying at home facing his annoying grandmother who only knows how to nag him. (he gets to ogle at girls too, especially when they bend down to buy some lotteries from him). The girls are just doing him some charity and he’s just admiring the view.

Alright, kidding aside. With this job, he gets to meet a lot of nice people. People who doesn’t mind about him being a cripple etc. Some would help him to convenient himself at the washroom and some would even buy him food. Really nice people.

But sadly, he also met the worst lot of assholes in our society. Believe it or not, his lotteries would get stolen almost everyday. Some would cheat on him (pay money for one but took the whole stack), some would just plainly steal. And each time his inventory of lotteries does not match the money that he collected, he will have to whip out the extra cash to compensate for the lost lotteries.

I mean, what kind of sick people would steal from a disabled person? Well, the statistics told us… the majority of the perpetrators and thieves are mostly HOUSEWIVES. Middle aged fat fucking housewives. They are the most immoral of all lots.

The latest incident was on Saturday night, a motherfucking housewife stole a pack of cheese from the departmental store, and a stack of lotteries from Boy. When that bitch realized she got marked by the security guards, she planted the stolen cheese on Boy’s wheelchair, and tried to flee.

Nevertheless, she got caught. She tried to deny that she had stolen anything and that cheese was stolen by my DISABLED cousin. The camera actually caught all that and she was made to pay a hefty fine.

HELLLO !!?!? My cousin has trouble to even wheel himself to move around, how the fuck would he be able to STEAL a pack of cheese!?? That’s how immoral and stupid some people are.

I mean, look at that particular housewife. What is the difference between her and a bank robber? She’s worse. A bank robber doesn’t blame a disabled person when he gets caught.

I wonder what is the point for her to be a devoted porcelain God worshipper praying for her own prosperity (assuming she prays)… while she goes around shoplifting and blaming a disabled person for whatever she has done? Our world is becoming a big sad planet with very sick people in it.

People who shoplifts and take advantage of the disabled, ought to be slapped to death.

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