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September 1, 2004

absurd observation 2

Went for physio (not psycho..goddamn it) again last night. Met a couple of weirdo’s :

weirdo #1 :
a big assed middle age lady who talked to herself. As far from 50 meters away from the physio therapy clinic, she shouted out loud “wah ! I almost got a heart attack… so many people!”. She was referring to the crowd that had arrived before her. Ironically, there were only 3 person waiting there (including myself). She must had hibernated since the Japanese occupation.

When she finally lumbered her way to the waiting area, she took a small plastic chair and sat on it. There were about 2 dozens of comfortable seats there… but she had to choose that small plastic kiddy chair to sit on. From what I observed, her fat ass alone must have weighted at least 2 – 3 times the weight of a Bengal tiger… and her weight actually made the plastic chair distorted so badly… that one might mistaken it as a discarded dental floss.

She was lucky that the chair didn’t break/snap and had her ass impaled by the broken sharp plastic edges.

weirdo #2 :
On exactly my west-coast direction, sat a dude in his 30’s. Guy’s got a dark complexion and I could tell he’s waiting for someone in the physio clinic. Nothing wrong with him.

But then, after a while, I began to notice someone snoring very loudly. Well, it’s quite normal for a guy to snore. So, I thought the guy must have slept while waiting. But fuck… that guy wasn’t sleeping. That guy freaking snored while he’s awake !

It was of course irritating. It was a loud one too, you know, the kind that could cause 3.0 richter scale earthquakes. I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if he really sleeps. Is he gonna snore even louder?

You know, a lot of housewives have been writing to newspapers/magazines to relate their problems of withstanding their husbands’ snoring problem (Ask Betty… or something like that) … But check this guy out. He fucking SNORED EVEN WHEN HE’S SOBER.

So… ladies out there… if you think you have a spastic husband because he snored… think again. You should be thankful that he only snored when he sleeps. (except, of course… if you’re Mrs. Weirdo #2.)

Alright man… so much for my absurd observations. If I see more weirdos… that would meant I’m a weirdo myself .. which I reckon that shouldn’t be the case. Why? Because I was the only one the pretty physio nurse greeted with a jovial smile. If I’m a weirdo… that surely wouldn’t had happened.

Oh yeah… I noticed her zit had been squeezed. The time I saw it, it was already dried like a raisin. I wonder who was that lucky bastard that get to squirt her zit.

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