October 11, 2004

random shits

I was chatting with my colleagues this morning – about some Mexican chick I met in a restaurant in USA. Was kinda describing about their good Latino looks and their friendliness – you know, the key word was MEXICAN.

Mexican restaurant. Mexican food. Mexican chicks. Mexican ass. Mexican this and Mexican that.

Suddenly, one of the engineers, Rod, asked me “So this McChicken… ”

It was an uncontrollable laughter that followed after that. Skankily then followed by some violent twitching. Then seizure. Stroke. We were dead for a few seconds.


I dreamed of something weird last night.

I dreamed of my engineering lecturer David, whom I had a grudge against, was selling popiah by the roadside (popiah – the Chinese/Asian version of enchiladas).

I was arguing with him for refusing to follow my instruction of putting in more spicy sauce or something like that. I can’t remember most of it but, it sort of ended up with me pummeling him on the ground for being such a painful prick.

It was felt good dream.


This morning, I discovered 5 – 6 spots of bird poo all over Lorraine. From windscreen to the front, and some random small spots at the rear. It seems that particular bird appears to have a bad case of diarrhea and took a big dump on my car.

I checked my neighbors’ cars (which were parked close to mine), and none of them had a single drop of bird droppings. And that, made me suspect, that some of the birds might have grudge against me and my car… for some strange reasons…


We were chatting about Malaysian Idol in the cafeteria this morning. This is like becoming a trend – Malaysian Idol, Singapore Idol, everyone’s having their own “idol” show. I was sort of wondering if India’s gonna have their own Idol show as well.

It would be special, because the contestants are going to be judged based on their dancing and how creative they can roll on grassy knolls. Why? Because they all sound the fucking same when singing.

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