October 28, 2004

boorish connection

I was walking across the big ass carpark at my workplace with Eric and Doug. Eric was beside me and Dough was slightly to the front. We just came back from a very good lunch and were talking about stuffs when suddenly, I heard a faint sound of rumble. Then, followed by a loud, low frequency bellowing howl without echo, POOOOT.

That was when I yelped


That was Eric farting. Ripped right beside me. Instead of showing some remorse for his contemptible act, he let out a snigger.

I immediately scampered to the front with Doug, as I didn’t want to wait until Eric’s foul gas reaches my nostrils. I then complained to Doug :

“Damn that immoral midget! That guy fucking farted right beside me!”

That was when I heard another BVOOOORRTT! with a slight vibration felt on the ground. It was Doug farting this time.

“HOLY SHIT DOUG!” And I bolted off from the both of them.

Then Eric replied with another fart, PFFFOOOOOOT !
Doug reciprocated with another, BRAAAAAAAPPP !

“WHAT THE FUCK !?!?!?” I shouted at them from a few meters away, which they conveniently ignored.

Doug and Eric then gave each other a pat on the shoulders for a flatulence well done, and laughed indecorously at me for being such a lame ass.

Goddamn! Aren’t old people suppose to be role models and shit??

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